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    Pann got a reaction from TimeTrapper in What's the deal with SEA or China specific servers   
    As interest rises in having servers available in those regions, we'll add them. It has more to do with having enough players on the server to make it fun than it does with cost. 
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    Pann got a reaction from Sabine in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
    Thanks for starting this thread, Zybak! There have been ripples of laughter across the office today as people dropped into the thread to see what was new. 
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    Pann got a reaction from Drowan in New shirt designs in Noc's store   
    Crowfall's forum's man of mystery, James Goblin, has been immortalized in t-shirt form and added to the collection available from Shirts by Noc. If you "Like" it, order one today! 

    Noc's store is licensed through a special agreement with ArtCraft. 
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    Pann got a reaction from Mordozan in How to join or quit a guild   
    To join a guild: 
    Log into your crowfall.com account. Go to your profile. Scroll to the bottom of the menu on the left. You'll see "Guild Invites" and "Guild Applications".  Click as applicable.  To leave a guild: 
    Log into your crowfall.com account. Go to https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild/settings Select "Leave guild" on the bottom right side. 
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    Pann got a reaction from francis101 in Hi, how are you?   
    Totally off-topic post here, but I wanted to start a "check-in" thread to see how everyone is doing during these strange new times. How ya holding up? 

    (About the image: Daniel Johnston’s “Hi, How Are You” mural is an iconic photo stop for people visiting downtown Austin. You'll find it at Guadalupe & 21st. When the "Austin cobra" was on the loose a few years ago, someone created a Photoshopped meme where they turned Jeremiah into a cobra. lol
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in How to join or quit a guild   
    To join a guild: 
    Log into your crowfall.com account. Go to your profile. Scroll to the bottom of the menu on the left. You'll see "Guild Invites" and "Guild Applications".  Click as applicable.  To leave a guild: 
    Log into your crowfall.com account. Go to https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild/settings Select "Leave guild" on the bottom right side. 
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    Pann got a reaction from MacDeath in Gold for glory, crowns for stories   
    The spoils of war aren't always about gold (though gold is generally a very good incentive). For many
    , securing a prestigious place in history is equally important.
    The history of Crowfall is your story. We want to help preserve it through War Stories. There are a number of ways to tell your story: through videos, GIFs, screenshots and battle reports. You can then share them on Twitter (with the hashtags #CrowfallGame and #WarStories) or the Crowfall forums.
    Each Wednesday, we will select the "War Story of the Week", awarding 500 crowns to the creator. We look forward to reading your story soon!
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    Pann got a reaction from goqua in Crowfall curious? Get answers here   
    Big Crowfall caw-out to @Rauthr for this great contribution on the Crowfall Reddit! Thanks for taking the time to create such an in-depth, comprehensive answer resource for some of the most commonly asked questions about the game. We really appreciate the time you spent putting this together! 
    You can view the original post here . 
    Do we have to be the same race to play together since the start?
    You can be any race, any class. What determines if you can play with your friends, is if you join the same faction for a campaign or not.
    Is the game full loot? Do you lose your set when you die to another players?
    Different Campaign types, will have different rules. Some may be full loot, others may have a timer for you to return to your body before others can loot, and yet others may have only a random item or two drop. Campaigns will last for limited times, and is the source of more rare materials/rewards. The winning faction will get to keep more/better rewards from the campaign than other (also depending on how much you contributed), and then the new campaigns might have a new ruleset on the world.
    Is the game more focused on PvE or PvP?
    As far as I can tell, there isn't so much a "PvE" in the usual sense. Right now it is PvP focused in terms of your activities. But you will have to kill some animals, either to skin them, or to get to materials they are guarding. In a recent email that crowfall sent out, it talked about how they are still working on the "moment to moment" game loop (the one that keeps you on from one 10-20 minute session, to the next)
    How does the grind in Crowfall work? Do you have to grind levels, items, etc..?
    You will get the majority of your stats from the gear you equip. BUT if you do level up, you will get a few (3) extra stat points to spend how you like. You will find that you can more quickly earn exp through crafting, and sacrificing items, than you might notice from going out and just killing mobs. Crafting will require more and more items, the more complex the recipe is. And with experimentation points, you will be getting different results with each craft. The "Ideal" crafting would be that you keep crafting until you get a set of experimentation procs that you would then "blueprint" (allowing you to replicate that EXACT craft again in the future)
    Is there a competitive scene?
    Most players that have access to the game, are avoiding the "burnout" since the game is more game-assets than it is a "game." Yes you can play the characters, Yes you can enjoy yourself, but it's not (yet) something that you will want to log in each/all day for. Currently the focus of the campaigns will be holding forts. and the only way to control a fort is to fight off everyone inside. Similarly, if there is a small region with high quality resources, you'll need some bodyguards to help protect you/others while they are collected.
    Are there factions? Can players from different factions play in the same guild?
    You can join guilds (see through the Crowfall website), and there are 3 factions to choose from. It would seem that even if you are in a guild, that does not mean that you HAVE to join the same faction as them. I'm not sure how this would work, as I have not fully tested/experienced this aspect.
    How is the population of the game?
    The population is currently quite low. You may encounter a group of 5-10 from time to time if you stay on during popular play hours, and near points of interest. Normally however, most people seem to be playing right now, just to get a feel for which classes and professions, etc, that they enjoy the most.
    How does disciplines work? Is it like Archeage where you can kind of mix multiple classes together?
    I have not played Archeage, so I can't give you a "yes" or "no" about that. BUT Each character gets 2 "Major" disciplines. These major ones will generally offer 1-2 abilities and a passive. You will then be able to choose a "Weapon Mastery" which will provide you with another 1-2 abilities, and lastly are 3 "Minor" disciplines. These can be used to further alter your character's strengths and weaknesses, either in mobility, combat, or even harvesting.
    My suggestion:
    If you think you will be interested in the concept of the game, go ahead and pick it up.
    Skills train off of Real Time, and are permanent to your "Crow" which then carries these bonuses into ALL characters that you make.
    By starting sooner than later, you can at least start training some skill trees to see if A, that's a tree you want to focus on come launch, or B just to see what other people may be getting as options in a tree you may never touch once playing for real.
    I get the impression that this is the main reason a lot of people are playing while it is still in such an "alpha" state. So that when the more polished gameplay elements are live, they will be able to see how strong certain classes/builds can be once fully trained; or, like I mentioned, if they are even worth the time/trouble.
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in War Stories of the Week - Feb 28th   
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    Pann got a reaction from BarriaKarl in Crowbars - a Crowfall parser with in-game overlay   
    Before I answer that, I need to say: CAVEAT EMPTOR ("let the buyer beware"). Downloading, installing and using any application is done so at your own risk, particularly when it's not officially sanctioned by us. 
    Now, about the TOS question. I wondered the same thing, so I ran it by some of the crew.

    Response 1: He is reading the combat log. (So if we change the combat logs that we output it might break his overlay.) But from his description it doesn't sound like it is giving the players tactical advantages or anything.
    Response 2: We definitely need more mods like that.
    Response 3: Hire him.
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    Pann got a reaction from Tofyzer in Choices Matter: Racial Disciplines   
    Do I share more of these Racial Discipline images - at least another Guinecean one -- or have the words "Thursday at noon" and "DERGS" taunted me so badly that my sense of generosity has been suppressed past the point of giving?
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    Pann got a reaction from ArneAnka in So long and thanks for the fish!   
    Hey, Crowfolks!
    For five years, it has been my incredible honor and a privilege to serve this community. Sharing a passion for Crowfall was always a joy, even on the hard days, because I knew that every conversation came from a desire to see the game succeed.
    Today, I am announcing my departure from ArtCraft. I have decided to take some time off to focus on my personal life for a while.
    I still believe in Crowfall as much today as I did when I saw the first Kickstarter video. Knowing Todd and Gordon as well as I do, I am convinced that they will follow through on their commitment to make the best game possible, and I’ll be waiting and watching from the sidelines with all of you for the big day when Crowfall is released to great acclaim.
    There are no words to express my gratitude to all of the content creators, forum warriors and guild leaders who have made my job seem less job-like and more like hanging out with good friends. Please continue to support the team as you’ve supported me.
    Wishing you all the best,
    “You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”  - Tinkerbell, “Hook”
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Choosing your Crowfall server   
    Yes, @Haug, as @mystify said, there will be a complete wipe (characters, skills, inventory) when 5.110 is released on LIVE. 
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Choosing your Crowfall server   
    Explaining the difference between LIVE and TEST. (This is in response to confusion we've seen around the interwebz)
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Dregs update   
    Based on the comments we’ve received from the community on TEST, we have made the decision to focus on improving performance and playability. 
    During this time, both God’s Reach (starting area) and The Infected (no-looting PvP) will remain playable on TEST, and we’ll update this with new versions to get your input on our improvements. We hope that you’ll continue to explore them, share your insights about your gameplay experience and report any issues or feedback you have related to those worlds.  
    We will provide an update on the next Dregs campaign test by the end of the week. Thanks for your continued support.
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Crowfall Classes: The basics   
    How the Classes of Crowfall correlate to your favorite RPG classes
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Bringing War of the Gods to LIVE   
    1. The signal for beta will be when we begin inviting non-backers to participate in the playtesting. 
    2. I'll say again that we wipe only when it's absolutely necessary. There will be a number of updates to correct issues and make improvements on LIVE, and it will be far better for newcomers to have 5.110 on LIVE than to continue playing the 5.100 version that has been there, without updates, for more than six months.
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Bringing War of the Gods to LIVE   
    The build on LIVE has been there for quite some time, and people who are new to the game were not seeing all the great new things we've added since LIVE was last updated. 
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Bringing War of the Gods to LIVE   
    No, I was Seer Pann on Great Lakes. I knew a Pandora (in game and IRL) not sure what shard she played on, though. 
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Bringing War of the Gods to LIVE   
    Yes, there will be a wipe when the game transitions to beta. We try not to wipe unless we have to, but when there are major updates that require it, we will. This means it's not possible to project how many more wipes there may be between now and launch. And, yes, that means we will do a final wipe before the game launches. 
    Regarding Dregs, the testing for that will continue to be the focus on our TEST server environment. Those who want to participate in Dregs campaigns can playtest it on TEST. 
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Bringing War of the Gods to LIVE   
    Yes, it's today. Edited the original post. Thanks!
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Bringing War of the Gods to LIVE   
    In light of our announcement today that Crowfall has officially entered the alpha testing phase, we are ready to bring the War of the Gods (5.110) update to our LIVE testing environment! 
    On Friday, May 29, the LIVE server will be taken offline at approximately 8:00 am CDT |  15:00 pm CEST in order to perform maintenance and to deploy the update. Initially, the LIVE environment will offer three of our five world bands: Eternal Kingdoms (the player-owned realms), God’s Reach (the starter area), and the Infected (3-faction-based campaign wars).  
    We are still in the process of testing and balancing the fourth world, the Dregs (guild -vs- guild campaigns) on TEST and will continue to do so, on TEST, for now. Those who wish to test this mode – and have a higher tolerance for playtest issues – are invited to download the TEST game client and log into TEST. 
    It’s important to remember that Crowfall is not a finished game. Whether you’re playtesting on LIVE or TEST, it is still testing and there will be issues. We urge you to share your feedback with us on the Testing and Feedback forums so that we can identify and correct bugs and problem areas that interfere with your enjoyment of the game. 
    Quick facts: 
    The LIVE server will go down at approximately 8:00 am CDT | 15:00 pm CEST. The LIVE server will be offline for an estimated window of about 4-hours and as that changes we will keep you informed on the Forums. We will make an announcement when service is restored. If it looks like it may go longer than we anticipate, we will post updates.  There will be a full wipe of LIVE, meaning all characters, passive skill training and inventory will be cleared as part of releasing the Alpha update on LIVE.  The TEST environment will remain online and available for those who wish to continue playtesting there.  Both the LIVE and TEST game clients are available here. Note that these are two different downloads, so be sure you’re downloading and installing the one that correlates to where you want to play. 
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Yoink's Crowfall Class/Account Calculator   
    Truly amazeballz! Mind if I share this on our social media?
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in KDS's Video Story   
    This thread is pure gold! 
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    Pann got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Help please - Crowfall Test.   
    We apologize for the confusion caused by the wording in our newsletter. Access to testing is only available to backers at this time. We will send out formal beta invitations when the time comes. 
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