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  1. War stories like the clip the devs posted today and eve's version of the same will probably be the best at enticing people. They help clear up the idea of a game being player driven, when most players are used to playing on rails. Everyone has their own stories, you could even share some of yours with them!
  2. Interesting idea, but will need to be carefully balanced. I think the devs should avoid combining rulesets until we have a better grasp of how each operates. If done right, it could play almost like a game of civilization with military/science/cultural/etc. victories.
  3. And that's perfectly fine. That's the reason for the different rulesets. I know i'd like to give this a shot, because I like how it could potentially level the playing field in terms of guild size. However, should it turn out to be meh, I'll have no issue switching to a ruleset more to my tastes.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see a large number of templars/confessors in the guild though
  5. I think that may have been me...back when i was young and new
  6. I'd like it if they let you tax that EK too, at least until they rebel or a certain amount of time has passed.
  7. The main issue is finding rule sets that support PvP more than PvE. Classic gamemodes from other games could be converted to fit the setting. Additional environmental effects could be quite interesting as well. Skulls for the Skull Throne - The faction that creates the largest pile of their enemys' skulls wins (Recaptured skulls should also count) Supplication - A king of the hill variant with numerous temples spread throughout the map, that generate victory points for controlling factions. Could have a similiar system to that of cities with periods of safety followed by periods of vulnerability. Capture the Artifact - Throughout the map around Places of Interest, underground, or on key mobs spawn Artifacts that must be collected. Could also introduce timed drop off points similiar to the bloodstone system, but allowing stockpiling of artifacts beforehand. Manifest Destiny - Control 2 cities on opposite sides of the world, and connect them with others. (Would probably work best with a couple of eligible paths), Infection: Debuff that decreases damage, but also decreases damage taken (or any/no combination of effects, possibly changing campaign to campaign). Melee contact with other characters spreads. Faction with the least infected at the end of the campaign wins. Debuff could initially be given to a set amount of players per faction, or even be associated with contact with the Hunger.
  8. I think it should scale based on the rulesets: God's reach should have minimal if at all. The infected have limited physics. Shadow introduce damage in limited amounts. Dregs crank up the bar to full effects. This could easily change based on the campaign as well.
  9. So pretty much CS:GO's overwatch system. Players can overwatch ban, which gets confirmed in to a VAC ban by a GM. Have to be of a certain skill rank, character(haven't been reported a lot), and games won. Could see something similiar being ported over. Plus, one of my favorite archeage 'features' is reading jury chat.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bN5AXq4WvZI Burn it down!
  11. Which is why each account can have 3 characters, with only one per campaign. If something is truly a lost cause, it feels like they want you to either bend the knee, die fighting, or jump ship after putting everything in embargo (drop characters in a different campaign).
  12. This would be the best way to do it in my opinion, with cartographers able to mark intricate details like ravines/caves/resources on the map, to a normal person's mountain/hill/river/forest style. We could also draw inspiration from minecraft, and require characters to craft maps to see all but their immediate surroundings. As long as it's a relatively cheap process to copy maps (maybe requiring a cartographer to copy, but low cost), I feel like this would be a great feature.
  13. Numbers will always present an advantage, but the devs are taking tons of steps to mitigate the issue like above. Another one which i didn't see here, but helps a ton is the bloodstone ruleset. It forces defenders to leave the comfort of their city during a siege to deliver bloodstones to destinations. This mechanic allows smaller groups to gank the defenders that leave, or be able to attack the city with its decreased garrison.
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