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  1. it will almost certainly drop at the 35 minute mark or some such, just so it can't be noon in any time zone
  2. I would also love a small heads up because I will probably also use this as an excuse to take some time from work (got the time, why not?). I concede, however, that if I were ACE in this situation I probably wouldn't announce it much more than a day or two in advance, if that. I am operating under the assumption that they are going fast and furious on the internal test/fix cycle and will likely push it to Test once they punch through the last of their bug fixes, and since you never know when that last fix will be verified to not come with new bugs they may not have much notice to provide unless they artificially extend the release to test for the express purpose of providing a heads up (a pointless delay no one here wants). I can see them buying time prior to go-live release for marketing purposes, but I doubt that is of concern this round.
  3. Welcome to the forums! Deulist is definitely good fun, but the lore they have set for launch specifies that Hamsters alone hold the secret to gunpowder and they are not yet sharing. I do suspect we will see some future pseudo-stealth races that can become deulists as well, but that will almost certainly be years down the road, if at all.
  4. Local resources aren't top of the line by any stretch, but slideshow is not consistent and more of a connection issue for me. Hoping I get a chance to run new lines in my house this weekend.
  5. Haven't played a fessor, forgot about the stealth part of that damn ult (hard to tell exactly what is happening while watching the slideshow in a meatball)... I run illusionist, but not for the camo; guess I should read the fine print a little more thoroughly
  6. Only if they were running Illusionist, I'd think, since you'd need to be in stealth to utilize it.
  7. This is greatly appreciated, ACE!
  8. *checks time, resumes tapping foot*
  9. All this nonsense aside, at least they provided a situation for a great meme to be born... Never let this die:
  10. Not going to lie, I was mentally checked out of most of that Q&A while waiting for it to "actually start" and it ended without ever beginning...
  11. Ahh, I remember that. I took that at the time to mean that some parcels in campaign could be built on but some could not. In that regard you can't just build anywhere on the map (say, into the side of a mountain) but where you could build you could still customize it to a degree (guessing the number of placeable items would be gated with building tokens or some such). Not dissimilar to what we already see in EKs.
  12. Nothing that could be construed as "pay to win" would be ever be monetized here because the community would revolt; most likely skins and convenience items only. To speak to crafting in CF more philosophically, this game was intended to be an end-to-end throne war where teams don't just PvP for the sake of PvP but they do so to take charge of critical resource points and the like in order to get the best materials and then, in turn, the best gear to keep the machine moving. The DNA of this game is meant to force players of different styles to work together to accomplish all that can be done, and that ESPECIALLY includes crafting. Don't panic though. In your case, you sound like you prefer PvP exclusively and you should be able to achieve that; however, if you want to be any good then you will have a strong team behind which will certainly include crafters and gatherers to set you up with good gear. You can train 2 of 3 trees at a time (Combat, Gathering/Harvesting, Crafting) and most who are all about the PvP will choose to train Combat and Harvesting trees (whether you make use of your harvesting skills is between you and your future guild, some will require you pitch in and some may not care). You can skip crafted gear if you want and use PvE drops and operate in a silo, but the crafted gear is so much better that you will start to get steamrolled once everyone else is on good gear, and even PvP can only be done expertly with good gear AND a good team using skills symbiotically. In short, there is a lot here to have fun with so I'd recommend finding a guild (important for knowledge transfer) and just jumping on in and see how it will work for you, and do so with a grain of salt because we have big new hotness coming soon that should include most of the rest of the go-live systems that are not in the current LIVE version for play testing
  13. I'm actually impressed you sat through that again. I just don't see that ACE would maintain multiple building placement interfaces as that would be a developmental redundancy and waste of time (would have to overhaul EK functionality too), so I'm hoping whatever you saw was some pre-baked nonsense meant more for marketing or that it was poorly presented and this is a misinterpretation of what was happening. I don't care about customization of buildings, but controlling placement of walls is HUGE and that functionality would be sorely missed if it is not present at launch.
  14. I for one am completely convinced that Cecil's arrival means that this Thursday at noon will be a time to remember...
  15. Welcome to the forums! A couple things... Please be aware that the PvP posted to YouTube is in no way representative of CF because 1) the whole, or even most, of CF isn't even in test yet and certainly cannot yet be referred to as a cohesive "game", and 2) no one is posting vids of the crafting processes (or anything else beyond PvP for that matter, because why would they at this point?) so that PvP is pretty much all you are going to find on YouTube atm. If you seriously think crafting and the like are a waste of time and actually expected to get traction with suggesting removal of those systems, then I'm afraid your research was indeed incomplete and you may have bought in on the wrong development. I don't say this to bag on you, I only say this to inform you so you don't waste your time thinking CF will be something it won't. Those systems have been integral since the Kickstarter pitch way back when and they are not going anywhere. Once you get in and actually play those systems, however, then we'd welcome your feedback on how to refine them!
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