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    Currently a DB Manager and an aspiring DIY Robot Overlord. I like to play smart and don't often care for player-defined rules when they stand between myself and the prize. Hoping to hit the ground running as a Vessel-crafting specialist:

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  1. Lol, nor do I. Focus absolutely should and is on development at this phase; this request is a "nice to have" and my expectations are low. I'd even agree that I'd prefer that a lot of the knowledge remain unofficial (crafting combos, etc.). I'm referring explicitly to the information you can plainly see when looking at stat screens, talent screens, discipline runes, etc., and was hoping that this was something they could simply report on in order to generate something version-specific quick and dirty style. I work with IT vendors a lot and putting in requests for documentation is measurable chunk of my job. *salesman hat on* There could be some good return on their investment of time to pull a few basic docs together too: more quickly educated players means more skilled and detail-oriented testers at their disposal. My goal is to be able to understand what's happening well enough to be a good tester instead of just commenting on the low-hanging fruit. *salesman hat off* I'll get there one way or another; the dev build is fun enough that the lack of documentation wont stop me from figuring all of this out
  2. That site IS helpful to a degree (thanks for suggesting it!), but its super out of date. There are a handful of other user-managed repositories too but the accuracy (with regards to current versions) varies greatly there as well. I intend to work on generating some of what I suggested for my own purposes, but having up-to-date and ACE-official docs would take a lot of the guess work out of the equation. Edit: perfect intern project!
  3. I realize that the focus is still on game development and that this might not make the priority list just yet, but I think some out-of-game-accessible documentation would be A+. This would help the new folks, or those like myself who haven't played in the last year, understand and plan vessel progression (not to mention simple game mechanics) without wasting an inordinate amount of time during the testing phase. There is quite a bit of knowledge required to be effective, which is ultimately a very good thing in my book because the complexity provides a lot of options for customization and makes room for those who take time to learn the details to shine, but I find I'm spending most of my time trying to absorb the various options/mechanics by creating each vessel as various classes and then digging through the details available in-game to see what's what. For the details that you can't easily discern the effects of, such as "Control Intensity", I have little choice but to either 1) endlessly crawl through the forum in hope of finding some info that might be still be relevant, or 2) to lean on veteran players to help plug the info gaps, and they are no doubt sick of answering the same questions over and over and over and over... I envision info-graphic "cards" for each subject. Examples: Class cards would detail Class Talent nodes complete with the details of what is granted (including applicable skill tray and indicators to note passive, offensive and defensive/self targeting skills), any inherent stat boosts if they exist (thinking stats of Stoneborn Myrmidons vs. Stoneborn Clerics, for example), relevant armor/weapons, etc. Same for discipline runes, including details on where then can and can't be equipped if applicable. Race cards could detail racial stat boosts and skills, available classes, average (if dynamic, else the static) base core stats for common vessels, etc. Stat cards could detail the various complex stats that would affected when leveling up core stats (int, dex, etc.), and some descriptions of what complex stats do wouldn't hurt either (some are not at all intuitive by name and require a lot of digging on the forum to decode). These are just a few examples, but any detailed documentation would be extremely helpful; they sure don't need to be pretty at this juncture either Food for thought -Starrship
  4. Very happy to see that at least some of the folks in the defunct Serrated have some integrity; I just logged into the Discord channel for the first time in over a year and found it chock-full of racist nonsense and scum-baggery. I told those that remain exactly what I thought of that and tendered my resignation. Would love to join, will do so in the very near future when time allows. Edit: @Noc., your graphics, as always, are stellar!
  5. Nothing to not like! Graphics overhaul looks incredible and class/discipline system is awesome! Soooo much new stuff to crack out on... Hi-5, ACE!
  6. 2 questions/observations that I think are pertinent to this thread: 1) Is the "Risk %" actually the likelihood of success, or is it a simple percentage of pips used? I suspect it is the latter at this time and that the % you see is misleading, but I have absolutely no skills in this arena and am not sure. 2) Are the crafting stations I've seen mentioned going to have any bearing on the crafting process? I was under the impression that the crafting system was a prototype and not in final form...
  7. I'm guessing there will be a bit of "all of the above". That looks like a templar class elken for sure. Edit: just checked Arkons lore and D'Orion is in Arkons bloodline, so it follows from that perspective as well.
  8. Lots of dead space on that testing calendar after this weekend... 24/7 test servers seems likely.
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