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  1. I thought of this during a response to another thread, and after thinking about it for a while I thought the idea strong enough to mention here. First, an assumption: I think the general consensus is that NPC drop gear should NOT be better than anything crafted, contrary to the current state, and I am 200% behind that. Given that, if ACE wanted to continue to provide at least some higher quality NPC drop gear then I'd propose that more advanced level gear COULD be made to drop from NPCs but that it would be exclusively sourced from players who sell gear to NPCs for modest amounts of gold or dust. I imagine some shifty looking NPC (or possibly a rotation of them, 1 for each race/campaign) hanging just outside the temple who plays the role of "buyer", and that the gear would show randomly in NPC loot tables until it is dropped (perhaps gear quality and NPC level will need to be balanced but you get the idea). Gear would retain all descriptive details but would lose let's say, somewhat arbitrarily, 60% of the remaining durability upon sale to the NPC buyer while any gear below 50% durability is refused, thus ensuring there is always a fresh wave of gear out there to be dropped and that we don't play hot-potato with the same crappy gear on a loop until the campaign ends; if a crafter's name shows up repeatedly then it should be because they are working hard and not because their gear sucks and no one wants to use it. It would be a good way to keep the economy's wheels greased and give crafters that much more meaning at the same time, it adheres to the non-PvE-centered spirit of the game design, and it could be an interesting way for crafters to advertise to random new prospective customers across a given server. Thoughts?
  2. Has ACE mentioned whether the current plan is for mobs to drop gear at all come launch? I always thought the design plan was that either they didn't drop gear at all or dropped utter garbage that was essentially one step up from being naked and better suited for recycling for materials. If the drop gear stays then it should all be Nerf brand with low durability and untrained crafting should produce similar quality with higher durability. I'd be just fine if they nixed drop gear all together; would put all on the same footing at launch but those training crafting would be relevant much earlier on even without a great amount of skill. Basics training should provide just enough skill to make it worth passing mats to someone with the training as opposed to just crafting it with no skill yourself, to grease the wheels of the in-game economy. Perhaps a mechanic allowing player crafters to sell armor to NPCs could provide a pipeline for drop gear (with most durability used up upon drop from NPC), which would ensure that said gear quality is available directly from player crafters but with full durability; could even be a cool way to advertise for crafters since the item would presumably retain their stamp.
  3. I would do some testing/fighting on Srathor's Lawn if we got that!
  4. @Febreze, trust me, they will be happy to sell you an account. Your timing is good as there is about to be a new patch dropped that will be very close to what the game will be like at launch. Ping support@crowfall.com and they can set you straight.
  5. Ha! Make that Dergsvid-20 quarantine work for you!
  6. I was thinking shapes primarily for any colorblind crows; personally I'd be happy with just colors as well. +1 for a range indicator running off of local data
  7. That's where I'm at. I don't care so much about Dergs at this point in all honesty (beyond the hilarity of randomly shouting "DERGS!" of course), I'm just pumped to start working through stats, builds, etc. because it will indeed take some time. Looks like they likely tweaked all the numbers, and you know their isn't any documentation coming any time soon, so will be plenty to do
  8. They could even take that a step further and make the indicator on the compass/group list pulse when that player has taken enough damage to see the red.
  9. Suggestion #1: Make it easier to identify the location of specific group members when attending the inevitable zerg-fest. Each group member gets a uniquely colored/shaped marker on the compass, which would correspond to a color indicator on the group list. Shape could be something akin to Monopoly pieces and are auto-assigned when group members are added. This way you know who on your team is in what direction, at a glance, and can toss out comms commands like "rally on the purple shoe!". Suggestion #2: Introduce an in-game means of directing a groups attention; a visible "rally call" if you will. Combat leadership should grant an AOE-like power that will shoot a beam of light in the sky (or some such), which should be visible to group members only. Would be even cooler if there was a small indicator on the compass for all team members, pointing to the location to help orient when the meatball is thick (compass shape should be something other than diamond or any shapes used for suggestion #1, maybe a target shape or some such). The color of the beam and compass indicator would match the color assigned to that group member at the time. Beam of light goes away when the power is used again (1 per account), when the summoner dies, or when the summoner leaves that particular map. No cool down. Would be even cooler yet if the power could be used on the map to drop a marker on a distant location, but that's a whole different can of worms, functionally speaking, so just mentioning it as an afterthought. Thoughts?
  10. New patch hotness coming any day now! Get your butts over here and join the fun!
  11. That makes a heck of a lot more sense, especially since the increase is for 1. I feel that should have been obvious to me...
  12. Thanks for posting this! It reminded me to ask: anyone catch what "Ice Storage Capacity" was? Did I stroke out when they answered or was there no answer? Almost seems like FW will have a consumable to feed their magic and/or attacks, similar to an arrow...
  13. It is entirely possible it could take that long, but the fact that they are down to < 10 blockers, which seem to get a daily pass, makes me very hopeful that any day could be the day. Those same <10 could continue to resurrect in different permutations (or spawn fresh bugs) for weeks, sure, but if they have been at that point for weeks already then it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that they could punch through them suddenly any day now. I got the impression, based on JTodd's description of a "blocker" level ticket vs a "crit" level ticket (around 8 min mark), that the FW effects would be considered a "crit" level cosmetic issue and that they may turn it loose to test while in progress. Also, given how tight-lipped they have been over the past couple months, this Q/A they weren't so reticent to talk about the push to test. Of course, this is all circumstantial and history has shown us that crappy socks what cause delays happen, so if your sanity hinges on your expectations for the push of 5.110 to test, then better to err on the side of caution and keep them on the low side. My case of the Dergs is mild so I'm content to be optimistic and suffer for it if I must
  14. Depends on your priorities for launch. Prematurely releasing with known bugs just to placate will 100% guarantee that they will get a mountain of bug reports about bugs they are already aware of and trying to fix. Sure, we will find other unknown bugs and report them earlier too, but someone will have to sift through the impertinent reports of bugs they are already tackling and that ultimately takes ACE resources away from where we really want them. My take on the vibe presented today is that we are days, not weeks, and if they are that close then I think they should just finish as they planned and release it at that point so that all feedback is more likely to be pertinent and less likely to be a waste of our, and their, time.
  15. Why in the dergs would dergs mcdergs not dergs dergs?!?! Dergs, dergs and dergs. That's mcdergs for dergs, smh... If dergs would dergs, then dergs could dergs the faction dergs and dergs instead! Some dergs never derg(s). #dergsisdergs
  16. Or a traveling vendor. Look for them on the interactive roads:
  17. Chose "no gold, no goods" but that really just means "I expect a meager tip, preferably embers but dust or additional mats will do the trick too". Gold doesn't hold much value for anyone with a Blackguard at the moment.
  18. Welcome to CF and the forums, @rbmelo! I'm afraid this idea won't get any traction for years under the best of circumstances; Pope and Arkade hit the nail on the head (with different hammers). I could see ACE eventually turning the EKs into a sort of "build your own (limited) MMO" sort of space and this could be a cool feature in that regard, but don't hold your breath on that as there will be a seriously huge backlog of outstanding-yet-desired PvP and EK features to be implemented once this whole thing goes live.
  19. I usually don't get hung up on it but I notice its absence when it isn't there. Even when reading fantasy, I like the world to make sense and be cohesive and having the lore to go along with the game provides some nice context and gives things meaning, while providing a handy vehicle to inspire and introduce future functionality. It's also something that helps brings a wider spectrum of players together; those who don't care can (and will) completely ignore it and those who do care usually care a lot, in my experience. Nothing to lose and lots to gain IMO.
  20. Does this mean white discs will be available for easy purchase in perpetuity or will that go away prior to launch?
  21. it will almost certainly drop at the 35 minute mark or some such, just so it can't be noon in any time zone
  22. I would also love a small heads up because I will probably also use this as an excuse to take some time from work (got the time, why not?). I concede, however, that if I were ACE in this situation I probably wouldn't announce it much more than a day or two in advance, if that. I am operating under the assumption that they are going fast and furious on the internal test/fix cycle and will likely push it to Test once they punch through the last of their bug fixes, and since you never know when that last fix will be verified to not come with new bugs they may not have much notice to provide unless they artificially extend the release to test for the express purpose of providing a heads up (a pointless delay no one here wants). I can see them buying time prior to go-live release for marketing purposes, but I doubt that is of concern this round.
  23. Welcome to the forums! Deulist is definitely good fun, but the lore they have set for launch specifies that Hamsters alone hold the secret to gunpowder and they are not yet sharing. I do suspect we will see some future pseudo-stealth races that can become deulists as well, but that will almost certainly be years down the road, if at all.
  24. Local resources aren't top of the line by any stretch, but slideshow is not consistent and more of a connection issue for me. Hoping I get a chance to run new lines in my house this weekend.
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