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  1. I am the army. Army of One.
  2. I will hunt you down relentlessly for this!
  3. It's as good of an esport as a Cold War would be a sport.
  4. I agree - portal fighting sure will be fun, but untill it actuall happens, I'd like to store my spare weapons and obtained resources in a safe place. A relatively safe place. A place that anyone can get into, if they find it. And, of course, they can loot it if they feel that way. But in the end of the day, I'd still want to have an option, albeit limited to make a hideout. For guilds it's transparent - they have resources and manpower to build a fort and protect it. But as a solo players/small parties - and I'm pretty sure that there will be people like me - thing start to smell f
  5. It's almost as if people like certain things in videogames and can like to play already-cool-and-released-game-that-implemented-that-already that's a crazy idea i kno
  6. >All these ambers asking for a pve adventure MONEY WELL SPENT.
  7. I don't know what's going on in this thread, but I'm replying to the original poster. NO.
  8. I agree. Hence, I dubbed them "hideouts". So that they must be uncatchable to the eye. It's pretty hard to speculate how big Campaigns will be, but I hope that they will be big. I've brought out "Haven and Hearth" argument, because worlds there were incredibly HUGE and procedurely generated, so there was a plenty of space both for exploration and fortification.
  9. Free advice from a future baby-killing fae. Gang up.
  10. I would love to. My question - or suggestion - is to be able to make such bases. Is all. And you, Kiro, get a first invitation to the hidden fae tea party.
  11. I was thinking about rolling an assassin, killing isolated people and taking all of their stuff to me. To my super secret place for fae girls. No Guineceans allowed!
  12. Meh. Haven and Hearth didn't have a bank, I had to store my goodies all around the forest in baskets.
  13. Some people are not cut out for guilds. Some people are loners. Eternal Kingdoms are one thing, but participating in a Campaign is entirely different thing. Forts are forts. Big people play with castles and armies. Small men need a personal place. Seeing how characters will drop inventories on death, I'd rather like to have a way to make a hideout, and what's more important - to conceal and protect it. We'll have Voxelfarm integrated, which is great, but will I be able to dig a cave way up in the mountains and furbish it in the Campaign? I mean, having a place to come back to safely
  14. I expected to see a Wyvern and a Wyvern was seen. Two legs, two wings, no quadruple appendages. Hooray! All hail the Hypnowyvern!
  15. I'm not seeing anything special so long. One thing I see clearly -comunity is pretty mature, can't deny that. And that's a good sign for sure.
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