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  1. Hello! I have been following the progress since Kickstarter, but became a backer only yesterday. At first my interest was simply due to my job as a game programmer, but I also really like the actual game itself. For the past 15 years I have been playing only healer/support classes, so I'm most likely going to pick the most support-oriented class in Crowfall too.
  2. A good thing about pre-defined respawn points is that you can easily regroup with your friends or guildies. No need to spend half an hour relocating everyone.
  3. To support that there should be a way to tag players (with icon, color or a short text). Only you would be able to see them and they would work as reminders. I myself wouldn't be able to remember the hundreds variations of "Legolas". Instead, I could tag the player with an icon that tells me to be careful around him or something.
  4. The minimum viable functionality would be a chatroom, where you can invite guilds or individual players (guild leaders for example). If I remember it right, FFXIV:ARR had something like this.
  5. Going to be a druid for sure. Seems to be the closest one to a full-support class I always play.
  6. Sure, but that's the case with any damage mitigation, such as armor or buffs. It's more a matter of implementation and balancing.
  7. Still reading through all the info, so these might change later: - Generated worlds Generated content is simply not as interesting as properly designed. It doesn't have the same feeling or atmosphere. Of course it keeps things fresh though. - Telegraphs They are fine, if you only see your own, since then they would only help you aim your skills (if the aiming is not simply "face that direction and things go boom"). In Wildstar everyone had telegraphs and it was such a mess. - No clear healers There are support classes, yes, but I would really like to play as a proper healer. Don't give me the argument about "fire-hose" healing either. They could be implemented in a way that makes them useful, but not too strong (cooldowns, expensive heals, no bursts, etc.) And I'm of course talking about a support class with heals. Not a class that can only heal.
  8. I sure hope the support classes can focus mostly on support if they want. Not talking about being a full-time healer, but full-time support (with some dps here and there). Support consists of more than just looking at a health bar and spamming your primary healing spell. There are also several ways to add healing without creating "firehose" healers. For example cooldowns (= low rate of healing) and cost (= unable to keep up for a long time).
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