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  1. Hello everyone. I am sure it's been asked before, but searching the forums got me so many different topics, from different times... Basically, I haven't played the game yet, and I am not sure what are the available features of the current test phase, in other words, what can I do? Is there a faq, a list, a sticky post, a page, or any source of info, that talks about what can be done in the active phases? Apologies for the probably duplicate question, thanks for answering!
  2. Not sure if it was asked, and I am sure this would not come in since it adds too many variables to combat, as such, more lag and the like... But will we have abilities that come with our equipment/stats that can change physical interactions? For instance, if I see a rope thing coming to get me, and I am fast enough (forget the latency...), maybe I have a huge long weapons/heavy spiked shield that has an ability that lets me stick it in the ground (and the ground is not made of super tough material... forget that for now!), suddenly my drag (or rather, static friction) increases by quite a bit! Now my mass + static friction outweigh the opponent's, and he either fails to pull me, or is pulled towards me! If to take it further, what if I have a teamate nearby? Can he grab the rope? Or maybe, if I don't have such a skill as I am a light character, what if I have a group of teamates with me that are heavy? Can they grab onto me? Or, as you've said, the rope thing can go into the teamates behind me, so if they notice the rope move, and move in behind me, it can basically create the same thing. Maybe you can enter a defensive stance and the rope disarms you instead? Even if it's impossible to do, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. If it was mentioned, I'd love to see the post (I'll probably look at the other posts in a later time, I had to post this before forgetting ) Another thing that popped into my mind. What if the target lets himself get taken by the rope? (As in, rather than resist, preps himself to fly spear first into the one that launched the rope?) Of course you would need the stats (quick thinking attribute? Agility? suitable weapon?) and the player's on quick thinking (minus the latency issue!) to activate it (as in, just as you get hit, or a "counter" stance that does that). Maybe for a heavy character that counter move would be "resist/pull", and for a lighter character "use the pull for your own attack".
  3. The play-style of the archetypes is still unknown, it's a bit early to worry about this. While it's early to say that, and I doubt it would happen, I do wish there would be hidden skills/combinations that no one would reveal online. Makes it so much better to discover it by yourself. Although I do understand that many wish to get things right theoretically and not just learn by playing and discovering...
  4. Well, there will be campaigns with no magic, or magic that works differently than usual. Or so they said as an idea. I'd guess they "weave" arrows using mana?
  5. I am playing it for a while now. It's awesome, I've been a fan of MH for a long time!
  6. I think I've got a subscription from Steam (bought it) but did not use it yet... Maybe I should.
  7. Maybe an ice weapon creation will be based on a talisman of sorts, and that would be the factor for the base stats, the rest depending on the magic skill level. This way your talisman can be stolen/looted, crafting is possible, but the difference between this and normal weapons are a few; a) Weapon can be shattered. Weakness towards fire/heat (easier to shatter?) c) Shape/weapon type depends on the magic. As such you can have it turn into a spear when you need range over strength of a sword (but your profficiency with the weapon will be based on the new weapon type, so you'd have to be equally good in spear and sword to utilize it fully) d) The magic is stronger as seasons go towards winter - so you can't be uber when you first start out (even if you do somehow have a good talisman close to the beginning of the campaign) Basically; Weapon strength = Talisman stats + Magic level/ability + season + weapon experience + target/environment element
  8. Anime or manga? I read mostly. Bleach manga has become kinda bad, but I am still looking forward to each episode. Also One Piece - Gear 4th is making an appearance this week! BTW - Did you guys look at my suggestions? http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5204-suggestions/
  9. Imagine this stance in the game, with archers/supporters behind you
  10. I've had a weekend with the trial, here are my thoughts so far. So far I've tried 4 classes out of 6, my main is a level 15 Exile Esper. I don't like the Esper that much, but I reached the farthest, so I'll stay with her. I play PVE (I actually have only seen around 3-4 other players while playing for 10-12 hours or more during the weekend! Maybe they are higher up in the areas?) I'll write here some of my experience. I'm not a reviewer, so excuse my messy writing. Do ask me anything you want to know from a new player's perspective and I'll try and do my best to answer. Graphics Cartoony, full of life, colorful. I love the game's looks so far. Even hills of grass have those cartoony swirls in some areas, there are bugs, flowers that look more than Doom textures that look at you. It's not WoW cartoony, but it has its own style, and I like it. There are a few things I like less about the style, such as the Bug Bunny blaster rifles (Like what the Martian holds), some of the armors looking weird too. But you have costumes that can make up for that (I hope! Did not reach that far yet). Gameplay Fun. You have to move around, even evade attacks like in old platformers (but it seems that sometimes you still get hit...) Much to do, different paths have different missions (though they are mostly the same, but the variation is good!) User Friendly Not really. I am not a new comer to the MMO or gaming scene. But at first the game was so very confusing. I get a weapon, and I can't use it without an ability? The silver "!" mark is what other games use as "?" (Only on my third character did it explain what are the different signs) Quests are not explained that well sometimes. Path quests may direct you to an area that is only close to the objective, but not telling you what's the exact objective? (Do I kill an enemy? Dig for something? You say go to the shore but the objective is inland?) Tutorial windows may or may not appear (I tried a few characters, sometimes the tutorials showed up, sometimes not), and they don't explain everything. Buttons that are common everywhere are different? (P instead of C, B instead of K, I instead of Interface is messy and you need to move things yourself (A newcomer would probably have some issues, I immediately tried Ctrl + Mouse drag) I am having a hard time reading what characters say, tall characters have their bubbles even higher up and harder to read. I assume these things can be changed, but for a new user this does not mean much, first impression is important! Story Cliche stuff. A higher race creates great artifacts, influences other races, and then disappears, leaving things laying around. You find their latest playground, and try to unmask their mysteries, amongst other things. Exiles - Good guys, looking for a new home, escaping the Dominion. Dominion - Bad guys, murderers, they want the new planet, they treat the higher race as Gods, but they treat their legacy like crap and destroy it, unlike the Exiles! Weird. Very obvious black and white situation. (Dominion starting area - Kill Exiles, Exiles starting area - Rebuild, huge losses taken by Dominion in both stories) I do enjoy exploring the areas left by the race, however. Conclusion I will keep playing until my period is up. I want to see what else there is to the game. I reccommend others to try it at least!
  11. Archetype Intro Levels One thing I've never liked about MMOs is how long it takes to realize if a class you chose is one that would fit me in the long run. I usually create a character for each class, play the beginner zone, and only then choose to continue with my favorite. Problem with that is that in most MMOs, you can't even create enough characters, and usually even playing the beginner zone will not measure how good the class is for me. I know it's troublesome, but I'd like to suggest an intro level for each archetype. It would be an instance where you play with a character from an archetype's history, giving the player a glimpse to the lore and general play style of the archetype. This way, the lore gets some more stage time, no useless character slots are created and no time is wasted on repeating the starting area (if there even is one). Maybe how the hunger showed itself to each archetype's world, how they lost it and gained access to the other worlds, etc... It should be short, single player, and connected to the lore.
  12. I got mine today too! I may be missing the obvious, but why don't I have that frame thing yet? How do I set it? I've got Amber.
  13. Macroing Land Manipulation I am not sure how digging and building works in this game. However, I think it would be great to be able to macro it, maybe with the help of a rune stone. Think about making a trap - it means choosing width, depth, cover, etc... This would take time, it's impossible for use in combat. What if we had a rune that allows saving a working process (higher skill levels allow more actions to be recorded in a single macro, or more macros to be made) - practically making a trapper class? While it would take time to actually do the digging, normally, the planning will be avoided! Imagine creating pitfalls so zerg guilds just rush into your doors and everyone falls together, and you just created the trap a moment ago according to the route they were taking!
  14. If they did tell us, people would ask for information about them. Once they do, some people will demand replacing archetypes they don't like with the new ones. That's the same reason I believed they would not show anything for April's fools, since people will demand it as an addition. Humans are greedy ya know, too much information + the fact that they supported the project = belief that they own the project and allowed to demand things.
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