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  1. JamesGoblin's likes are like warm marmalade melting way the despair of cold, dry pancakes.
  2. I'm backer 15149, got a loooong wait ahead - but it will be worth it
  3. I got a stegosaurus recently, her name is Ginger and she is a beast! was level 16 when I got her, now shes 24. She can take out T-rexes and has saved my live multiple times! A friend had one of the turtle thing that we thought was killed in a pvp battle, but it was just knocked out. Found him three days later, half starved but making it on his own. It's like pokemon...but with dinosaurs lol
  4. At first I was barely able to connect to any servers at all, but they have patched and fixed the issues and now I have no problems. I get little lag while playing except during combat it's still a bit wonky with mobs rubber banding a bit overall though I like it and they seem to be pumping out fixes fairly quickly.
  5. I'm playing currently and am enjoying it. At first there were issues getting into the game, but that all seems to be fixed. It is a pretty game and gathering resources / building does not seem tedious. I'm currently level 20 and in a small tribe of 3 - just me and 2 other RL friends. We had a fairly large base going, probably too big as it brought attention of a larger group of much higher level people though. We were attacked and beat them off first time around...but then they came back....with a triceratops which busted our walls down. Lost a base, but it was all fun and didn't feel to mad about it - already have another one going.
  6. It's like Dino-Riders the game! Myself and 2-3 friends are going to give this a go. I've never played any of the "survival" type games so it should be interesting.
  7. Also would be interesting to see the effects of The Hunger to your mount come winter if you fail to perform the proper care...
  8. love the idea of mounts being more than just a movement speed boost. Mounted combat could work if there were disadvantages as well. You are gaining speed, a slight height advantage, a higher jump (depending on the mount) but cannot dodge as well as you are effectivly steering another creature and not just moving yourself (centaurs are a single creature so can react quicker than someone on a horse) I could also see something to balance mounted combat is the mount can be hit and take damage as well. Maybe give it a moral that if hurt enough (or any fear type spells) it could throw off the rider.
  9. Hello, Long time MMO player with roots in Ultima Online - Catskills Server. I've played a lot of MMOs and normally play a caster / support role as my main. I also can get addicted to crafting needing to make all the things! I was going to put off looking for a guild until the game dropped, but I think it's time to start as I find myself on the forums more and more lately and getting ever moreso hooked on the idea of Crowfall (I recently upped my backer level). As the title says I am looking for something RP friendly, or fully emersed in RP. I miss the days when large amount of people actually RPed in RPGs and helped build the story of the world. I think part of this is due to so many quest rollar coaster games that have your path set in stone. I have hope for open world games such as Crowfall. RP wise I tend to like the bad guys. Every hero needs a villain after all. I have looked through the guild forums and see mainly very large guilds that span over many games. I tend to shy away from those as my past experience with those sort of guilds is you are just an end to a means and if you aren't in a core clique you never really even get decent conversation with your guild mates. I'm not interested in that, I like guilds for their social aspect. I am in NA - Eastern Standard time, will be playing mainly in the evenings on weekdays after 8pm and anytime on weekends. I am in the following alpha/betas: Alpha Group 3 Beta Group 2 Beta Group 6 any questions feel free to ask!
  10. I gasped when I read the words "Red Dragon Inn" That was my first experience in online rp. Man, those were the days. I remember covering the modem to try and muffle the noise to sneak online at night. One month I wracked up a huge internet bill as unlimited wasn't available yet and got in soooo much trouble. Worth it though.
  11. I was on UO Catskills server! Loved the RP community there Characters: Septimus - ran small guild Shadowlanders and helped out the guilds in the Necropolis Ssrith - snake guy Elron Darkbrow - member of Zombie Horde Peep The Imp - familiar in the Shadowclan Orks Graxous - hermit character that lived in a swamp. Forgot what town it was by, but it was near the player run city Winterfell. I had various other characters, but those where my main ones. I miss Catskills UO from back in the day. Lots of good RP and lots of good PvP battles.
  12. I'm in the same boat as MadLoota - I loved UO's stealth based on movement with a chance to fail and reveal yourself or a chance for your target to detect you. Had a thief / fighter character and sneaking up on someone I wanted to try and steal from, or attack - I often would hold my breath in RL and kind of lean into the monitor.... something so simple drew me into the game that much more. I am in the boat that full invisibility is not bad, but I don't think it should be one button can run around invisible forever. Some ideas for a skill vs. magic spell For a stealth skill - similar to the UO way of doing it. You use the skill, have a % to succeed depedning on your skill level. You succeed, cool, you are invisible. Others may have some way to detect you as some archtypes should. Also - the more you move, the more of a chance you no longer are hidden. Stand still - you are good, no "checks" The distance you travel - the more you move should have a higher risk of coming out of stealth. Moving faster / jumping increases the chance. Magic would be pure time based for the spell duration no matter if you stand still or move around. Still let people detect by normal means. Also - the game will have collision detection - could have it when a stealthed person bumps into a person - they are visible to that person.
  13. From what I have heard in the past, PvE is the most expensive part of a MMO - Crowfall's focus is on PvP with a small PvE element so the costs should not be as great as say a Roller Coaster - quest chain game like WoW.
  14. Septimus

    Druid Archetype

    Druid will probably be my secondary "good guy" character. Druids in MMOs I tend to RP with and do a sort of a "friendly hermit" thing - but don't think that will work too well in Crowfall unless the character is mainly a crafter
  15. As much as it can be frustrating when a name you have used for a long time, and over many games suddenly becomes popular because it starts showing up in books, video games, movies, etc... I think having a lot of characters with the same name kills the reputation aspect of MMORPGs. Crowfall seems like it will have aspects where this is important (crafting items with your name, political parts of the game, etc...) so the fight for "your" name may be worth the extra things gained and preventing confusion. Although, back in UO the Bob vs. Fred wars were hilarious....
  16. UO was my first and it is my gold standard for MMOs - mainly the community there - played on Catskills and the RP community there was fantastic. From there, SB, SWG, City of Villians, WOW, Warhammer Online, Rift, Secret World, SW:toR, GW2, Wildstar Currently not playing anything. I tried Tera but it feels more of the same linerar roller-coaster MMO that I just don't enjoy anymore. Open world / sandbox is where it's at!
  17. I plan to and hope to get with a group / guild that does so as well. My favorite part of UO was the RP community and I long to find that in a MMO again.
  18. An Idea that always rolls around in my head whenever a new game comes out is a type of figher that is heavy on the shield use, to the point that the shield is not just for defense but for attacks. Duel weilding shields with spikes, captain america type throws with a bladed edged shield, and momentum weapons. The momentum weapon would be a chain on the back of the shield (with spikes, blades, or rounded studs for bludgeoning) that allows some mid range with the character swinging it around I think some interesting fighting styles / abilities could be made with the idea and give the shield a use other than upping an armor value or a single shield bash ability that is common in many games.
  19. Open world dungeons would also be fantastic. Much fun was had in UO dungeon crawling - running into an enemy guild and suddenly all hell breaks loose as you are PvPing while Elementals start coming out of the wood works to smash, burn, drown and...tornadofie? those that woke them up.
  20. I like PvE content / mobs when it makes sense for the environment, and serves a purpose more than "go grind these things!" Animals in environments / sizes that make sense -ie: a roaming pack of wolves that will see out sources of food - not 100 wolves standing around the same set of trees "intelligent" mobs (goblins, minotaur, elves etc....) existing in situations that add to the story of the campaign world. Refuge camps, forts that could be captured, guarding a portal that could be used for quick travel, goblin raiders stealing supplies, etc... With Crowfall's ever different campaign worlds, with different rule sets and scenarios and factions - PvE could be used to enhance this as well. idea for a ruleset influenced with PvE: Maybe there is some NPC that can take over people's minds - they are powerful and are more working secretly in the background of the PvP battles. Players (and possibly friendly npcs) that run into them, have a chance to be converted. This creates a new faction thrown into the PvP mix with goals to convert the masses. By Winter it could be a powerful force in it's own right. just things like that to enhance the pvp experience and make the worlds feel more alive beyond a simple PvP battleground.
  21. I am without a guild going into the game, but am always hestiate to commit to a guild long before a game is out. Maybe closer towards beta. Kinda sad, it's fun to have a dedicated group of friends who game jump - I used to be part of a small group, we'd always find a larger guild that fit our mindset. Eventually as the years went on, real life took it's toll and most quit gaming. Would like to find that again, especially since Crowfall seems like it will be strong in community like the MMOs of old
  22. I was on Catskills back in the RP hayday of the Shadowclan Orks, Paladins of Trinsic, Unbound Pirates, The Necropolis and all of the others that made up one of the best RP communities i've ever been a part of in a MMO.
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