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  1. No auto-lock please!


    Even with the wonky movement and lag, I was enjoying the heck out of Confessor and actually having to aim and lead the target.

    I also enjoyed being able to sidestep fireballs being hurled at me.


    It will get better with optimization.  


    Having to aim awards player awareness and skill, and helps in making people think on their feet. Many times playing if I would of gone full combo on someone, it would of missed.  I found myself not having one set rotation at it was great.  


    Target locking awards gear stats and button mashing of the best rotation for that given class.

  2. Playing the Confessor, even with the longer animation locks I didn't feel slowed down.  I think that is because I was at range and may of been because I wasn't going for the third tier combo abilities though.


    Playing the Champion however, I felt the pain of animation locks.  Too many times I felt as if I was waiting to do something.  It started taking me out of combat immersion and got a bit frustrating more than not.


    I feel shorter animation locks, or at least a way to cancel the ability would help. 

  3. Having same connection issue.   Was in a game waiting for it to start, with more than enough people.  When the countdown timer reached the end, it reset after a few seconds and counted down more.  This happened twice before getting "Connection Lost".

    "Return to Login" button did not work for me either - had to close game.  


    Now showing Arkyn server as full and cannot ping Malekai or Gaea

  4. I prefer a mix, but don't like a lot of hard stuns, long stuns or chained hard stuns.

    I like to have control of my character more than not, but a stun as more of an interrupt is fine.


    Some MMOs have full out stun locking with no way out of it - I have been hard stunned in another game for 30 secs before - this is no fun.


    The reaction abilities like the confessor jump back up when getting knocked down are good and don't make it so devastating.  I was more worried about being blinded than getting stunned / knocked down.


    Having both, but having the hard stuns be scarce, or ways out of them, expands the variety in tactics of combat.  Just keep away from having everyone chain stuns on the same target.

  5. As a confessor I looted a book of mana from a mob my team killed.  I opened the character and inventory screens and equipped the book.


    I could then not move or attack at all.  I unequipped the book back into my inventory, but still could not move or attack. Just had to stand there until the hunger washed over me.




    Happened again, without adding / removing any gear.  I opened the player window, looked at skills then closed the window.  Could then not move or attack.  Hit ESC a few times, didn't help.

  6. Hello!

    I am a long time MMOer - started back in UO in the RP community of catskills shard and hopped games from there over the years.  Even though I enjoy RP in my MMORPGs, I realize that's not the way of the games anymore and am more casual about it.  
    I've been lurking on the crowfall forums while waiting for my time for testing (which is soon) and The Lantern Watch seems like a good mix of people with all play styles.
    My best MMO experiences where with guilds who focus more on having fun, building online friendships and helping each other out.  I am not a competitive player by any means, but i'm not afraid of banging into a wall as many times as it takes to find where the crack is.
    I also like that the Lantern Watch is a Crowfall first guild.  I've found that guilds that span over many games tend to loose something overall. 
    So, I hope to find a home and you all seem like a good bunch.
    I just filled out the application and hope you will have me!

  7. I got a stegosaurus recently, her name is Ginger and she is a beast!

    was level 16 when I got her, now shes 24.  She can take out T-rexes and has saved my live multiple times!


    A friend had one of the turtle thing that we thought was killed in a pvp battle, but it was just knocked out.  Found him three days later, half starved but making it on his own.


    It's like pokemon...but with dinosaurs lol

  8. At first I was barely able to connect to any servers at all, but they have patched and fixed the issues and now I have no problems. 

    I get little lag while playing except during combat it's still a bit wonky with mobs rubber banding a bit

    overall though I like it and they seem to be pumping out fixes fairly quickly.

  9. I'm playing currently and am enjoying it.

    At first there were issues getting into the game, but that all seems to be fixed.  It is a pretty game and gathering resources / building does not seem tedious.

    I'm currently level 20 and in a small tribe of 3 - just me and 2 other RL friends.


    We had a fairly large base going, probably too big as it brought attention of a larger group of much higher level people though. 

    We were attacked and beat them off first time around...but then they came back....with a triceratops which busted our walls down.


    Lost a base, but it was all fun and didn't feel to mad about it - already have another one going.

  10. love the idea of mounts being more than just a movement speed boost.

    Mounted combat could work if there were disadvantages as well.
    You are gaining speed, a slight height advantage, a higher jump (depending on the mount) but cannot dodge as well as you are effectivly steering another creature and not just moving yourself (centaurs are a single creature so can react quicker than someone on a horse)


    I could also see something to balance mounted combat is the mount can be hit and take damage as well.  Maybe give it a moral that if hurt enough (or any fear type spells) it could throw off the rider.

  11. Hello,


    Long time MMO player with roots in Ultima Online - Catskills Server.


    I've played a lot of MMOs and normally play a caster / support role as my main.

    I also can get addicted to crafting needing to make all the things!


    I was going to put off looking for a guild until the game dropped, but I think it's time to start as I find myself on the forums more and more lately and getting ever moreso hooked on the idea of Crowfall (I recently upped my backer level).


    As the title says I am looking for something RP friendly, or fully emersed in RP.

    I miss the days when large amount of people actually RPed in RPGs and helped build the story of the world.  I think part of this is due to so many quest rollar coaster games that have your path set in stone.  I have hope for open world games such as Crowfall.


    RP wise I tend to like the bad guys.  Every hero needs a villain after all.



    I have looked through the guild forums and see mainly very large guilds that span over many games.  I tend to shy away from those as my past experience with those sort of guilds is you are just an end to a means and if you aren't in a core clique you never really even get decent conversation with your guild mates.  I'm not interested in that, I like guilds for their social aspect.


    I am in NA - Eastern Standard time, will be playing mainly in the evenings on weekdays after 8pm and anytime on weekends.


    I am in the following alpha/betas:

    Alpha Group 3

    Beta Group 2

    Beta Group 6


    any questions feel free to ask!

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