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    Being nostalgic for UO and SB, raising my spawn, reading, being lazy, cursing a lot.
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  1. Crowfall or bust. If this doesn't pan out I'm done with the genre.
  2. The thread is veering wildly into constraint. I demand a return to implied insults and vague rumors.
  3. mmm packet loss and latency, the multi-boxers friend.
  4. Hmm, Amber looks like a Royal Pokemon. I like the top hat more. *jealous*
  5. The problem as I see it: as far as I'm aware most of us who post on these forums are posting in character essentially. No one knows that MrKiller is actually a shoe clerk, or FluffySnuggles is a VP at Chevron. So many/most of the comments made on these forums are game related, and a lot of the heated discussions are politics (in game) basically. Just to make sure I understand, here's a summary of various moderator statements: -Crowfall is a “throne war simulator”. War. Simulator. Little virtual people fighting each other in a virtual world. -"Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.” -It’s not
  6. I'd like some elements of the UO system. Specifically encumbrance, gathering, and reagents. NPCs do not sell reagents, they must be gathered. Anything other than the most basic reagents are in the campaigns. The best reagents are in the hardest campaigns. To make a potion requires reagents and alchemy skill. Perhaps gathering reagents also requires skill. This would provide a reason to have a gathering/craftsman toon, rather than the FoM skill. Casting a spell takes one or more reagents, the more powerful spells requiring the most/hardest to gather. Bandages can be made, perhaps fr
  7. Tell us more about this strange and magical land where people of all races, creeds and colors live together in peace. Are there unicorns there? Those of us in the segregated flyover states are frightened and confused when confronted by others who don't look like us.
  8. Flying was fun in SB PvP, and would be just as fun in CF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwO4HInFOB0
  9. As much as I spent for my pledge? I'd play if Crowfall was released as a text adventure.
  10. If there is PvE above the random mobs on a map, I'd like to see it related to the PvP directly. What I mean by that is an extension of the castle guards in SB. If you could 'plant' a guard barracks near a resource node your faction controls, or a small keep with ballistas, it would provide some relief from the off hour capturing, provide a means of economic levelling by giving players a place to spend materials or gold in hopes of improving their chances for a bigger end campaign payoff. Heck, as long as a real player somewhere had to pay for or build it, I'm okay with a fair amount of PvE
  11. At this stage in MMOs, anyone who is upset over how poorly made socksty or unplayable an Alpha is will not be a valuable member of that MMO. In Crowfall, if you paid the significant amount of money to qualify for Alpha, and yet expect anything other than to help make a playable game for others, you are dumb. True Alphas are garbage. You'll spend days CTD trying to log in. Your toon will be deleted. You'll fall through the world, get stuck on the steps to a shop for days, be killed by glitched slimes, and at best be able to write a useful report for a dev to fix. MMO Alphas should require y
  12. ITT, players complain about developer lies after discovering if birds are ingame they will glide rather than plummet like rocks. Crowfall indeed!
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