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  1. Had to work, disappointed I missed all the fun. Great Fight.
  2. Yeah totally wasn't expecting the Passive Skills wipe. They need to speed it up like Test. Heh
  3. Can't wait to see what items will be in the store. Glad to know this will occur before Kickerstarter Pledge upgrades go away!!! Allowing Kickstarter backers to purchase one additional Kickstarter package to gift to a friend That is awesome... Will these packages also include the Kickstarter bonuses?
  4. Already in for KS Amber, but have considered upgrading. What I would really like to see before the upgrades go away are some more prices on items. Amber already comes with a Medium Fortification and the Keep in now in the store. Would like to see prices on all the buildings: Estate, Fortification, Keep, Castle, Fortress, Citadel and Palace. In addition to prices on the Tax Free bundles they had mentioned selling. Any chance we will see those in the store BEFORE the Kickstarter upgrades are no longer available?!? Also somewhat odd that I would end up having to pay an extra
  5. From comments on Kickstarter... Creator ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. 10 minutes ago 18k backer reward now for everyone over $30 for making $1.750k! Will make it all official shortly but you heard it here first!
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