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  1. All the solo grinding I did to get Legendary Mining Rune and on the cusp of having Legendary Mining Belt. What a waste of my time... These full Item wipes are killing me. 😬 Seriously no point in running the campaign another 3 weeks, it just died on the vine with this announcement. Roll out 6.4 ASAP. @ACE-Tiggs Would you try to find out if ACE will allow us to sell back KS VIP time again. With all the changes ACE is making to VIP benefits, there is no way I will need 6+ years of VIP. The biggest benefit was for the Dual Passive Training which has now been removed from the game. It would be much appreciated.
  2. Yeah I was hoping it to be something more like Risk as well. Right now the Meta is grab a Keep and build it up. After Keep is built it's don't login often until Forts go live, bring a Zerg and capture it or login Mega Zerg Alliance to Capture\Defend other Keeps. Having an active Zone of Influence that ebbs and flows would certainly keep people more interested and logged into playing more often to not lose their land. Instead of Super Zerg Alliance shows up, takes your one Keep land parcel and you are effectively blocked out from doing anything meaningful in the Campaign. I understand that the Alliance system was intended to help the smaller Clans, but without some sort of Character Limit to how many people can be in an Alliance it's broken. All the Zergs just Allied together making a Super NutCup Zerg Alliance and the small Clans are still out of luck. The Alliance Character Cap should not be 5 times whatever the current Clan Limit is set at, decide on a cap and allow as many Clans or Solo Characters to join said Alliance until Cap is hit. This could be done similar to the same process used to join a Clan via the webpage, once the Cap is hit no one else could join the Alliance until someone leaves or Alliance kicks someone, this would then allow the Solo player to see large scale combat.
  3. So are you going open up selling back VIP, since it really feels gutted now? No way I'll need 6 years of it... And no Advanced Tools until Epic Discipline? That seems too long, feels like that should be on the Rare Discipline, unless those things are going to drop like candy. Since SO many stats are now being tied into Disciplines are you going to change Vessel Mechanics so that you can upgrade an existing Vessel to a higher tier instead of making a new Character or allow Disciplines to be removed without being destroyed???
  4. Had to work, disappointed I missed all the fun. Great Fight.
  5. Yeah totally wasn't expecting the Passive Skills wipe. They need to speed it up like Test. Heh
  6. Can't wait to see what items will be in the store. Glad to know this will occur before Kickerstarter Pledge upgrades go away!!! Allowing Kickstarter backers to purchase one additional Kickstarter package to gift to a friend That is awesome... Will these packages also include the Kickstarter bonuses?
  7. Already in for KS Amber, but have considered upgrading. What I would really like to see before the upgrades go away are some more prices on items. Amber already comes with a Medium Fortification and the Keep in now in the store. Would like to see prices on all the buildings: Estate, Fortification, Keep, Castle, Fortress, Citadel and Palace. In addition to prices on the Tax Free bundles they had mentioned selling. Any chance we will see those in the store BEFORE the Kickstarter upgrades are no longer available?!? Also somewhat odd that I would end up having to pay an extra $25 for shipping the CE when my current level already includes it, but I guess I'll have to eat it if I decide to upgrade.
  8. From comments on Kickstarter... Creator ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. 10 minutes ago 18k backer reward now for everyone over $30 for making $1.750k! Will make it all official shortly but you heard it here first!
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