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  1. You literally said "That is a bit excessive, I shouldn't have to watch a few months worth of QA pod casts in order to find out what is being tested on now and what will be coming. We sure could use someone who handles this type of thing around the community. Seems like direction is a little off, I sit and look at the discord of players sitting with there thumbs up there asses doing random poorly made socks wondering what is going on. News, updates, some sort of guidance other than this subtle hints of what is coming poorly made socks. Roadmap please." Behind or not it looks like you are asking for yourself to me. "Healthy tester pool is important and you fight against that to keep your (wins). Its a shame that common sense and logic is overshadowed by pride. " Where did this come from? How did you get this from anything I have said? If all you have left is broad assumptions about my motives and unjustified character assassinations I'll consider this matter closed.
  2. This should help you get out the gate. Once you get a handle on how the game plays I strongly recommend finding a guild. You can play by yourself but playing with a group will make your life much easier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRLrLX5GfvE
  3. Wow. My retort about getting caught up with game mechanics went right over your head. You wanted to know what direction the game is head and why they are working on what they are working. @PopeUrban response to you that you TL;DR'd was exactly what you were looking for. You responded to only two tiny sections of my response and ignored the rest. Who's being obtuse now?
  4. On the contrary. I am willing to help anyone who wants to learn. You have demonstrated that you are not. As for my reputation I have only recent began posting on the forums and have been chasing after @mandalore's crown. If you had bothered to do any research ( a common problem with you it seems) you'd know that. @PopeUrban has gone out of his way detailing why there will not be a reset for sometime and suggested multiple ways you can get caught up on the games mechanics. You response was basically "TL;DR someone give me cliff notes". People here will point you in the right direction but no one is going hold your hand and take you there. If this concept is uncomfortable to you than you may have a problem in the future. This isn't WoW or GW2. There will be no quest tracker or log book to remind you want to do or spell out where to go.
  5. What part was hard for you to understand @TheMap? I'll try again. Just because you have no idea what's going on and show no desire to figure it out doesn't mean we need to hold your hand and explain it to you. If this concept is hard for you I can't wait to see what you think of the game when it releases.
  6. If you don't want to put the effort in to understand the game, where it is currently, and where it is headed that is your own fault. Many people have been here since the beginning and those of us that couldn't be have kept up with the game since the beginning. Just because you are late to the party doesn't mean you get complain that nobody waited to have fun until you showed up.
  7. I think my keyboard is broken. I just tried to type 11... But two ones won't make it type.
  8. 5! A team building exercise.
  9. You broke it. We needed a 3...
  10. Not really the place for that comment. If you have an issue with them maybe you should try taking it up with them personally.
  11. Whatever you need to tell yourself to fall asleep at night.
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