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  1. It doesn't mesh well with the current fluff of the game to have a blanket faction-restricted races. As it stands, all the "characters" are actually ethereal spirits that inhabit host bodies and do battle on behalf of their gods. You don't actually create a Wood Elf ranger, identity and all, but your spirit takes a Wood Elf ranger corpse and inhabits it to do battle. That said, it could potentially result in a really interesting campaign where each faction had unique restrictions or races or classes, for sure.
  2. Per the recent update, live is no longer being used for testing. The Test server is up and running though.
  3. Many of us existing backers have parcels that we were granted with our pledge packages. How do we know what those parcels will be? Will we possibly have one of these three? Either way, I may want to snag a creek, it looks nice.
  4. I actually totally missed out on the idea of player-made maps in real life. Honestly I'm inclined to say I'd prefer that. Especially giving consideration that unlike previous mapless MMOs, a campaign map will be in constant need of updating to reflect changes in territory and possibly terrain (is destructible terrain still a planned feature?). It'd add another social layer to the game, which is one of the things I'm particularly looking forward to from Crowfall. Community contribution and discussion, instead of the isolation most have become now.
  5. That's reassuring to know. I haven't had the time set aside to really spend time needling through skill trees as much as I'd like. I understand that the current iteration is primarily for testing, but it's still hard to tell what's placeholder and what's staying. So I figure it's best to err on vocalizing support for certain things, particularly what I mentioned earlier - vastly varied weapon loadout possibilities. I was tempted to say the same, but honestly I feel like spears are at odds with what the ranger is supposed to be like. She's, from what I've gathered, much more like a scout, and scouts rely on being fleet on foot and in combat. I feel like spears are at odds with both of those. They're far more cumbersome in both situations. It also feels a bit redundant to have a reach melee weapon as well as ranged weapons. That said, perhaps it'd fit better with one of her promotions? (As I said, I really don't know much about the skill trees yet) Yesssss jojos everywhere! Also, I feel like dual handcrossbows is, at the risk of sounding like a stick in the mud, too far-fetched to be practical. How are you going to load each when your hands are preoccupied?
  6. Honestly all/most sound good. I think dual weapons shouldn't be a thing, but rather individual weapons that archetypes may or may not have use of. Each weapon type can have a unique advantage (base damage, swing time, cooldown increase/decrease, you get the idea). Rapier is already in the game, so why not repurpose it? For example as main hand weapon, and buckler as second hand, or dagger. This opens up varied builds for each archetype. From what I understand this is already in effect for several other archetypes, so it should stand to reason that other ones get this treatment as well. Hell, perhaps even certain skills can be tied to weapon loadouts. So having the offensive/defensive loadout will change a few abilities to be defensive maneuvers. Kinda similar to how Albion Online worked it, perhaps? I'd also like to take a moment to say Rangers need crossbows as an option too. Just sayin'.
  7. Part of my issue with the limit of one general skill is I like to do more than one thing. I really don't want to be pigeonholed to the one skill line I've been leveling. Sure, most days I will really be into crafting and gathering, but some days I'll wanna run around and fight poorly made socks. Even taking into consideration grouping and the other individual factors that contribute, numbers will be a big winner. That being said, I want to be a crafter. I wanna be KNOWN for my crafts. I want to spend hours just EXPIRIMENTING, and learning, and training. I don't want some joe who had a third or second general training slot just passively level it and suddenly churn out gear. Doing this also is a short-sighted answer to the problem, because it severely cuts into the demand of dedicated crafters and gatherers. I dunno if it has yet been suggested, but I think the idea of secondary and tertiary skill training slots with dramatically reduced effectiveness is a better fix. Those of us who want to craft can still train some combat effectiveness or gathering ability, but since it's secondary, we aren't going to hold a candle to those who focus on combat.
  8. This is honestly SUCH a relief. I haven't been checking in on those as much as I'd like, so the bit about no minimap was something I didn't know. I'm glad for the decision, even if their exclusion was for reasons different than mine. Though, on the note of what they were talking about with the world maps, it kinda makes sense (to me) to have cartography be a crafting skill, and maps a crafted and destroyable item that could be filled out by explorers.
  9. Big World gave me what I thought games lost. A feeling of adventure. Let explain. I was a second child, and I didn't get as much PC access as my older brother, so I didn't get to cut my teeth on the older MMOs like Everquest, Shadowbane, or vanilla WoW. My first real MMO was EQOA, and (and much later TBC WoW). Despite how now I know the games were clunky and awkward, and I played them ALL WRONG (I made a Barbarian and played him as DD), the games filled me with a sense of adventure and wonder. EQOA especially; there was no map (There were zone maps you could find online, but I never was really let on the computer)or handholding, so it was this wide world for me to explore and discover. While I usually roll my eyes at people who complain at the wide array of accessibility features and streamlining of obsolete or dated mechanics, there is still something that can't quite be captured with those additions. I've been pretty religiously playing several MMOs since then, and I had all but given up on playing any other game that gave me that feeling of going through a world and actually discovering it, rather than seeing a sprawling, detailed map relating to me every minute detail. My time spent on MMOs has mostly been spent watching minimaps. Playing Big World shook that up entirely. Discovering parts of the map, recognizing terrain and fumbling around cluelessly trying to understand how crafting, gathering, navigating, and fighting worked gave me the sense of adventure I always fondly thought of from EQOA and my early times in WoW. I admit I've been a little afraid of Crowfall falling short of my expectations, but I was absolutely blown away by how fun and engaging just the bare minimum that Big World provided. All the hiccups, issues, and unpolished aspects (like the boars running in place in the bottom of valleys) did nothing to diminish that experience -- so I really cannot help but anticipate release all that more That said, I am quite afraid that as we go further in the pipeline, minimaps and maps will become a regular default feature. While I would still really enjoy the game, being deprived of a minimap would have me relying on my surroundings and engaging with my environment again, and really provide that feeling of exploration, especially as each new campaign brings a new world to explore. I wouldn't be against cartography being a skill, and perhaps maps being crafted and traded, in fact that would still be as fun and just be more room for adventure. Has there been any word on this? I just wanted to come on here and gush about how Big World has been a much needed experience for me, and to express thanks to the devs for delivering it.
  10. So since I backed the KS, the store shows me as being able to purchase the Kickstarter Large Castle, but now that I have it, my inventory shows it as castle 16 Do I have to upgrade my fort to a castle in order for it to be the Kickstarter one? I was hoping to keep my KS fort and have a KS castle on top of it. EDIT: I tried again, because perhaps I accidentally selected 2016. Tried Kickstarter and now it shows up as this Can anyone with a Kickstarter Castle confirm that their inventory shows up as this?
  11. For clarification -- if I decide to redeem it, will I be able to CHOOSE how many months, or will it blow up into all 72 months redeemed at once?
  12. I can't see my abilities with my aspect ratio, and I can't hit a "back" button on settings to apply a change to another resolution. Any ideas or help?
  13. That post is vague -- and it's most likely addressing the Elkin and Guinecian. I don't recall which update it was, but there was an update where (J Todd I think?) talked briefly on where the line stood on certain things, and differentiating between where certain choices are budgetary and lore-related. In it, they explained that, for example, Guinecians wouldn't be able to use bows for lore related reasons -- access to gunpowder -- but other limitations were budgetary. I'm relatively certain that that same post also listed the decision of Assassin being entirely lore-related. Several other places they stated this. When I have more time I'll do some digging to confirm this, because I recall them specifically saying that the Dwarves, Minotaurs, and Fae were limited for lore reasons, not budgetary.
  14. Have to voice my disappointment with this decision. At present, there are four male locked Archetypes, and one (soon no longer) female locked Archetype. I'd be significantly less disappointed if the reason for their initial exclusion was entirely resource-based but, but it wasn't. It was a lore-based locking, as is the case for Dwarves and Minotaurs. You're not going to see my calling for female Dwarves and Minotaurs for this exact reason. Yet enough people ask for a male Assassin, which has a lore explanation for not being there, and they say "Well if you fork over money then we'll do it" It feels gross all over for a lot of reasons. One is because it feels like they'll compromise their vision for the game if there's enough demand/money behind it. Which was kinda the express purpose for them making Crowfall the way it was, and why they decided to look into Kickstarter to initiate the project. Another is because, like I said, there are presently FOUR male-only Archetypes. I would have been plenty happy with just the one female-only, but now even that's being taken away. Hearing about this decision has eroded a significant amount of my faith in this project. =\
  15. Took a break from the forums for a while. Wanted to pop back in after reading this article to put in my input. This update is perfect. It's exactly what this game needs. Levels of choice and variance, with impacts that aren't just an increase in number, but additional layers of strategy and thought put into place. I'm glad this call was made.
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