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  1. <QUESTION> Some kickstarter rewards give crafting bonusses in an EK. Any plans to give other players also the ability to obtain those items? <QUESTION> Plans for sort & stack buttons for chests?
  2. First: Any plan to make a sort and auto-stack button for chests? Second: What are the short-term plans for EK's?
  3. I like to add one: Button to sort and autostack items in a chest
  4. Why I understand the cap I don't think it will work. Guilds will just make multiple alliances with a non-aggression pact to circumvent the limit.
  5. What I don't like about major changes is that you need new major and minor disc's. When you don't have the time due to RL obligations, like me, I hate those major changes. Whether a nerf or a buff, it forces me to grind again to get better disc's. Another thing I like to point out is there is no explaination given for the major changes. I try to invest money and time to play and craft. Atleast explain why some of my previous investment was pointless. This ain't some MMO where you pick new talents and be done with it. When you need to farm gold and disc's for every build it means serious time investment to get better. And I don't want to grind money and disc's.. I want to group up with my guildies and PVP.
  6. I am using this build.. I miss the AOE dmg when farming and some ranged attack. Any ideas?
  7. Hi, I like to suggest an ingame alliance chat. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks Kraahk, I think I understand now. The games speaks of tenants. But it seems I just have to give the right amount of XS tokens to players in order to place the "Vendors/Stall/Chests/working stations". That part was confusing as I was looking for commands to create tenants.
  9. Hi, As a guild we have made an EK. The commands for Nobles and Vassals are clear but how do we make people "Tennant" and give them the ability to place stores and stuff? We can't find any commands for Tennants. Thanks in advance
  10. My wife (in blue) and me can be seen at around 1m57.. we are waving Thanks for the really great evening, free beer, pizza's and the great talks! I made a new friend there, talked 3 hours with him. Thanks @randomcitizen .. can't wait to walk in your EK
  11. Woop woop.. one little question.. can I bring my wife? Or will that be difficult?
  12. Sign me up! I will take the 2.5 hour drive! edit: Don't wait too long to let me know if I made it on the list.. I have to arrange a hotel next
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