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  1. My wife (in blue) and me can be seen at around 1m57.. we are waving Thanks for the really great evening, free beer, pizza's and the great talks! I made a new friend there, talked 3 hours with him. Thanks @randomcitizen .. can't wait to walk in your EK
  2. Woop woop.. one little question.. can I bring my wife? Or will that be difficult?
  3. I really like the whole idea with the 3 factions. One little concern, I think Balance has always the edge, they always outnumber their (current) enemies. But we have to wait and see... The other thing I am training Druid and Ranger, seems I am screwed
  4. Now you have to login on Crowfall, find, kill and loot Pann... get revenge!!
  5. Hi, I always activate 2FA where I can. In most cases I am only asked for my 2FA code when I do something important or I try to login in a new location. Right now the launcher asks for my 2FA code everytime I want to login. Please make the 2FA code smarter, only ask for it when needed. As I also use KeePass to store my huge passwords it becomes a bit of a hassle to login. Thanks in advance
  6. Pann.. this aint an EK announcement.. you lied to me
  7. Well they mentioned that you are able to enable PvP in your EK. Walls are a good way to keep the victims from running away
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