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  1. My wife (in blue) and me can be seen at around 1m57.. we are waving Thanks for the really great evening, free beer, pizza's and the great talks! I made a new friend there, talked 3 hours with him. Thanks @randomcitizen .. can't wait to walk in your EK
  2. Woop woop.. one little question.. can I bring my wife? Or will that be difficult?
  3. Sign me up! I will take the 2.5 hour drive! edit: Don't wait too long to let me know if I made it on the list.. I have to arrange a hotel next
  4. I really like the whole idea with the 3 factions. One little concern, I think Balance has always the edge, they always outnumber their (current) enemies. But we have to wait and see... The other thing I am training Druid and Ranger, seems I am screwed
  5. The whole idea with offline mule alts is easily countered. When people enter the world they need to select a building where their character "sleeps" when they are offline. They can switch building when they are online. When the building is destroyed the inventory is also destroyed. That makes buildings also a nice point of interest that needs to be protected in order to protect any offline player.
  6. I aint calling anything a half product, I just wanted to say that its better to make sure feature are good enough.. But again.. I expressed my opinion about the EK parcels, lets call it a matter of taste then. And the reasons why parcels are the way they are isn't important.. EK parcels are what they are, EK parcels and EK's are non PvP area's. And again.. the devs ask in a big screen to give our opinions so I did.. waiting 1 month before release to expres concerns will be too late..
  7. Well.. if you implement a feature you better make it's good or leave it out... people don't accept half products..
  8. True.. although I am more of a support role guy then a fighter. But I find the environment important, as do you although a bit less then me. There is always a bare minimum what people would accept on the graphics aspect. For Crowfall the EK is an unique selling point, one I also looking forward to. And EK's aren't PvP, although you could enable it for fun, so people (and I) expect other things from the parcels.
  9. All.. As a developer myself I know what pre-alpha, alpha and beta means. Why did I post this topic? The developers ask to post opinions on the forums when you close the game, so I did. Replies like "The game is in Pre-Alpha. Wonderful insight." doens't help Crowfall, in fact I think it is destructive for the development in general. As long as we have constructive discussions between eachother and the developer it will benefit Crowfall in the end! I expressed my opinion about the current parcel size and graphics, I don't know if they are final and I don't care. I hope the Crowfall devs ca
  10. So, Before we all got some testing EK parcels to play around I played with my own parcels.. some farmland, a woodland grove and a shire parcel. In the beginning I didn't know what to think about the parcels. For example the shire parcel doesn't have the perfect flat spot for the fort it came with. But I also had the feeling things feel a bit small compared what I expected based on the store information. While the shire parcel felt "long" enough the "width" feels just too small. With the woodland grove I expected a nice forest but it felt more like some tree growing together, al
  11. Now you have to login on Crowfall, find, kill and loot Pann... get revenge!!
  12. Hi, I always activate 2FA where I can. In most cases I am only asked for my 2FA code when I do something important or I try to login in a new location. Right now the launcher asks for my 2FA code everytime I want to login. Please make the 2FA code smarter, only ask for it when needed. As I also use KeePass to store my huge passwords it becomes a bit of a hassle to login. Thanks in advance
  13. Pann.. this aint an EK announcement.. you lied to me
  14. Well they mentioned that you are able to enable PvP in your EK. Walls are a good way to keep the victims from running away
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