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  1. More like a suggestion of what you can do if there are many.
  2. I am sorry I wasn't clear enough, I meant that this way more Mercenary guild could use it.
  3. Oh someone got what I meant! Great job Gil!
  4. I meant between faction or after/while battles mostly, like cant fight or get attacked for a short period of time or until he delivers a message etc
  5. Messenger, Diplomat discipline ideas?
  6. Rather than giving land to each individual guild wouldn't it be better if you made a big town with a shop for each guild?
  7. Wotaze


    Its a technique its called half swording here you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwuQPfvSSlo
  8. When I say brawl feature I mean punches, throws e.t.c that make your opponent unconscious at most
  9. I want to be able to name my tavern or inn with the name I already decided upon, so I like the idea a lot.
  10. Just a thought , with the virtual reality they are planning and a VoIP some discussion on the table or events can be quite hilarious RP wise.
  11. can we add a brawl feature in this? it was said b4 but proximity voip could be interesting here.
  12. Check the faq... 2. What is the purpose of a Kingdom and why do I want one? Kingdoms are smaller versions of the Campaign worlds – not just social lobbies. You are the Monarch of this world! You can explore, craft, build structures and even fight monsters… but a Kingdom is limited in terms of difficulty and power. All accounts are granted a kingdom at the beginning of the game, but using it is not required (…beyond maybe a tutorial? We haven’t decided yet). We fully expect that some players will prefer to spend the vast majority of their time participating in the Campaign Worlds, and we i
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