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  1. Lots of nutcupping due to not having many people other than China to fight against.
  2. Back when I owned all of Vander's Doom. *le sigh*
  3. Slander


    Compounding failure is just part of the iterative process.
  4. I am very sad that my Female Half-Giant Werebear LOS blocking skills aren't being honored here.
  5. If I always trusted my gut, I would spend a lot more money on beer and my gut would be far bigger than it already is.
  6. Best forumbane player: Protonix Best "Guy who will farm 24/7": Morals Best at being a backstabbing unpleasant person: Thundarr
  7. ^^^This list is crap. Allow me to correct you. 1) China 2) Grammaton Clerics 3) sb.exe 4) Slander aka the fat bear scourge of the test server 5) Agelmar
  8. Xanther was always coming to my island paradise and trying to cyber me.
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