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  1. I had a friend open up energetic harvest and he replaces his Ult with the energetic harvest, and has the reaper minor disc plus two exploration disc and still can't use it. Is there something we are missing?
  2. I don't agree with removing stat caps. Stat caps allow the developers to keep balance without worrying about adding things that are to powerful. To me skill caps allows the dev teams to be more creative. Example they add a random event in the world where the moon turns red for a week and everyone gets 1000 attack power. They can add stuff like that without worrying that the player who managed to get 50,000 attack power will become even more stronger. As for siege windows. The purpose is to stop late night capping which happens all the time in games with no siege windows, and focus huge groups to engage in the sieges, making it a big event, instead of just waiting for the defenders to log off. I played ark for a while and we had a fortress that got attacked. We stayed up very late defending it, and actually won, but we couldn't stay up forever. So they just came back later and destroyed the fort while we were offline. With a siege windows we could have had time to prepare for the next siege. And if the other guild wanted to stop us, they could attack us outside while we gather materials for defense. Siege windows just adds more to the strategy game, then "Hey their a sleep, attack!".
  3. Send and email to support and ask for the name to be changed.
  4. So you are saying the way to win the game is only 3 steps. Step 1 - Wait 60 days for your crafting profession Step 2 - ???????????????????????????????? Step 3 - Beat the PVPers.
  5. There is a difference between skill and waiting. Yes it will take to to get good at pvp. But everyone pvping now will be great when the game releases and is wiped. But crafters are gated behind time. No skill is going to make u a great crafter at release. Image being told u can't pvp for 60 days while u wait for a skill that will allow u to pvp. U instead have to stay in GR. That would suck.
  6. The other problem with waiting to become a certain type of crafter like necromancer, is that if you hate it, you just wasted 2 months for nothing. There needs to be a system to allow for trying out professions like there is for trying out classes. I wanted to play the druid when I first started. But after playing one to 30 I found the cleric more fun. I would hate to vest 2 months in something that I realize I do not like.
  7. You are asking two professions that are suppose to be big part of the game to sit on the sidelines while they wait for the time to expire. Fighters can just get in and level up to 30, and be viable. A crafter can't level to 30 and be anything useful. The fun of being a crafter is the stragegy of it, finding ways to max your bonuses to make the best gear. Spending time getting the mats or finding people to work with to get the mats. Not sitting around waiting for a timer to run out. Games can have churn, and you need constant people to replace the people that leave, if it is a hard barrier to get into crafting then you will start to find the world devoid of crafters which can cause people that rely on the equipment quit in frustration.
  8. I mentioned this in other thread but why can't they just have active progression with passive progression like they have with combat for crafting and exploration. Create talent trees for them and allow people to choose different talents on the tree gear towards crafting or exploration. They can even have specializations in the tree like they have for classes, like blacksmith has armor and weapons. The passive progression can just add bonus on top of the active progression like combat does. Later they can add crafting and exploration powers to the trees, which can help craft. This would help out new players wanted to join and start crafting instead of being behind. Because If I start a year later then everyone else, I cannot catch up in crafting and am useless. But i can compete in combat because of the active progression tree for combat.
  9. Another solution, would be to do a combination of passive and active training when it comes to crafting and exploring. You level up your vessel through crafting just like fighting, and get talent points that you select on crafting trees. With specializations at the end, like in the combat trees. Maybe blacksmith has weapon and armor that splits off and allows you to get bonuses for one or the other. The passive tree can just add general bonuses to all your characters. This way new players can join and compete with seasoned players.
  10. It doesn't take a guild. Me and another player made vessels. Harvest bone, and craft the potion that increase your mineral chance by 25%. Then head to the spider adventure zone and go to town. We were selling ambrosia because we had more then we could use. It was one of my best selling items until i quit in dec. Can't wait to get back into it with new release.
  11. I believe we need a board that at least list all the vendors and which EQ they are located, kinda of how Ever Quest 2 did in the beginning. That way you have a search function to find an item you are looking for without having to log into millions of EQs.
  12. Ok makes sense why I didn't see the extra pip for runemaking.
  13. People say you get an extra experimentation point at the keeps. Do you get it at forts too or just keeps? And is it given in the infected or just campaign world?
  14. I usually go to the book of yaga website to get all the combinations for different recipes but can't reach the site anymore. Is there another place to get the different combinations? I found winterblades but it is just for armor. Looking for other combinations like specialty seals and so forth.
  15. Also how do you use the spare parts like eyes and lungs? Do you need a book drop from the tribes?
  16. I can't remember, but will that bring the color down?
  17. Been experimenting with creating vessels and they have been coming out white even though we use epic parts. How is the color determined on the vessel? Is it the stats? Thanks for any feedback.
  18. I agree with your points about more then 2 sides. I remember Todd talking about an idea in the Dregs where as the game progresses, the guilds have to condense down and there are less and less sides fighting until it gets to the end. Maybe with the 3 faction world they could condense the third losing faction to one of the other factions making it a two faction fight at the end. Not sure if that would be to have them join the losing faction or to split the faction among the two. But it might make the end of the campaign more interesting.
  19. Trying to create a leather skinning armor. I created the specialty seal for skinning but didn't change the leather square stat. Can you only make the armor chest piece with gathering stats?
  20. Thanks Krakken, this helps me to understand the crafting system alot more.
  21. Sorry to keep asking questions but trying to get my head around the crafting. So would rank 1 resource be better then basic or do I wait to use way higher rank like 5 or 8?
  22. Do you need better materials for all or is it just the ore that matters?
  23. Is it worth crafting the top tier rune harvesting tools using non basic materials? I tried a few with non basic and basic and seem the same. Wanted to know if I should stick with basic materials.
  24. Is it worth crafting the top tier rune harvesting tools using non basic materials? I tried a few with non basic and basic and seem the same. Wanted to know if I should stick with basic materials.
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