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  1. Miown

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Years! Well in 3 more hours for me.
  2. Yay! Get my fix in a little sooner than I expected. I'm glad I have a job where my hours are flexible. I hope the client controller will be ready, but I wasn't expecting it till the middle of the month anyhow. It will just be a bonus if you do get it out sooner. Thanks! Happy New Years!
  3. Happy New Years! I'm really looking forward to this year. :)

    1. Kiro


      Happy New Year Miown!

    2. Miown


      Thanks! Same to you, Kiro!

  4. Thanks. And I've read this whole thread and still somehow missed it. I hope the option to change the name will be available at least.
  5. I find this concept intriguing. If I like it or not, I'll find that out when I get to play with it some. There has been a number of times I went into something convinced I would dislike it, just to be pleasantly surprised and actually enjoy the experience. I am curious as well as to which name will be visible... if we even have signs above our head screaming to the world who we are in the final product... Perhaps we will be given a choice as to which name we want shown? Maybe rename the vessel to our crow name if we want the same name or rename it something different if we would rather keep our true self a secret?
  6. Thanks for the video and glad I could contribute a little! I enjoyed watching it.
  7. I remember the catching them in soul gems part but not the trading. I'll be sure to reread again. Thanks for the info.
  8. Since these are found in Campaigns, will they be in groups? Or will it be just one that my fellow guildies have to fight over as to who can capture it first? Will we be able to trade them if I manage to get one whose skills aren't in line with what I'm looking for in a Thrall? I guess we'll see.
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