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  1. So disappointed! Finally had time free time to get some testing in too
  2. Haven't done much testing myself lately, work has been pretty crazy. Was hoping to get in this weekend but now the weekend is almost over. Work sucks!
  3. Quite sad I missed the last activity night, woke up with the worst migraine I've had in probably 5 years. Not very fun.
  4. Had a lot of fun going out with the group. This big world testing really impressed me - I didn't expect them to have so much in the game at this stage. Can't wait to see what they add in next!
  5. So happy with what they showed in the crafting stream. Looks like it has some fantastic depth and good risk/reward. Reignited a lot of my early excitement over the game all over again!
  6. So excited about the Big World testing, can't wait!
  7. Looking forward to it here too, will be my first LG meeting!
  8. Agree with all of you on the storage. I always hated wanting to craft something.. running to the bank picking everything up then running to a crafting station only to realize you forgot something. Frustrating!
  9. Me too! Back when I was... 12? I wanted to edit the code to the Worms and Gorillas games on our school computers. I got hooked and now 19 years later I'm still coding - and now as a full time developer!
  10. As someone who was in favour of the switch I'm very happy to hear this! Great move in my opinion
  11. This would really be awesome. Scouts being able to actually share what they scouted would be fantastic.
  12. This really surprises me as well. I think developers just try to cut corners to get things out as soon as possible but UI customization is so important that it really shouldn't be skipped.
  13. That's gotta feel good. Dealing with bad ping is always frustrating.
  14. I love this too. Dregs is the ruleset that most interests me so I'm quite happy it's what they are starting with.
  15. I didn't either! After I first saw the comment I tracked his signature down and assumed the image changed or something. After seeing your comment I gave it another look and now I can't unsee it.
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