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  1. Give them the option to take one of two pills: A red pill or a blue pill and see if they choose correctly. Once they take either pill and swallow it you start laughing maniacally. When they ask you why you are laughing you say "This isn't the Matrix you idiot! They were both cyanide! This is a PVP-based game, you should know better than to trust anyone! Now you're dead and clearly not worthy of being in my guild!" If they were smart enough not to trust you and take either pill, then they just may be worthy of admittance into your guild after all..... but then you have to be worried about someone that intelligent and their possible plans to overthrow you from your seat of power......dilemmas....dilemmas....
  2. Good point as well and one of the reasons I think you should have to have bought a game or be paying a subscription for a game to be able to post on its forums. Most people who don't own the game or plan to own the game, but for some reason find themselves on that game's forums are generally fall under a couple of categories: 1) A sad, pathetic troll with no life who has nothing better to do than try and incite a response from others and cause them some degree of discomfort to help them feel better about the pain of their own meaningless existence. 2) Someone who is fanboi of a competitor's game who somehow think them badmouthing a game on that game's own forums is going to convince the current players of that game and/or people who want that game to succeed to change their mind and stop supporting that game.
  3. My apologies if that is the case and has already been stated. It was the only reasonable possibility I saw of perhaps ending the issue with which BraveSirRobin was referring, because any information involving IP's is probably spotty at best. Any other possible solutions to this problem, could more than likely be deemed an invasion of privacy depending on the method used to sort these type of people out.
  4. Although it's not a possibility at this point, I think an answer could be that they tie your in-game account to your forum account, akin to something like Battlenet. This wouldn't completely stop people from having multiple accounts and posting from those accounts to agree with themselves, but they would have to spend 40+ dollars per account and that would be a deterrent and for those willing to pony up the 40+ dollars that would mean more income/revenue for ACE.
  5. There are no official dates, but they suspect/hope that the first phase of Alpha will be ready and available to test/play sometime in late Summer (4-5 months from now). The subsequent testing phases (Alpha 2, 3, Beta 1, 2, etc.) will be after that and most likely be opened/available once they feel they have made the appropriate progress/changes/fixes for the previous/current phase and/or as more testers are needed.
  6. So can they do like the monsters in the Critters movie and merge/fuse together to form a giant, super-sized, killer bowling ball version of themselves? Because that would be pretty awesome and a good way to mow down tightly-packed zerg units and/or break down doors/walls to a structure you might be keen on infiltrating.
  7. Or you know, just pay one of your dumb friends five dollars to eat the mayo for you and then pretend it's you when you send the video to the guild recruiter.
  8. As a few others stated I knew what this was before I clicked on it. But as they said some high level photoshopping would have been nice or heck even some children's drawings with crayons.
  9. This is a completely dream campaign/scenario that I know will never, ever happen due to many reasons out of the devs and other players control, even if there was a high demand for such a thing. I’m bored though and want to see my idea in writing (could have easily been suggested before) and see if anyone else might like the sound of it. A completely open, sandbox, Free-For-All campaign and I mean completely Free-For-All. There are no pre-formed guilds, no pre-planned alliances or anything of that nature going into the campaign that would initially bind one character or group of characters to another. Every single person is thrown into the world at a completely random location with the fog of war enabled. Only in-game communication is allowed, there is no communication outside of the game (Teamspeak/Ventrillo, forum posting, etc.) period. From the very moment you enter the world you are surrounded by people you don't know. You are forced to make alliances in-game, even at the most basic level (i.e. grouping) with those same people, if you want to survive. But can you trust any of them? What's to stop them from betraying and killing you the moment it's opportune for them to do so and take all of your belongings? You don’t really have a choice though…. If you're lucky enough to survive early on and make enough friends/allies/acquaintances (who haven't stabbed you in the back yet) you may just manage to rally those individuals together to form a guild with the common interest of self-preservation and the desire for greater glory or you know, vast amounts of wealth/loot (probably more likely). If you and your newly found guildmates are able to stay loyal to one another long enough, you may just manage to take over a strategic point of interest or two. With that obviously comes new power and influence. With that new power and influence more people will be drawn to join you for hopes of glory on the battlefield or for the desire to share in the spoils of war. Other guilds/alliances will take notice though and you will be forced to decide whether to take them on head-to-head or perhaps risk an alliance in an effort to gain more power and influence in your quest for global domination. All the while The Hunger grows and grows and further complicates matters….. I realize this might not sound intriguing to some people, and maybe even not so different from a plethora of other possible campaign scenarios and the concept of Crowfall in general, but this is my ultimate dream. You are not playing with or allowed to communicate with the guildmates who you have played countless games with and known for years or with friends and family you have known for your entire lifetime, whom you are certain you can trust. You are playing with others, just like you, who have been thrown into a world where everything is uncertain and everyone initially is a stranger. You are completely immersed inside the game world with no outside communication, knowledge etc. and must learn/decide everything solely inside of the game. Even if you manage to climb the politic/social/power ladder as some of my previous paragraphs detailed, unlike other scenarios, you will never be certain of who is behind the character you see in-game and if you can really trust them and that’s what makes this scenario truly intriguing. You are always looking behind your back and sleeping with one eye open….. As I initially said, obviously this could never really happen because there is no way to stop people from communicating outside of an MMORPG and finding their friends/guildmates in game. Even if someone went through the trouble to make such a scenario, everyone would have to be on the honor system and agree not to “cheat” and let’s be honest, just as in everyday society, there are some very dishonorable people who play MMORPGs and would obviously cheat. However if I somehow ever won one of the gigantic lottery drawings here in the US ($100,000,000+), I could see myself using some of those winnings to build/buy a complex capable of housing hundreds of computers/players at the same time and try and make this scenario a reality. Obviously there would have to be cameras/microphones put in place to guarantee there wasn’t game-related communications outside of the game and cheating in general. People would have to sign waivers and what not for legal reasons too and other precautions/security measures would have to be put in place as well to ensure the integrity of the game/scenario stays intact. Yes, I realize I’m starting to sound crazy at this point and you might be picturing some random guy wearing a tinfoil hat while he types this, so I’ll leave it at that. But I am curious if anyone else might find this idea intriguing at all. But I like the idea of your post, since we have months to think about things of this nature and the possibilities. I will try and reply later with an actual realistic campaign/scenario when I have more time.
  10. Basically not posting anything that hasn't been said a dozen times already, but I totally agree with the consensus here. These devs seem down to earth, upfront and honest. They truly seem to have the fans/players best interests/wishes in mind and are willing to listen. They have some really good, fresh ideas that can hopefully breath new life into the MMORPG genre, if they are able to deliver upon them. They do indeed seem very classy as the title suggests.
  11. QFT Yeah I've been trying to give the OP the benefit of the doubt and a chance to redeem himself and also hoping this post would die sooner than later (I realize me posting and bumping it back to the top of the list isn't helping), but from the get-go I've felt that this is a "look at me thread". First it was the original post that was kind of bragging about his skills of being a multi-boxer with a somewhat combative I dare you to think differently tone. Then he posts a picture of his super-awesome multi-box setup, which I'm not denying looks pretty cool, but again feels like another attempt/excuse to show off. After that he posts a picture of his Paypal statement showing how rich/awesome he is because he's able to drop thousands of dollars on a bunch of KS accounts. But I'm with you Ozzie Mozzie. I'm here to enjoy the game with other people and not be an army unto myself. No one should have/need to play more than one account to enjoy a game if they're doing it right and for the right reasons. Anyone who thinks they need to play more than one account, especially 10-20 like he was referencing in one of his previous posts is either A) Treating the game like a business, which should never be the case with a game, because games are meant to be fun and not a job and/or Trying to be an army unto themselves and using the benefits of extra accounts/money/resources to gain an advantage and "beat" everyone else and draw attention to themselves because they desperately desire said attention to stroke their egos with their "little man" syndrome. This topic is now 9 pages long and I'm pretty sure the OP is responsible for at least 2-3 of those pages because he tries to respond as often as he can, so that the post stays on the first page and never leaves it, so that again more and more attention can be brought to him. But seriously though, I wish this thread would die already. I hope I don't post in it again like a fool to draw even more attention to it, but I'm not giving myself that much credit.
  12. This! I am also very sick of kill counts, kill to death ratios, and things of that nature being glamorized in other games as well. I don't want people who have a superiority/god complex and "Me" mentality being encouraged to be the douchebags they naturally are and showing up on some kind of leaderboard somewhere. Those type of people kill my enjoyment of games like this. Not because I'm a crappy player or that they are necessarily better than me, but it just doesn't encourage teamwork, cooperation or community-building. I want to see tactics and strategies being rewarded and as Kell said have every player be a chess piece and part of a larger group/goal and only the guilds/groups get the glory and not the individual.
  13. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. There is totally going to be a PvE Campaign. Once the game starts, I will gladly show Burdock how to access it. He will of course have to come visit my Eternal Kingdom, which just happens to be PVP-enabled, FFA-Loot, 100% loot , for me to be able to show him.
  14. Obviously it depends on your time zone, but it wasn't until past midnight here (EST) when they hit the 1.7m mark. There could be a multitude of reasons they didn't update the KS goal. Honestly I doubt they/we reach the 18k goal (Stoneborn relic) at this point and/or the 1.8mil mark seeing as how the vast majority of their backers or potential backers (North America) are probably fast asleep in their beds and won't be awake by the deadline. Also as someone said, there's the possibility that some of these backers pledges might not actually go through, so they may be waiting to clear the 1.7m mark by a significant margin before they add new goals or acknowledge that one has been cleared. Personally I don't care if they add anymore goals, all the ones I was really concerned about have been reached already. I'm really glad they have cleared the original goal (800k) by a significant margin (more than double that, almost more than 1 million for what they were asking). That gives me increased confidence they can keep this project funded longer and without further outside investment needed and make a quality game.
  15. I doubt you read the entirety of my previous post, since it was about 10 paragraphs long and you responded about a minute after I posted it, and just quoted the TLDR part, but to respond to you statement, even if it's somewhat off topic and not really the point I was trying to make: Perhaps that is true for some people/cases, but the purpose of an MMORPG and goal/hope of most developers is for players to be able immerse themselves into it and have fun. I know MMORPG's are a pleasant escape from reality for some people, they surely were for me in high school and part of college and helped me get through those years with my sanity intact. That being said I have a pretty awesome life outside of the virtual world IMO these days, but I still thoroughly enjoy playing (quality) MMORPGs. If I wanted to just play a game for fun I could pick up any number of games lying around my house and grab a controller and have fun. Its the character development over time and immersion aspect of MMORPGs that I enjoy. I have never understood why people play MMORPGs if they aren't going to at least make some feeble attempt to immerse themselves into the game and become their character and a part of the community. As is the case with nearly all multi-boxers IMO, who just use an MMORPG as a platform to try and be the "most awesome" player, king of the mountain, alpha male, so they can show off to everyone else and/or be listed on some leaderboard or forum post somewhere to confirm what their already delusional minds tell them, which is they are god's gift to humanity and should be worshipped by all of us lesser beings.
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