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  1. derg DERG derg derg derg dERG DERGS DERG DERGS HALP
  2. It's so unfortunate now that Ble cannot beg for forgiveness anymore. a shame your guild can't hide on EU to farm anymore eh?
  3. Please be aware, ACE is extending the Trial of Valkyn by two days for testing purposes. The Trial will now end on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 9AM CDT/3PM CET for both NA and EU campaigns. Your participation in testing is a valuable part of the development process, and we appreciate your discussion and feedback. Thank you! https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/trial-of-valkyn-announcement
  4. I'm agreeing with you guys, boring as all hell standing in circles. But I don't think this is a good solution
  5. COME ONE COME ALL. We recently opened our city, prices are fair. Enjoy. DUST + VESSELS + ARMOR + YOU NAME IT FOR SALE Edit: we also have all crafting stations located next to each other
  6. Message me in game tomorrow
  7. 1 Free vessel for Belihal, PM ME in game, also free blacksmith gear as well
  8. You know Zybak...I was really expecting more
  9. I'm down but you might need subs for matches and the tournies might have to spread out to find good match times... also no swapping discs during combat
  10. lmfao literally you have no ideas how many forts capped the past 4 campaigns have been literally only me - probably the most of any player in pre-alpha. your suggestions, while decent, ignore the underlying issue. Chaos is custarded. It's not a lack of leadership it's an entire lack of PEOPLE. DOMINATE YOUR ZONE LOL I SEE 2 CHAOS MEMBERS ALL DAY AND EVERY BATTLE I GET IN IS 1V10. Either chaos is not playing or you guys hide in the temple. Your assumptions disgust me.
  11. we done son - I'm disowning you
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