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  1. It's so unfortunate now that Ble cannot beg for forgiveness anymore. a shame your guild can't hide on EU to farm anymore eh?
  2. Please be aware, ACE is extending the Trial of Valkyn by two days for testing purposes. The Trial will now end on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 9AM CDT/3PM CET for both NA and EU campaigns. Your participation in testing is a valuable part of the development process, and we appreciate your discussion and feedback. Thank you! https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/trial-of-valkyn-announcement
  3. I'm agreeing with you guys, boring as all hell standing in circles. But I don't think this is a good solution
  4. COME ONE COME ALL. We recently opened our city, prices are fair. Enjoy. DUST + VESSELS + ARMOR + YOU NAME IT FOR SALE Edit: we also have all crafting stations located next to each other
  5. Message me in game tomorrow
  6. The fact of the matter is they're afraid that people will play this game and beat them. To them winning at a half baked game is more important than having real enemies.
  7. 1 Free vessel for Belihal, PM ME in game, also free blacksmith gear as well
  8. There's a reason he answered only the questions he chose to answer
  9. Haha I admire your post, very well done. I am the sheep then. I hope to see you in game.
  10. Mad props to KDS ❤️
  11. Lmfao, if nobody said anything nothing would ever change. Brilliant sheep right here guys perfect fit for balance
  12. Well at least we have this meme, which is awesome
  13. #1 Strategy - Kill everyone until they quit playing - Prealpha #1 NOW
  14. To each their own, I see it raining storms
  15. Indeed, a curious blend of sympathy for my fellow players and pretending to be good? So you don't care that this game has a player base?
  16. I hope you continue your stomp fest of all the new under geared players. We'll find you in the dregs, don't worry
  17. I'm disappointed because the devs favor all the players that have been here since launch yet the only way to make the game grow is to favor newer players. Just some thoughts, if you want the dregs to live maybe you might need to up their funding
  18. Just cross the finger it doesn't continue
  19. I wonder if they all asked themselves how they could make their game die and then came up with the answer
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