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Posts posted by Fade

  1. 16 hours ago, Ble said:

    If there’s no pvp it’s not the fault of GR... that is, unless, you consider acceptable PvP to be against players who can’t or don’t know how to fight back.  We already have 1 @ZYBAK , seats taken.


    Reach out for actual pvp.  We’ll set it up however you want.

    It's so unfortunate now that Ble cannot beg for forgiveness anymore.  a shame your guild can't hide on  EU to farm anymore eh?

  2. Please be aware, ACE is extending the Trial of Valkyn by two days for testing purposes. The Trial will now end on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 9AM CDT/3PM CET for both NA and EU campaigns. Your participation in testing is a valuable part of the development process, and we appreciate your discussion and feedback. Thank you!



  3. 46 minutes ago, Shiner said:

    Why do you keep trying to change the subject matter and deflect..Dregs is Dregs, this is not. What part of this do you need help in understanding?

    Please don't hide behind poor quantifies such as 'curious'! - We can see right through this as deflecting and an inability to admit you've caused an issue here. (God forbid, apologise for it)

    This is truly a signal that you admit there is an issue you cannot deal with here. 

    Feeling the pressure of community backlash at this fiasco I think, brought on by your silly attics.

    Not forgetting, the sentiment placing you under pressure is only from the people that are akin to posting and not afraid of being targeted back at and can hold a line of opinion without being dragged into some clouded other topic in order to cloud and confuse opinion....but keep trying...LOL. 

    I'd can only guess the amount of disappointment (that you've caused as a guild) that doesn't even make it into forums (voiced), is a FAR greater than you could even imagine.

    I cannot see where you are promoting CF positively in words or actions.

    In-fact a poor experience during pre-alpha, can ultimately destroy CF financially. Look a bit further past the gold shiny.  

    People will experience what you are and have implemented here, and move on. You don't need a lot of forethought to see this.

    Shame on you and your guild hierarchy. Shame, Shame Shame.


    There's a reason he answered only the questions he chose to answer

  4. 3 minutes ago, Samulus said:

    I believe you may have used a double negative there... Punctuation is your most potent friend assuming you don't want to ratify your grammatical issues. 

    I hate to post the above line, because it detracts and opens to people crying about "ad hominem attacks", but in this instance I feel like it represents an overall issue: Poignantly put, I believe you are the sheep, Fade. You seem to be the one that can't manage your emotions or expectations in this, which is usually an attribute one associates with fluffy mammals that can't think outside of their own boxes. 

    We live in an age in which people can easily insulate themselves from opposing opinions... This thread doesn't fit into that dynamic, so take advantage of it and read back from page one. There are many people that disagree, how about you reflect and challenge their thoughts? Otherwise, you are being a sheep by ignoring your surroundings.

    Haha I admire your post, very well done. I am the sheep then. I hope to see you in game.

  5. 8 hours ago, Frykka said:

    Silly Rabbit, games die after an actual launch,.not when testing mechanics in a pre-alpha state.

    Get a grip...   faction play won't be the primary game.   Class balance will be done in Beta after all classes (Frostweaver) have been added.   How can you possibly complain like this during testing, are you that ignorant of game development?

    Crowfall® has not yet launched and is currently in pre-alpha testing. The game is still in development with new skills, features, and content coming online regularly.

    Are your expectations that content and mechanics are magically working, balanced and bug free when added? really?

    Lmfao, if nobody said anything nothing would ever change. Brilliant sheep right here guys perfect fit for balance

  6. 1 minute ago, Nytefury said:

    I don't necessarily disagree but it's definitely amusing the person making the point probably gather ganks about 50 newbs a day, "really encouraging all the new people to play" haha. 👍

    Lol I was having fun with you today, but TBH play on another faction and see how often you get ganked, then rethink what you just said


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