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  1. I'm really happy that the only thread that I've made on this forum has sparked such great discussion. It'll be really interesting to see how the mechanics could play out now that Vessels are a resource and different classes can be swapped in to at will. (assuming you've had some crafted.)
  2. I actually will only be running the one account... is there any advantage to running multiple accounts?
  3. I'm pretty certain that the devs plan on restricting it to one character per campaign so I think that would take care of that problem. I think it'd be neat to have them as effective late game nukes that are only so so for the early game. Give some strategy to the role that's being picked as well. I wonder if they'd have higher hunger in the summer? Or just be ineffective with their magics. Either way it seems like an interesting class.
  4. Anyone wonder if the Frost weaver will be getting an environmental bonus to their power as the game wears on? Perhaps becoming a strong late game nuke with reduced cold debuff? Was just musing about it the other day...
  5. Man these point of interest mechanics are getting me all excited. Hope the graveyards play a role but i'm sure that binding to one of your choosing would be better.
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