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  1. MMOFPS? as far as I know the game is third person over the shoulder? And I didnt say I wanted raids, just other curious if there was other activites other than PvP. No reason to be snippy about answering me (Ty for the 5$?)
  2. No dungeons or quests or auction house is 100% fine for me. I suppose I didn't really mean I wanted traditional Endgame PvE. I am more looking for other activites outside of straight up PvP. Like in Star Wars Galaxies I remember being a Politician/Architect and I could be a mayor and make my own buildings! I know that the Eternal Kingdoms is more of a lang parcel and you drop specific buildings type thing. I'm just a bit worried there won't be much for something like me who doesn't normally focus on PvP, hmm
  3. Hey all! So I had originally tossed 5$ bucks down on the Crowfall kickerstarer originally because it seemed cool and then I sort of forgot about it. Well lately literally no MMO has interested me and I started reading about Crowfall again and I had a couple questions. I come from games like Ultima Online and World of Wacraft, 2 fastly different games. One a PvP/PvE sandbox and other a PvE Themepark. Which catagory would you Crowfall fits into with the current information out there? Would this be considered a Sandbox MMO? Piggybacking off the previous question, I am a little worried there is almost no PvE content. As someone who looks to endgame to kill big bosses, it kind of makes me a little sad that the main focus appears to be PvP. Is this true? As an example I love the way EVE Online works. I can literally be a miner and mine my way to a ton of credits and buy cooler ships, I wonder if there will be a non-PvP endgame to Crowfall? Sorry if these questions are answered, I checked out the FAQ section and read a few information posts but I haven't really found the answers to these. Anyone have any insight?
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