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  1. Which still doesn't give a lot to work with. The closest I can come up with are DaoC and Warhammer Online as games that feature sieges and fun large scale PvP. (I actually gave them a 20% likeness or so, the highest of all) Next would be Eve Online and Ultima Online, both as player driven games where loss is something permanent, PvP is a constant danger and delicious loot you steal from your victims. That is about as much as they have in common (I gave them 5% or so). The rest has lower percentages then that.
  2. The survey was weird towards the end. I have no friggin' idea how I am supposed to rate how much DaoC, Ultima Online, Eve Online, Mabinogi: Heroes (Vindictus), Warhammer Online and Guild Wars 1 are like each other, except for "they are all games and online". Or how much they are like crowfall, which is an even weirder question considering we have not yet had any chance to play, see or even make a good guess at the completed game, so answering that question doesn't make any sense at all. Except for those weird rating questions the survey itself was rather good and fun to answer.
  3. Assassine is gut, gefällt mir persönlich besser als Meuchler(in)
  4. The best thing about vanilla and BC era WoW-PvP was how easy it was to break. I have very fond memories of playing a protection paladin in alterac valley and reflecting more damage onto my attacker on each block then the average level 60 rogue had as total health. I think I made it to military rank 8 or 9 in vanilla without ever really attacking anybody. In BC with abusing druid tank gear, a very weird talent allocation and dodge trinkets you could create rogues that were actually the next best thing to permanently immune to physical damage. Good times.
  5. In einem Newsletter von Star Citizen hatte Chris Roberts Werbung für euren Kickstarter gemacht -> angeschaut und eingestiegen. Vorher gespielt: Ultima Online 4 Jahre Ragnarok Online 4 Jahre DAoC 3 oder 4 Jahre EVE Online 7 Jahre Plus noch ein paar dutzend andere mit weniger Spielzeit.
  6. Lol, watch me flailing at the empty air at the end, looking like a moron. Not my best moment I guess. Still, well played. You got all 3 of us.
  7. DFDelta

    Books (fantasy)

    For some reason I really, really enjoyed The Wheel of Time (actually gone over the entire series of doorstoppers 3 or 4 times), despite Jordans clothing fetish and sometimes weird style of writing, and also despite the fact that about 80% of the cast are really punchworthy douchenozzles. And then there is Egwene, one of the most punchable characters in literature history. Also liked Trudi Canavans "Kyralia series", especially the magic system she used in them with mages casting spells essentially from hit points and turning into pocket nukes when killed (or not so "pocket" if the mage in question was powerful enough).
  8. It is actually not that large. It seems slightly longer then the size of a longsword (around 110cm blade, 25cm hilt), which is mostly used as a two handed sword but can be wielded one-handed (though it is a gripe to swing around that way. Believe me, I tried. But then again, I'm no trained fencer either). The blade looks a bit broader and thicker then it would be in real life (at least from the videos I watched), but I'd file that under rule of cool and I'm perfectly fine with it. At least it is not the lenght of a Zweihänder or polish estoc or something JRPGs and anime come up with. And I agree with the others, I really dig the sheath.
  9. One of my favorite videos from the best fps ever created by man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7RstH423lw
  10. Friendly fire and player collisions are things that are greatly beneficial to the smaller groups. Friendly fire is already a fairly large advantage for smaller (and especially higher skilled) groups, for rather obvious reasons I'd say. Collision will also be an advantage to the more mobile group, let alone that you can't cram an unlimited number of players into a defensive position without them getting into each others way. Lack of firehose healing is another good thing. You (hopefully) can't simply spam enough AoE heals to turn your zerg invincible to anything that is not a one-hit (I've seen that tactic used in other games). I don't think we'll ever see someone beat 10 to 1 odds, but 5 to 1 should be something doable if there really is a skill discrepancy between the more elite smaller group and a mindless zerg. Massive zerg guilds might be discouraged by the game design itself, at least in the more freeform game modes. There is just not much to gain for individual players at the end of a campaign if you have to spread the victory spoils around between 20% of the campaigns total population. If you claim and hold a sizeable part of the game world by the mass of your guild/alliance alone in EVE or ArcheAge you gain a permanent advantage over the others, so zerg guilds are good for the individual players inside them. In Crowfall all it would do is make you spread around (and possibly lower) the stuff you earn at the end of the campaign. And in the team/faction based rulesets this would be a rather small problem anyways.
  11. Crowfall (duh) for my PvP itch. Star Citizen for spresskraft pewpew. Tree of Savior because I loved Ragnarok Online back in 2003-2007 and it basically is what RO2 should have been. Everquest Next for my more classical MMORPG needs. ...thats about it. Also following Camelot Unchained and Shroud of the Avatar, but they have not really convinced me yet.
  12. Hard CCs, like stuns, sleep, knockdowns or whatever else they have been called over the years, basically everything which turns a player into a spectator, should be rare and very short (think one second maximum). There is (almost) nothing more annoying then being forced to watch the game you're supposed to be playing. Microstuns (very short stuns, like 0.1 seconds, but applied very fast or often) get a similar treatment, because while they are easier to play against then normal stuns they often manage to be even more annoying. CCs that only remove part of your abilities are better, but should still be kept somewhat rare. Silence and disarms at least let you keep fighting back with a limited palette of skills and snares let you keep your bite while turning you into an unmoving target. They are still highly intrusive to gameplay but at least you can still do something. They can be fun as long as cost and effect and their availability are well enough balanced. The best kind of CCs are the ones that limit a players options somewhat, but do not outright forbid anything. Slows, to movement as well as attack and casting, are good tools. Skills that slow enemy cooldowns for a while but still let them cast anything are good tools. Tethers that limit a players movement to a small area (or the vicinity of another player) are vastly preferable to snares. "Punishment" skills are also good, "if you do x then y happens" like for example guild wars Mesmers and their backfire (if enemy casts a spell he takes x damage). Knockbacks and pulls can also be fun to play with (and against), as can other "unwanted movement"-effects (e.g. ice, altered gravity) if they're well done. I'm also no friend of diminishing returns or even outright immunity on CC. They feel like a band-aid made of bad game design slapped on gaping wounds caused by even worse decisions. There are other things you can do to "fix" CC. Limiting the availability of the worst offenders is a big one. Protective buffs are another. For example why not give a spell to druids and some templer subtype that prevents nearby friendlies from being CC'd? I'd prefer that fighting enemy CCs be something proactive first, reactive second and something passive that happens on its own a far, far away on third place. bahamutkaiser also had a good point with making CC context sensitive, with their effects depending on target archetype, his stamina and so on. It would create a rather unique dynamic.
  13. Yeah, we were thinking about doing the same thing. Sadly there are way too many people near us whom we don't want to get hurt by our wandering dinos. There are a bunch of independents at the rivers around our cave that we have various agreements with (basically no looting each other and warning each other if someone sees anything that looks like a foreign war party) and the coast near the 89/36 water cave holds several forts and dino pens of our spanish friends who supply us with oil and pearls while we drown them in metal and crystals. Having those supply runs stop because of an accident would be... unfortunate. But as soon as Ark gets tribe diplomacy and the option to set other tribes to friendly or neutral we're gonna open the gates and unleash our army of Dilos on the local fauna. It will be like the pleague of biblical locusts, just with spitting lizard-thingies. I can already hear the cries of the defenseless solo players.
  14. Wandering + aggressive is a hilarious combination. We have had something similar happen to us once, only with raptors. We live inside the cave at 68/56 and have a bunch of lv50+ raptors on wandering and aggressive inside, so that anybody who breaks the outer metal gates gets a facefull of angry snarling dino. One day someone forgot to close them after returning from an expedition and while everyone was busy inside processing the materials he brought back a few of the raptors wandered out there slaughtering everything. By the time we realized the "Sawa killed ..." and "Rawa killed ..." messages couldn't be one of us out there hunting with them because all of us were inside the main hall they were already inside the forests and hidden from sight. By the time we found them again they had wandered up into the northern mountains happiely munching on saberkitties.
  15. Yeah, the missing caps on characters/dinos make for hilarious "balance". It works fine that way in low levels, but once you get past 30 it braks so hard... My brother has put every single point into movement speed and he is so fast now that he can move from the southwest corner of the island to the northwest one in less then a minute. He also can't move further inland because slightly bumpier terrain then the beach makes him fly into the air and die on impact. Makes for a hilariously OP sniper though. The frenchies on our server had an "unkillable" (it was actually named that) lv 50+ ankylo which took well over a dozen or so grenades to take down. We really crapped our pants because of that thing. Probably had more HP then all the walls of a small building combined. In other news, we have finally tamed our first boa. Only took 20 or tries. Punching something until it falls over (without killing it) is kinda hard if almost every one in your tribe has something like 130% melee damage. And then you have to punch it some more to keep it sleeping. Sadly it got eaten 20 minutes later by our spanish allies who forgot to turn their T-Rekt (yes, that is its name. It is also a high level Carno. No, I have no idea why.) passive when they visited with fresh supplies from the coast. Rider gets off, T-Rekt goes "nomnom snake". They gave us the pearls for half the usual payment in crystals for that. I'm not even mad.
  16. Well, not hitting your allies with your AoE effects and correct placement of long time area effects is what I'd consider "basics of character handling". If someone keeps hitting more allies then enemies he is doing something wrong and should rethink his career plans
  17. (I hate doubleposting, but whatevers) The local frenchmen on our server have snuck in at night and killed all our dilos, they even killed my favorite pet dodo Nugget the IV which was on passive in the dilo court. Strangely they have ignored the carno stables and both air hangars. In return we have leveled (as in, destroyed the foundation) their dodo egg farm, killed their dodos and placed a metal sign where it used to stand reading "Remember le Nugget". We have also dragged a guy who was sleeping with the dodos off and locked him into a hastiely built 1x1 "house" on the other side of the hill. Naked and force fed full of narcotics. We also got visited by a pair of russians who hate our guts ever since we allegedly stole a raptor saddle from them and filled their inventories with poop after we allegedly shot them into a coma with tranq arrows (while they were distracted by taming a raptor). I have no idea why they would think something like that of us. Someone who might or might not look like us tranq'd them and ditched them into the nearby river while they were hitting our walls with their hand tools. One of them might have drowned while several people watched, not that we'd know. And while out hunting hobos new players near our base I found a pink female dodo. Named her Nugget the V and locked her into the central bedroom (that came out weird). I love this game so much.
  18. Only bought Valkyria Chronicles yet. Already had everything else that was interesting and on sale. (I actually have VC on PS3 already, but the PC version has the DLCs, too, which I lack on the Pony Slaystation, so I got it anyways.)
  19. Yup. All explosives need a nerf in my opinion. They are generally too easy to craft for how effective they are. Heck, I think they could completely remove them from the crafting system and make them rare drops from purple or higher beacons. While I appreciate it being able to blow through several walls and completely empty a whole base in 5 minutes flat, I also think it somewhat takes the fun out of things. They're fine on hardcore servers because they need a high level to craft, but on the servers without permadeath we will soon be flooded by armies of explosives spamming raiders and any kind of permanent base will be impossible. It is actually rather polished. After Rust, DayZ and Reign of Kings I actually didn't excpect much going in (I mostly bought it because of peer pressure), but I was surprised rather positively. The UI is fugly but functional and the only other things that really feel like EA are the lag and the horrible framerate many people get. If they fix those 2 and a half points they're as good as most "released" games you'd get nowadays.
  20. I'm playing with a group of friends on one of the EU servers. We have a rather large fort that has a "Dilo-Gate", labeled as such with a billboard right next to it, on one of the sides. It is a behemoth gate with nothing except a small courtyard filled with around 15 angry high-level Dilos. We are haveing a lot of fun with that thing. Yesterday evening we were hunting hobos naked players near our fort with tranq arrows, dragged them in front of the gate, fed them some stimberries and told them in the voice chat that we hoped they could run fast, because "we will release the Dilos!". Which we then did. And we laughed. 10/10
  21. Star shaped forts are awesome and very useful. That design looks more interesting then the usualy "simple" block, not to mention it is much easier to defend since firing arcs for the defenders are much better. My birthplace used to be a city sized version of it a few hundred years back. (Just for a reference, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to walk from the southern gate to the center of the top star.)
  22. First promotion focuses on heavy ranged fire based nukes. The classic big fireballs and burnination DoT effects. The second one should focus on battlefield control. Flaming walls, area of effect spells, mass knockback fire waves. Probably even limited support, a channeled spell that makes a friendly burst into flames and deal damage oder time to his surroundings would be hilarious.
  23. Agreeing with the light cavalry/heavy cavalry. One promotion that increases mobility and focuses on throwing weapons, with lances as backup. Throwing spears would also fit with the theme considering of how fond the early romans were of their pila. Make them shorter ranged, somewhere half between "real" archery and melee weapons with a bonus against heavy armor or armor piercing effects. The second one would be heavy cavalry that focuses on melee with polearm type weapons or (limited) sword and board.
  24. More importantly HOW do you expect a Minotaur to dodge your hits?
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