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  1. i have 2FA on my account my but got a new phone how do i reset the 2FA because my new phone has no Crowfall code. Any info is welcome
  2. Maybe more like 3 hours day/night 90 mins each but then spring and fall are 90 mins day and 90 mins night then summer is 120 mins day and 60 mins night and winter is 60 mins day and 120 mins night.
  3. Remove them let be like Tera so player skill will make the difference in a good player and a great player and give players a reason to get beter and beter because of the high skill cap it has. Maybe very strong nukes you get a brief warning that its comming.
  4. Thanks Zinnie, I just saw it as a sort of side quest of your character progression more a way to see your charcacter go veteran in the long run.
  5. Achievements system to stick with the same character to get your character beter and show off what you all did and succeeded at. I mean with get your character beter i more a way what Accolades where in City of heroes and villains when you get x number achievements done you get a small bonus. For exsample : achievement, Hard to kill: you are hard to kill you have been killed 1000 times and yet you still standing. (beter discription that fits CF) achievement, Never give up!: You failed campains 100 times but you never give up. and some more only for the idea. But the accolade part gets active when you done x numbers of named achievements lets say the exsamples from above and 4 more. you unlock the accolade "Stubborn" and your character gets 5% max health. Is just a wild suggestion and idea. Valatine. (sorry for the bad english)
  6. I think Assassins have a tactical role in campains take down anoying archetypes like archers or wizards that are nuking from afar on your team members that are not so fast . And maybe with stealth perfect scouts to go ahead and explore regions for enemy or harvest nods.
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