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ACE Development Partner & Investor
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  1. Are the voices in my head bothering you?

  2. Thanks for the heads up. There are plenty of other things to do this weekend.
  3. Time to delurk! Hiya! I'm Bacchus. I'm an old school online gamer going back to the Ultima Online pre-alpha days. I was involved with the volunteer program there working my way from from Counselor to Ancient Seer and eventially did QA work for Origin. My favorite character was Nobody, a fighting smith. I would make newbie packs to help the newbs. If you ever ended up with GM level armor crafted by Nobody, that was me. Going back to those early days I stumbled upon a group of folks on IRC that have become my friends and we still game together to this day. Our guild is The Ravens of Fate who are infamous mainly because our guildmate Aquaman aka Rainz. Rainz has since moved on but we have continued. Those were heady days in which lifelong bonds were forged. We hope to continue the tradition here with Crowfall. Anyways, greetings, hello, salutations. We are in for a fun ride! Bacchus
  4. Count me in for the Blood Statue! The stock is just a bonus.
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