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  1. Yes. Wow has made the active decision to discourage communication. Last I played horde and alliance couldn't speak to each other. Primarily to avoid griefing. Crowfall has already established you can communicate with your enemies (they may be your friends next campaign). I have no doubt that if ActiBlizzard *wanted* localized VOIP it would happen. They have literally billions of dollars they could throw at it. They made a conscious decision that the benefit/detriment of allowing in game VOIP didn't outweigh the cost to implement and bandwidth to continue to support it. In wow everything y
  2. Really surprised no multiboxing is dropped on the forum like that, figured that would have been a dev answer later in development cycle.
  3. No one would except for sections surrounding a player report. Do you think wow gms read every line of barrens chat?
  4. I don't 100% buy the unable to be saved. If you save the files as 32k(we aren't recording mozart here) mp3 you get about 7 mb for 30m of voice. Considering you only really have to store all of the data for a couple of days unless someone is reported. Lets say we have 100k players, who play 20 hours a week, and talk 1/3 of the time they are online. That would work out to about 2 TB of data a week. Yes thats a lot of storage, but for every players voice for the last week its not a crazy amount. And like I said, that would only have pieces stored if someone got a complaint in that time period
  5. People say day z proves voice is worthless. But those are straw man arguments. some people are a holes. That's true with our without voice. Voice allows you to continue to control your character while communicating. That is it. Anything else is true regarding text or voice. Harassment, cooperation, lying, those work just as well in text or voice. The real question is: does allowing people use voice immediately (guilds will have this ability thru 3rd party programs) outweigh the costs. I honestly doubt it has a very high cost in server load or development (I would be surprised if a p
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