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  1. EKs should be treated as temples: IE you should be able to remove disciplines there. There is no mechanical limitation preventing you from going to a starter world temple and swapping and returning to an EK, its just a hassle for players. Mounts shouldn't decay in EKs and Temple zones, (just seems.. I dunno, cheap? silly?) Quests should be able to be untracked. Especially with the fast start bypassing the tutorial level up process, constantly have a ? on the map seems silly. Spawn immunity should really be ended prematurely when you have input. We were fighting for a spawn point and one of the defenders was able to respawn and go deposit / get items from his vault with impunity, as well as position himself in the middle of us before we could fight. (melee) -Far off wish list: EKs should probably have a searchable vendor list from the selection screen. If you want to force people to join to actually go interact that is fine, but having to go ek to ek to even browse is a bit of a slog. I'm sure some more enterprising guilds will come up with a website listing solution or the like, but really in game should be at least usable. The wildlines tutorial needs to be more show and less tell. You should participate in an actual mock battle for some zones instead of just a single player kill this objective. Put all the lessons together and have some npcs that standoff fight while the player accomplishes a mock castle assault.
  2. Yeah I just stopped in. I know Pre Alpha was supposed to "by the end of summer" Which in game dev speak means they will almost have something to deploy by the last day anyone would consider summer. So Look at pre-loading clients for pre-alphas at Sept 28.
  3. Its a fun game. They have added stone tier which makes making a base safe from casual raiding much easier. (people hesitate much more when they have to spend oil to attack you). They are rapidly patching and adding to the game, including direct player feedback from Reddit official forum. (I know the craft all, and removal of cement from stone tier objects were direct player feedback). Lots of the late game interaction is going to be server based. As it will revolve around the interaction with larger tribes. You basically have to have someone online to defend a base from even the smallest attacking force (provided they are determined), therefore, you almost have to have a large tribe, with members in different time zones or at least play schedules. Metal buildings may protect your items, but the dinos are out of luck. And considering the time investment in Dinos, they can be more valuable than most items. (a level 60 bronto takes 8 hours to tame!)
  4. I would guess it is because the Devs post things slightly before they are willing to go 100% public with it. Ideas they are still kicking around or such. The more people know about a statement the more likely it is to be taken out of context. The whole forum is supposedly more behind the scenes than normal so it makes sense if some stuff is mentioned there that isn't as 100% rehearsed as most of their info releases.
  5. ACE Development Partners - Restricted access forum exclusively for those who've earned the "Monthly Q&A with ACE" backer reward. I am just curious. I did, unfortunately exclusive forum access wasn't quite worth $2500 for me.
  6. Runs really bad and is buggy? Definitely sounds like the spiritual successor to SWG launch...
  7. I know! I was just about to upgrade to Bloodstone. Instead bought a small car.
  8. I don't really take the defense at the time as too much evidence. Even if you leave the company agreements could leave you in hot water if you openly say "The devs think the suits were idiots but we had to do this" I think part of why this is coming out now is that SOE no longer exists. Even if the Devs 100% agreed an idea was terrible and would be bad, if they were told to by the higher ups, then they have to vehemently defend the decision. This is the nature of hierarchical jobs. You may have input, but when the boss says "This is the way it is going to happen" your choices are to comply or leave.
  9. One thing I have said about SWG before that was interesting from a player perspective was the advancement before you were skill capped. For example, I knew I was going to be a teras kasi, so I ran around killing critters, which give no loot unless you skin them, so I took up scouting so I could make a little money on the hides in addition to the mission rewards. Eventually I had enough scouting xp to start creature handling, so I did, without any intention from the beginning, So then I got my lovely pet dewback named Fluffy. Eventually when you hit the limit on abilities you have to trade in some of your errant decisions. But I found myself sneaking up on little dewbacks and banthas and such to tame them completely ignoring my other options at times. I remember eventually I trained one or two lines of doctor so I could use very effective med packs and buffs, the wound healing I meditated away via TK magic. When the economy/gear had went full tilt into crazy mode and you could easily don composite armor with 85-90% resistance to everything, and buff all your stats by a few hundred percent I did go out and hunt a Kryat dragon, it wasn't much more challenging than a rancor or nightsister. Specific XP based on actions encourages experimentation even if you don't end up staying with those professions.
  10. Yes. Wow has made the active decision to discourage communication. Last I played horde and alliance couldn't speak to each other. Primarily to avoid griefing. Crowfall has already established you can communicate with your enemies (they may be your friends next campaign). I have no doubt that if ActiBlizzard *wanted* localized VOIP it would happen. They have literally billions of dollars they could throw at it. They made a conscious decision that the benefit/detriment of allowing in game VOIP didn't outweigh the cost to implement and bandwidth to continue to support it. In wow everything you do of consequence is in a preformed group, which makes communicating via a 3rd party program simple. Raiding? Share vent first, Joined a BG, teamspeak is spammed in chat before match. If you are out farming ore by yourself an an opposite aligned player comes up there is no communication period. (other than KEK). There is no item loss, trade or communication, for any sort of pleading or bargaining is out the window. And there aren't any FFA areas where temporary alliances may be made (well I think there are two arenas, which exist only for this purpose) So in WoWs sense, why would they alienate the 3rd parties that helped them, and shoulder the cost of development and bandwidth for no real benefit. Limiting communication makes sense when players are basically just advanced enemy mobs. If players are actually to be interacted with like other players, then communication is important.
  11. Really surprised no multiboxing is dropped on the forum like that, figured that would have been a dev answer later in development cycle.
  12. No one would except for sections surrounding a player report. Do you think wow gms read every line of barrens chat?
  13. I don't 100% buy the unable to be saved. If you save the files as 32k(we aren't recording mozart here) mp3 you get about 7 mb for 30m of voice. Considering you only really have to store all of the data for a couple of days unless someone is reported. Lets say we have 100k players, who play 20 hours a week, and talk 1/3 of the time they are online. That would work out to about 2 TB of data a week. Yes thats a lot of storage, but for every players voice for the last week its not a crazy amount. And like I said, that would only have pieces stored if someone got a complaint in that time period. A typical system if you report someone flags yours and theirs chat (all channels) for the last hour or so for review, this would just include the audio as well. And our automated moderation of text is rudimentary at best. We can filter out swear words, but any effort towards bypassing it will be successful, either through misspelling or substitution, or just using acceptable words in an unacceptable manner. I still don't 100% believe the benefits will outweigh the costs. But I do think its worth debate.
  14. People say day z proves voice is worthless. But those are straw man arguments. some people are a holes. That's true with our without voice. Voice allows you to continue to control your character while communicating. That is it. Anything else is true regarding text or voice. Harassment, cooperation, lying, those work just as well in text or voice. The real question is: does allowing people use voice immediately (guilds will have this ability thru 3rd party programs) outweigh the costs. I honestly doubt it has a very high cost in server load or development (I would be surprised if a plug and play solution wasn't already available for relatively cheap).
  15. I think it is key to realize when considering account based limitations is that Crowfall really is already encouraging multiple accounts, when compared to say SWG's one character per server. Crowfall: So far 6 is the max number of characters per account, meaning you can only try less than half the archetypes without deleting old ones. Each account has 1 active skill training and 3 character slots. Passive skill training and no soul bound items means that alts do NOT require nearly the extra (interactive) time investment as they might in for example: WoW, or any game with long leveling grinds or attuned items. No monthly upkeep means over time extra accounts are a better deal than VIP. (The break point is 6 months if you assume $50 game and $15 a month, in 6 months 1 account spends $140 for VIP+account for three training, while 3 accounts spent $150 for accounts, after that any money on VIP is more expensive than the multi accounts) And although it will might be against TOS, multiple accounts means you can multibox, share an account, sell the account. Just because an advantage has risk, doesn't mean you get to completely discount it. So adding restrictions on what your character can do based on their account is really just throwing more fuel on the "Get multiple accounts instead of VIP" fire. I perfectly understand the balance considerations of adding such limitations, I just also take a pragmatic view of the fact that intentions don't always equal the end result. For example the intention of DRM is to prevent piracy of games. The result is often that paying customers have more hassles and hoops, and that people who pirate the game might actually have a better experience.
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