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  1. I haven't submitted yet, but I will be soon and I don't mind if you change your rules. That said, it would be great if we could get interested folks on the site as an "entry fee" if they aren't already.
  2. Welcome! Hope Crowfall scratches all of your itches.
  3. I feel like you just used the word carebears with a straight face.
  4. Yes, they could be most easily implemented on the EK side. The balance work will come in CW where pack animals and roads will need to be important.
  5. I prefer to think that our peers announcing EK concepts are creators and organizers who would have launched them independent of any other factors. I do agree that by the time Crowfall truly takes flight, there will be so many EK ideas getting off the ground that it will be laughable that any one in particular was held up as disingenuous or even a bad idea. As in all things though, the innovators are often mocked. Being first sucks and there is real merit in being willing to take a chance, knowing others will be able to take the best of your ideas and perhaps improve upon them. I still believe we should be encouraging more ideas and unique ideas and let everyone cast their vote once the creators have had a chance to plop down their strongholds and begin to make use of the EK nuances that we're all truly just guessing at right now. Let's choose to purposefully avoid the toxicity that comes with making personal attacks against creators. We want more of them! In every group based game I've played in, creative and willing leaders are the scarcest of resources. People become unwilling to lead for precisely what we're seeing in this thread...non-constructive criticism.
  6. Good stuff, Seph! The ice has officially been broken with a first submission. Good luck!
  7. Howdy. Glad to know you. If you don't mind sharing, I'd be curious as to what mistakes led to the crumbling of your CoH group. Generally. Maybe we can learn from them too?
  8. Though not strictly opposed to portals, I would prefer you can only move through one with 'the shirt on your back'. No resource movement, no siege equipment, no pack animals, etc.
  9. I like the hotspot that it would create. I like the requirement of time sensitive coordination between an EK and teammates in a CW. I certainly like the ability to steal opponent's resources. Also, if a group relies heavily on these shipments from an EK vs. harvesting/crafting from a fresh source in the CW, it creates a potential net loss of resources. That is a real cost and seems you could potentially win the CW and be poorer as a group than you were going in. Even more factoring in the expensive cost of the shipment itself that you mentioned.
  10. As you said, we don't really know. We are all in a similar position though not everyone has a top tier stronghold. I think you can take solace in the fact that you'll have options once all the information is out there. Maybe any taxes or upkeep will be quite easy to maintain even with limited game time. Maybe you can group with others who all use your citadel as their central stronghold and share the cost of upkeep. If neither of those pan out, my guess is that trading the citadel for in game value would be an option or perhaps even selling it for cash to one of the trusted traders. It should work out one way or another.
  11. Sweet contest! It's been a long time since I've done something like this, but I'm in!
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