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  1. That's the developer's fault, not the whale's.
  2. Every one of my friends who have played BD have called it along the line of a "hardcore PvE game with PvP thrown in on the side", if that helps your image of BD.
  3. Archeage. You can only use the 5 pre-determined ranks. To this day everyone hates that you don't have customization.
  4. The Crowfall trailor also suggests that the frostweaver is going to be an archer. It would be cool to have options though. https://youtu.be/JFHJhULEu8Q?t=54s
  5. Along with what has already been said, they are not making a grand story for players to play through. That also makes the costs go down. TBH I prefer that, let us make our own stories.
  6. I want one of those "chunks" on disciplines, but I would rather wait until the Vision™ is ready than it to be rushed out for anybody's sake.
  7. It would definitely reinforce concepts in the game. For instance if you see the hunger standing around a bunch of ruins, you can assume that the hunger had taken over some sort of settlement. This would be just a different version of that.
  8. #14971, had an eye on the game since week 2, didn't pledge anything till the end. EB sapphire though so worth.
  9. While I don't have any official sources, most games that have alpha/beta access do not keep any progress before launch. Probably won't see any progress between alpha/beta events either.
  10. Please take 10 minutes to read the economy faq http://crowfall.com/#/faq/54ca4682bffce6644cb3380a Thanks
  11. I heard about this game from someone in my Archeage group about a week into the Kickstarter. Checked out the website and the Kickstarter tiers and decided to not opt in to any of the tiers and just keep tabs on the game. About a week until the Kickstarter ended I decided that the Vision™ warranted $250 of my dollars. Then out of end day hype I stayed up all night to get an EB sapphire. No regrets. ...yet.
  12. Yes, Kickstarter has your money. Kickstarter waits a couple weeks to actually give the money to the funded project.
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