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  1. Dishonored and Splinter Cell and Hitman but I don't think it'll play the same as those. Rogues (2) in WoW. She was in a couple issues I read but maybe I'll try it out. See you in Alpha, lol. Hopefully it won't look too painful. I can't even watch the Camelot Unchained alpha videos on youtube, it looks so awful at that stage.
  2. Tbh I don't really know much about Cass-Batgirl, but cool. * Thanks zinnie
  3. Thank you for the welcomes . You'd kind of think the Wizard players would be running the show as it's still around. Kdding! I didn't even know what Shadowbane was until I heard about it in the KS video. My sister played Wizard but only because she wasn't allowed to play WoW hehe. Screenshots... gosh that game looks super empty. Like the environment and stuff, just all plain grass? I think I've gone through half the FAQ's so far. I might need to read it again because it's crazy thick! Lots of homework. :/ I made a leap of faith because of the art and how different this game is going to be.
  4. Hi~ I go by Spoiler or Steph. No, Steph is not my real name but it's the internet and I'm okay with that. I picked it because she's a character I really identify with. I'm not normally a PvP person but I really like the art style and it sounds like this game could be a lot of fun, especially with the cool looking fae assassin. I'm looking to play in God's Reach because it seems like there's more chances to meet people and team up while playing. I've played WoW a lot (don't hold it against me!) but right now I'm sort of just waiting for something else to really get my attention again. Everquest Next might do it, but the whole voxel thing in Crowfall sounds like a lot of fun too. I also play DC Online on my playstation, but not so much any more. I don't like forum drama so I avoid a lot of threads (Some people take things WAY too seriously. It's a game!) and I'll probably just quietly look for a guild as the game gets closer. I'm in Amber alpha. ~Laters
  5. Most of the guilds seem to be interested in the Dregs. Has anyone declared the God's Reach circle as their main focus?
  6. Oh yeah. Amber Early Bird. <3

  7. It sounds like you need to definitely play in a guild for this game. I'm thinking about Amber because of the 6 year membership which is really nice but right now I'm just at an early bird cheap bid.
  8. I might be crazy but I might go for that Amber tier......

  9. I didn't even notice the wings! That makes them even cooler!
  10. I think it would be cool to see a bushi or ronin type!
  11. Is it still in vogue to be excited about the Fae? I think that's my favorite. Um minos are cool too I guess.
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