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  1. What abilities did Champion the race have vs. Champion the class?
  2. My guess: campaign markets will largely trade in political capital. This is negotiations around seige, campaign wins, PvP agreements. Player economies in PvP focused games tend to develop slowly because of risk around not getting paid. For this reason most peoples economic experience in campaigns will be guild dependent. The big unknown is import and export. I still suspect most small scale trade you are talking about will occur in EKs.
  3. I'd be good with the skill if it stopped working when you ran out of pips.
  4. I like critical chance because I'm looking for more blue/purple/orange. I don't need anymore white mats.
  5. I'd rather not have 'em spending time fixing all the different areas impacted by a change in scale. I doubt it's just a slider and will require man hours to go back and make sure every ability, skill, recipe is balanced around what ever we think looks better (three zeros or two)
  6. Thanks for the feed back Vectious. Apologies for miss spelling in the title. Its an interesting problem to try and solve.
  7. There has been a lot of discussion around the balance of abilities and the method ACE is using to maintain balance around the sheer number of abilities they are planning for. I thought it might be fun to come up with a way to balance all the factors that ACE currently has. I don’t know how game programmers typically do it but Blair has talked several times about opportunity cost of abilities. I thought I would apply that logic to some back of the napkin math. The concepts relies on a couple key assumptions. First I assumed a baseline of 1000 damage per second based on a target of 30-4
  8. I didn't see anyone point out that its really a 0 second cast, the stun and damage all happen as soon as the c button is pressed. The fact that the myrm continues on for 3.6 seconds its just to catch people who walk into the range so they can join their team mate at the graveyard. The champion on the other hand gracefully jumps into the air and thinks about the sweet damage hes about to do as everyone else GTFO. In the event that you where stuck in quicksand you can then pop up quicker with E than the champion feels is necessary (He is a big guy and getting up does take time).
  9. I've been testing for over a year and haven't needed a stuck command. To answer the question in the title: jump off a MTN/building, Starving gets you close.
  10. The nerf to champion 6 felt unnecessary (use to be able to use it while stunned, and moving) I hope we can get away from chests and back to loot pinatas soon Something changed about armor layers they now provided feedback that they adjust mitigation values which is nice Basic armor seems too good right now
  11. Champion Feedback: Thanks for cleaning up some of the animations - Rend feels much better Found a fun little bug with leap - Destrin has the video Playing the Champion still feels really janky compared to the Legio. I think its the combination of my ping/msg being around 300 and the amount of movement lock on his abilities. Beyond the standard target stops moving, you collide with them, then server says they are 10 meters ahead. I also get more desyinc on the champion. Leap will often reset to my starting position after it is considered used, the hitching on rend is custard brutal, eve
  12. "Combo" wasn't the best way to describe CF abilities. What we have (and GW2) is chained abilities. The GW2 combo system was cool interactions between abilities. CF also started with a goal of a 40 second time to kill. Which at the time was mostly due to the fact that we couldn't hit each other. As they improved the fluidity of combat TTK dropped. In addition to mobility I think they've had quicker TTKs because the game doesn't have the risk it will during go live. Once we get all our AT in the game we see a balance pass that brings TTK to around 30 seconds against a target dummy.
  13. I think the fessor 4 takes a nerf when they get the temp in game. As it is now you just need someone to bodu block it. The original power did say it would hit multiple people. In that case it would need a nerf.
  14. This the top in the forums of your three posts, so I'm going with this one. It would be easier to make your argument if had some data to back it up. Combat principles and Basics offer around 7% CHC which isn't insignificant. How many pieces of equipment or what level of rolls do you need to get to achieve that parity?
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