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  1. Str primary stat. Im on US west. Paying 10k
  2. Is there a explanation somewhere that shows what attributes support which discs?
  3. Honestly Im already think of just using my remaining VIP time, boosting all my char slots to 25, then shelving this game until some of those negatives are addressed.
  4. Priority #1 please fix the way chat boxes work, i would like to be able customize chat filters in the chat windows. Also not a priority but a mini map i feel would be more useful than the compass. Hell you can incorporate the compass into the mini map.
  5. Guild chat not loading. Restarting, Repairing, and Reinstalling doesnt work. /guild doesnt work. Not sure if I have to be promoted from initiate to member but damn its frustrating.
  6. Somehow a guild chat window doesn't show up on my chat box after joining a guild. Anyone know how to add this?
  7. Ya it one shot me as a level 30 champion. The raid boss is like level 40.
  8. How do I obtain them? I know harvesting ones come off nodes but what about the crafting discs?
  9. Bronze to Amber upgrade is $175 and i paid $100 for Bronze already. However the total Amber package is $250? Is this an error?
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