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  1. Somewhere at the 100k - 150k player mark as other posters have suggested. To me, anything else seems very unrealistic if I have to be perfectly honest, and it has less to do with the quality of the game (I mean, it's not even out of all that close to being released) but for one, the MMORPG market is pretty saturated and spread out. Crowfall seems like a very genuine attempt at recapturing what was great about the older PvP MMORPGs, but I don't see that market being as big as some of the other posters believe. Using League as a reference for how many potential players exist for Crowfall is
  2. It's not engaging to press WASD for movement, but it works. If the game isn't given an Autorun, then people will just place a rock on their W key, which is much less optimal but to the same effect. Give me a reason to pay attention to my surroundings instead of enabling autorun and alt tab.
  3. When you're dead, you're dead. If you want to live longer, play better.
  4. I'm very pleased Crowfall team. I'm mostly looking forward to the artbook, as per usual with Collector's Editions. The minis are a nice addition as well. It's actually quite nice to get a mini of each Archetype as opposed to 1 big figurine of 1 Archetype whom might not even interest me. great stuff.
  5. When a game gets boring. Idc what reasons.
  6. Amber and not going an inch higher personally.
  7. My concern is mostly that our feedback will go on deaf ears. Alpha & Beta tests have changed immensely in the past few years. It's weird to think people actually pay extra to test the game earlier when in reality it shouldn't have been treated as a privilege on your behalf as you're basically helping them finding bugs and such. But I guess people disregarded the whole beta & alpha and just treated it as early access, which is why it is the way it is. Too many times have I been invited to a beta and all feedback I & the community gave them, fell on deaf ears and it certainly ca
  8. Crowfall is unlike anything we've ever played Nah, but forreal. Games not even out yet. 2 years and we might be able to discuss this.
  9. Nice you got us euro's back covered! I'm extremely hyped for the next stretch goal though. The shadow band is the one I was looking forward to the most, so that's nice.
  10. Razhork

    RIP Doc Gonzo

    What does it matter if he is a mod or not, if I may ask? Just curious because a lot of people make a very big deal out of this and I still fail to see the importance of his stature. Being a member doesn't make his opinions and commentary any less relevant or fun.
  11. The wyvern presented makes me wish we'd stay in Summer all the time. It looks god damn amazing and tenacious. Is there many wyverns or is this thé wyvern? It looks so sick and I'd probably run for my dear life if that thing was chasing.
  12. Razhork

    RIP Doc Gonzo

    Holy crap get your poorly made socks together. By the tone of this thread I actually thought he had died in real life or been kidnapped by Isis. He lost his volunteer moderator powers and that's that really. It sucks, but I can't even comprehend how this warrants a 21 page long discussion. He can still post as a regular member. His opinions does not differ and if anything his opinions will be less watered down. If he had his privilege to post taken from him, or in worst case been banned, sure I'd be disgruntled on his behalf. He was a volunteer mod. It's not even a job. With that said, I
  13. Just wanted to add to my postcount, sorry.
  14. Whats the rush? Alpha 1 is said to be coming out somewhere at the end of summer this year right? Plenty of time to get the accounts linked.
  15. I'm more excited about the potential of this game if anything and I have sufficient trust in the developers to not custard it up.
  16. Thought the title was "new fags". Was a bit disappointed.
  17. I'd personally like to see some giant untouchable mob just roam a campaign solely for the purpose of taking dumps on any unfortunate player. Add some dangers to the world other than small poorly made socks mobs and players. I want my buttcheeks clenched to the max.
  18. I'm all in as long as it's not a guinecean to be honest.
  19. Hurts my soul thinking about Slayer being a Guinecean, but *custard* t. I'll be the cuddliest devil to face Crowfall.
  20. Man this is a really drawn out discussion. It's actually pretty exhausting keeping up with the same arguments through 32 pages.
  21. A lot of people second guessing themselves pretty much. I don't think anyone 100% believed it to be true as it was April's fool, but it was actually a very believable one.
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