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  1. I have suggested something similar in the past like you can see in the link below. https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/10531-ooc-what-are-your-thoughts-on-the-vessel-system/?p=275617 I am very interested in acknowledging things like the in game camera and soundtrack into my stories. And in terms of vessels I have found two narratives which I enjoy playing around with the most. The one I primarily plan on working with in the game, is that my crow takes on different aspects depending on what vessel he uses. Be this magical in origin or simply some madness inflicted by countless years of warfare, I leave to your own imagination. But it does mean the persona changes depending on what vessel he uses. The second which I am sketching out a short story about is that the crow is more of a passive passenger. He sits in the back, content or perhaps too spiritually crippled to take full control of his vessel. But he can restore life to his host, allowing it to fight or serve in his stead. Maybe he does this because he is too tired to fight in this endless war in person, maybe he sees the theft of bodies as a entirely immoral act and so he forms more of a partnership with his vessel. Or maybe he just think he is above farming wood and stone for hours on end and let the old mortal out for some good old fashioned slave labor! And at the end of a long days work, the crow takes back control, just in time for his favorite drink down at the pub.
  2. I feel you may be needlessly complicating things for yourself. Granted we do not know how things will be in the finished game, but as it stands now if you think your character wouldn't know druid magic, simply don't play a druid. I am yet to play a knight and that hasn't bothered me in the least. But like you suggested, I do play my crow as being a fairly ancient one and so he knows a lot of the basics. As for magic, the way my character looks at magic is that it is like any other muscle. Once you know it is there and you work on it, it will start to grow. Hence if he was to jump into a confessors body who had worked on fire magic his entire life, he would have a natural connection to fire. Though even if this is a legendary vessel, this does not mean he himself is legendary. He might be able to call forth great infernos at command, but that does not mean he knows his own strength or how to control it. This is very easily reflected in game, where someone who knows the class and spent a lot of time mastering it, will always have a advantage against someone with superior stats without a clue what he is doing.
  3. Well making them more durable would make them much better in a sense. For example trade routes, where you are escorting goods and make sure bandits don't get to them, speed is not necessarily a factor as much surviving long enough to reach your goal. Or so I assume, obviously none of us know for sure, until the game is complete. What I think would be better, in a way that doesn't step on animal husbandry, would be for the mounts to be worse. If you ever played mortal online, I would probably compare the necromancer steed to a donkey, and the animal husbandry to a horse. The donkey was much worse in just about every conceivable way. The horse was faster, stronger, more durable. But the thing is in a PvP game like this, where mounts can be lost, you don't always have a choice. Say you barely made it out of a fight alive, and you need to get back to civilization. A donkey may be slow, but it was faster than walking. And it was also much cheaper in the market place, than horses were. So if you are low on funds or you just want a glorified pack mule anyway, why would you fork over a extra sack of gold for a proper mount? I think that would be a nice option for necromancy, while not necessarily undercutting animal husbandry. Another method might be decomposition. Undead mounts would be somewhat better than a donkey. But they only last for a short while. Could be useful to get a early head start, or salvaging what you can when resources are running dry.
  4. Small little prefix, I really want to gun for Husbandry. So reading this, I feel this would make husbandry fairly obsolete. But I do think it would make for a cool skill requirement. Say for example a necromancer wants to make a skeletal horse. He does not necessarily have the knowledge to optimize it in any sense. To do that he needs skills in husbandry. Likewise a tamer that has maxed out the stats of his steeds and wants to go one step beyond what the gods intended, would have to learn necromancy.​ Since none of the professions are barred from us like in most games, I think it would be fun to see them cross over at certain points.
  5. Yes indeed! Even managed to make the group invite thing work the other night. So we might even be able to play together next time.
  6. I just applied my own short story. I don't expect I'll be anywhere near the top ten, with my crippling asperger and frustrating dyslexia. But I thought it would be fun to throw my own hat into the mix none the less. And I just wanted to thank you for hosting this little contest. It has been a blast reading through the other stories and seeing every one take their own spin on the CF universe.
  7. I have always held a deep rooted hatred for the winter. Snow, ice, it all had me convinced that there was no god in this world so cruel, as to release that hell on us poor mortals. So when the death of the Allfather brought forth an endless winter, I felt pretty damned validated. “Careful.” Vallan laughed. “You wouldn't want the priests to overhear you.” “I don't know. Death by fire sounds more inviting by the minute.” Despite my bold claim, I turned a nervous eye towards the priests. They must not have heard me over the storm, otherwise they would have been sure to let me know. They weren't exactly a subtle bunch, prancing around in their red silk, and glow in the dark rune encrusted armour. Especially not in their current foul mood, after they been forced out of the comfort of the capital for the holiest of missions. At least that is what they kept telling us. Me? I just thought it was a waste of what little time I had left. King Septimus was under the impression that the old wyvern Zatechka was responsible for our troubles. She had been a real plague on our lands for generations, but she had been smart and tough enough, that it was never worth the effort of tracking her down. Now Septimus wanted her head on a platter, so that he could proclaim that the darkness had been vanquished, and soon the light of the gods would shine upon us once more. I wasn't entirely convinced he believed it himself. This whole mission seemed nothing more than one last gambit to appease the masses, before his little house of card came crashing in on itself. For some time in my military career, I considered deserting the army. Would anyone notice? Would anyone care? If the wyvern did not kill us, then the cold surely would. Some might call me coward for considering it, but truthfully it was cowardice that kept me on the path. I still had someone waiting for me back home, and I feared what questions might arise were I to make a untimely return. I had a lot of time to think of my excuses, and consider how to best avoid the watch around camp. I think the most practical plan would be faking a blow to the head, while we fought another one of those undead hordes. By the time I gathered my senses, I would be lost in the storm. I'd have to make my way back to report to the king, as was my duty. I would then demand to lead the next assault on the wyvern. A bit dramatic, sure. But Septimus had always had a weak spot, for people begging to be of service to him. Of course, I was well aware that we did not have the resources to stage another assault like this, so I would have nothing to worry about. Now all I had to do, was wait for the undead to show up and cease my opportunity. With the priests shining through the night, it wasn't exactly hard for the undead to spot us. But for all of the horror stories regarding the walking dead, they aren't that dangerous. It is true that they are strong, and vast in numbers. But they are also slow, and dumber than a bag of bricks. Granted in a conventional way, they are hard to kill. But practically speaking, they might as well be target practice. A swing of the sword might not kill them, like it would you or me. But neither do they react like we do. They barely defend themselves, they do not run, they simply stand there and take it. It makes them easy to bait and even easier to maneuver around. They aren't much of a threat after we cut them up into little pieces, and the priests finished roasting what's left. So when I heard the screams, I knew we hadn't stumbled upon just any ordinary walking corpse. I turned just in time to see our flank torn to pieces. Blood and broken steel littered the ground, and in the middle of it all stood Zatechka. She had lost a lot of weight since I last saw her. She was literally, nothing more than skin and bones, if you don't count the ice so caked in blood it was crimson. Vallan, a giant of a man rushed Zatechka, with his mighty hammer in hand. The priest lit up the night with their incantations, and let it loose upon the wyvern. She barely seemed to notice. I think she simply trampled Vallan, while she rushed straight through the fire and mauled the priesthood. So... There was my chance. With the priests out of the way, there was nothing keeping me from sounding the retreat and sparing whoever remained from this fools errand. In hindsight, maybe I should have just started running like everyone else. All I managed to accomplish, was to draw Zatechka's attention right at me. She turned a frozen skull towards me, her blood red form still steaming from her little spat with the priests, but otherwise she was no worse for wears. That is when I ran, stumbling into the night! I never was to fond of any god, beyond the Allfather. They all just seemed to petty, to self absorbed to worship. But the old man was not around any more, so I would have to make do with his bastards. I did not as much pray, as I begged and screamed for any sort of divine intervention, pledging my eternal service to whoever would lend me a hand. I doubt the gods were very impressed with my wanton pledge to any who would have me. But I wasn't exactly in a position to be picky either. I guess, I must have angered one of them, because as if in answer, I slipped face first into some ice. I suspect Yaga was behind it. That shriveled up, old hag loved her ice. I was about to curse her name, right before the wyvern howled its own frustrations. I turned to see it limping slowly towards me. In the heat of the moment, I had not noticed how disheveled Zatechka was until then. One foot was bent in a odd angle, she was missing a large chunk of her jaw and she was riddled with broken arrows and spears. She was in no state to chase anyone, except maybe for me. My head was still ringing from that fall, and my body was not cooperating. I rose slowly, thankful that my stomach had been empty for the last couple of days. Zatechka careened onto the ice now, showing no more grace than I had before her. I had a little more than a hundred yards, before she caught up and tore me to shreds. But if I were to die, I could at least bring this monster with me. Raising my mace, I struck down at the ice, quickly forming a short line of cracked dents between myself and the wyvern. In the end, she proved to be just as dumb as any old undead. The ice groaned under the weight of her approach, compromised by my attack, and finally gave in. One of her feet plummeted into the water and as she struggled to free herself, more of the ice broke away. Not that it mattered. By the time she began to sink, I was already dead.
  8. I feel like doing some play testing today. Anyone want to tag along?
  9. Ah, thank you! That clear things up... Though it does make me weary of funding great sums! It is already a leap of faith to crowd fund a product before release, without adding 100 dollars of tax on top of it. Ah well, I'll still buy cosmetic items once they decide to throw those out for the public. Those are likely to have less frighting taxes.
  10. I am not seeking to "avoid" taxes in that sense. As I was saying, I've never had to pay taxes on origins, steam, Battlenet or any of the other online game stores I use. The only one that comes to mind that does that, is G2A. It didn't contain any physical content and I live in sweden.
  11. So the wonderful stream of crowfall has sadly come an end. I am glad to see the game grow more and more, into the game I've waited years to get my hands on. However, during the stream, I was seriously considering pledging well over 800 dollars. I decided to donate 60, because the taxes were so damned high! Above and beyond 100 dollars, in fact. I'd love to support the game, but I have dogs to care for! None of the online stores I use, tax me like this upon a purchase. So I wondered what is going on here? Note that I am not complaining, or calling out artcraft for trying to scam me. I would just like to know why the steep tax, how to avoid it, and/or if Artcraft is working on a way to change this. Because I'd rather see that hundred dollars go to Crowfall, than the tax office.
  12. Yes, I am normally not much of a melee guy. But I was very impressed with the champion, so I look forward to see more of the Minotaur.
  13. I'll try to be there for the next play testing, but alas I have been unable to attend lately. Though I have tried out the druid on my own time and that has been a blast!
  14. It is fun seeing peoples take and opinion on the matter. Though personally I feel some people are being a bit to dramatic on the subject. Though I do agree with the notion that it does require us to be more creative. But there is still room for us to play multiple individual characters without to much of an issue. In my ongoing RP, my main character got a bit of a split personality going, where he think he is about five different people, which come forth depending on which body he use. Another fun little Idea I've played around with is the thought that some part of the being that once was, lives on through the corpse. And that if allowed it can surface. In this story I played a greedy, yet cowardly crow. He wanted fame and fortune, without going to the effort of gaining any sense of mastery. So he would offer his vessels another chance at life, in turn they would do his bidding and fight his battles. This is a concept I'll likely reuse in game. As it allows for characters to die without the need for me rerolling a completely new character or paying for a name change, or whatever. My character simply makes it his businesses to let his vessels have control over their bodies, they serve the need of the story. Then once the story demands it or you simply tire of playing a character, they can die tragically or in some heroic last stand. The crow just goes. "Ah well, I'll be back with another in a few minutes." And the story goes on with yet another vessel. I think this is a great approach for people who likes to play multiple characters. The player would essentially be the Celebrimbor, to the character's Talon. And tada!!! You got the same character dynamic of any MMO out there. Except you don't have the characters name floating above someones head, which I think is a good thing! I can not count the amount of time, I play a mysterious hermit that everyone somehow knew the name of. Even before I had the chance to introduce him!!! Plus I feel it may even be pretty good character fodder. Lets say crows can sense each other. So when someone comes along and says. "Hey Acid!" My character might be deeply offended, a reminder that in the end of the day all he is, is a suit of flesh. And how might other crows react to such a individual? Do they think it a kind and humane action to offer someone a second chance? Or is it a abomination, that spit upon the very gift of the gods themselves. As I said plenty of opportunity! sorry to babble on. Just hope maybe I helped grease the wheels of anyone that was struggling with the whole Vessel system.
  15. A neat little idea. But I don't really think it adds anything to the game. From a RP point of view, I could see the appeal. But you could always just say, I got this trait from my tattoos and it would have the same effect.
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