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  1. I already plan on using Bootcamp, just wanted to know if a native was in the works, thanks for the link Purplestreak Edit: Also, nowadays almost everyone in academia I know uses Macs, so its really not a hipster thing anymore.
  2. Hey guys, before the elitists pop in here to shut me down and insult anyone who owns a Mac, I haven't been on the forums awhile and I was curious if there was an update (i.e. a definite no, or potentially in the future) for a Mac release. I won't argue benefits or anything, just curious if this was further addressed since I last checked awhile back. Thanks
  3. Shapeshifting was perfectly viable in Shadowbane, just had to make a build of it, like making any viable character. God knows how much I wrecked with my wererat scout, my WW aelf archer war, and my Werebear barb. But on a sidenote, I am trying to be a bit less active since this I am super excited for this game yet it's over a year and a half till release, so I wanted to know if anyone has heard how the Were-mechanics are going to work? Similarly to SB or more of a passive aspect? Edit: Also keep seeing that people are saying that Druid has become synonymous with shapeshifting. I have spent a long time searching for an mmo game that I could play where shapeshifting was a mechanic, and the only druid-related shapeshifting I saw was WoW, EQ2, and DDO. Many other mmo's have druids without shapeshifting. There are without a doubt, more druids lacking shapeshifting abilities than those with them.
  4. Holy crap. I hope that isn't from all games. Going cold turkey could kill you!
  5. Ah, in that case I have plenty of time to check it out. Pretty sure I have until around June to upgrade anyway
  6. Pretty sure shipping was included when you designated the area where you live on the kickstarter
  7. Um, respond to their email? I'm sure you'd be able to work through a paypal account or whatnot with them.
  8. Hey guys, was considering upgrading my Amber package to Sapphire, however the main reason besides support would be for the parcels. I was wondering if it was said how much tax-free parcels would cost as I'm pretty sure I read somewhere they would be sold in a store for irl $$. Thanks.
  9. I was wondering how titles in this game work? As an Amber backer, it said I would get a starting title "Knight", and the word "starting" got me to think that are these titles upgradeable? Or are these just exclusives, but there will be other titles in the game that are different from the Kickstarter ones? Thanks Edit: Wrong Forum. I'm tired. Could a Mod move this to Community Q&A
  10. Clarden


    As someone who used a mac computer for his entire life, I would strongly recommend setting up a Windows partition via bootcamp. That's how I play most of my games. As much as I would like a native client, this is probably the best we'll get. Also to the comment about how if you own a Mac you aren't a hardcore PvPer, Shadowbane was pretty hardcore, and that had a Mac client, therefore argument = invalid. Edit: Also was hoping this community wouldn't be PC elitism, but unfortunately the crowd seems to have swung that way. Macs are very easy to use, especially to people who generally are unfamiliar with computers, hence why they invest money into one. PC's are great systems, but I'm a huge fan of having a big company with them to compete with to keep things non-monopolized.
  11. I am so excited for this. Many people played WoW and whatnot without looking into the lore at all. If done well, the lore itself makes a game at least twice as enjoyable. I will wait forever for solid lore, so take your time!
  12. Thanks for the answers guys, wasn't sure how to manage my EK if it was in danger of being sieged and taken. I do like the idea of sieging though without any real loss besides maybe resources, definitely going to look at that thread.
  13. Hey guys, this is definitely a stupid question, but I just want some clarification since I was never able to ask this question during the AmA and I'm having trouble finding a clear answer. Can your EK be sieged by other players and be taken by them? Or is just housing for when your outside of the campaigns? I feel as if its the latter, but my Shadowbane experience is pushing me towards the former. Thanks in advance!
  14. I think this statement shows how the game is "easier" the further away you are from the Hunger. Just more of a cushion that other players have to go through to get to you, the cushion being made up of the flesh and bones of your fellow allies though.
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