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  1. On the quality of life stuff, guild banks. I always love progression over just buying unlocks. Did you guys think about adding guild levels and giving guilds the unlock for extra storage and whatever you else could need as a guild, based on guild "level" progression? You can still let guilds buy/build the actual upgrade to provide for an extra gold/mats sink, they just can't upgrade until they reached guildlevel 14.
  2. Wrong tooltip, should be chance / chance or power / power. Now it is change / power. https://prnt.sc/sa6k2o
  3. Teleporting in Brieltas from R6 human grave to Keep. https://prnt.sc/s3s7ib
  4. When trying to log in to gods reach, I keep getting thrown back to the campaign selection screen. While retrying or trying EK I got a can't write to database error. Lastly can't create a new character either. Seems an account issue.
  5. New campaign, lets see if the factions are a bit more even this time on EU (they are not)...
  6. I did manage to be online for some of the early tests (3 AM local time). Unfortunately there were some lag issues, so wasn't able to win Didn't have time to join in on the euro/oceanic servers but i'm really glad they are taking their kickstarter goals seriously, even doing alpha 1.0 tests localised.
  7. You can think of a ruleset that can be semi-permanent. For example: 12-way faction faction needs to accumulate 100k points to win killing a player of an enemy faction gives your faction +1 and the enemy faction -1 If the campaign is really balanced this could take forever. Even wiping a faction might not be enough to meet the win conditions. Of course this is easily remedied by lowering the win condition on a weekly basis with 10k. This could even result in multiple factions being a winner.
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