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  1. Logged out on stairs/inner ramp on keep. Logged in, loaded beneath the stairs/ramp and had to recall to get out.
  2. The big wipe inc! All have fun in 5.8.1!
  3. New campaign, lets see if the factions are a bit more even this time on EU (they are not)...
  4. Don't, if one faction is the only one with access to a certain resource, this brings on a need for pvp and thus creates content. Everybody on an even playing field means half the playerbase wont move beyond the "save" or close maps. Mechanics that try to boost "losing" faction map resources and reduce "winning" faction resource nodes will only move the battlefield to the losing faction, since that is where the best resources are. This will be really bad for the losing faction. Im sure ACE has better plans, or we can come up with better suggestions.
  5. Champion advanced class barbarian: talent brutal follow up does not reset spinning backfist or kick sand passive barbarian effect is not being applied with whirlwind slow passive barbarian effect barbarian charge is reset on cc, not cumulative (probably intentional, but not clear in description) only get the barbarian charge passive, not sure if this includes the damage bonus Looks like applied abilities from talents don't trigger the advanced class mechanic. Some more skills that don't trigger the barbarian charge: get 'em from mole hunter banshee wail from banshee The supression effect on whirlwind does seem to trigger the barbarian charge effect.
  6. I did manage to be online for some of the early tests (3 AM local time). Unfortunately there were some lag issues, so wasn't able to win Didn't have time to join in on the euro/oceanic servers but i'm really glad they are taking their kickstarter goals seriously, even doing alpha 1.0 tests localised.
  7. You can think of a ruleset that can be semi-permanent. For example: 12-way faction faction needs to accumulate 100k points to win killing a player of an enemy faction gives your faction +1 and the enemy faction -1 If the campaign is really balanced this could take forever. Even wiping a faction might not be enough to meet the win conditions. Of course this is easily remedied by lowering the win condition on a weekly basis with 10k. This could even result in multiple factions being a winner.
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