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  1. Make sure you are using a plentiful harvesting potion.
  2. I would like to be able to view my inventory while moving.
  3. Thanks for the parchment paper Santa! I was super excited you decided to get me that! I didn't want armor or weapons. I will use this parchment paper to draft you a short letter. Possibly a 2 word letter.
  4. Sat: A guildie opened up his inventory and found a leather breastplate and a staff that he did not create or loot from anyone. I found 3 parchment paper in my inventory that I did not make or loot from anyone. Same bugs as others with creating items and then they never make it into my inventory after choosing take item.
  5. (Friday pm) Playing Lego in a group with 2 other players. There were a lot of gravity issues, IE flying in the sky. Usually the person who was in the sky saw themselves standing right next to us but saw a blue target looking icon and they could not harvest and we could not see them. I assume because I weigh so much the Lego was the worst affected character. I was constantly thrown to the furthest side of the map and would have to walk all the way back to my teammates. (When I flew across the map we all saw it) Swinging at a non animating boar reproduced this pretty easily. Swinging at a targe
  6. Harvesting Ore: It appeared that even though I picked it up it wasn't going into my inventory. Upon further inspection I noticed that there were parts of my inventory that showed empty but weren't. (IE I couldn't put stuff in those areas) Relogging showed my missing ore in those areas. Full screen crafting is scary. You have no idea if you are in danger Oh, also, maybe a non issue... but rock was spawned under ore so it kept making me use the wrong harvesting tool. IE it was selecting the invisible rock that was inside the ore. A few times my cooldowns were stuck on my screen at a ra
  7. Thanks so much for the explanation!
  8. Thanks! So after the 80% essence burn am I safe until it hits 80% again or is it every 20%?
  9. I just jumped on the druid for the first time. Yeah, I killed myself the first match My question is, is there a visual indication of when essence burn will occur? Or is there a way for me to know? I know there is a visual when it happens but I am not sure of the mechanics of when.
  10. I loved reliving the old school games. Sierra games were the best! (Thank you Roberta Williams) Kings Quest, Hero's Quest/Quest for Glory (Best game ever!) Ultima series and Ultima underground, Ultima Online, so many great games and I played them ALL back then. I can still feel their magic to this day!
  11. I'm totally excited for this game! Once we can do character customization it will be so much deeper too. So I guess I would be most worried about playing it too much
  12. The devs said the cones would most likely change size. In fact they said most everything would probably change because of ff. I can't remember where I saw/read that but it was a month or so ago.
  13. Just got e-mail that says: https://backers.crowfall.com/#/client
  14. Check your e-mail. If you have gmail make sure and check the promotions folder (as well as the usual spam folders) see below
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