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  1. Thanks so much for the explanation!
  2. Thanks! So after the 80% essence burn am I safe until it hits 80% again or is it every 20%?
  3. I just jumped on the druid for the first time. Yeah, I killed myself the first match My question is, is there a visual indication of when essence burn will occur? Or is there a way for me to know? I know there is a visual when it happens but I am not sure of the mechanics of when.
  4. I loved reliving the old school games. Sierra games were the best! (Thank you Roberta Williams) Kings Quest, Hero's Quest/Quest for Glory (Best game ever!) Ultima series and Ultima underground, Ultima Online, so many great games and I played them ALL back then. I can still feel their magic to this day!
  5. I'm totally excited for this game! Once we can do character customization it will be so much deeper too. So I guess I would be most worried about playing it too much
  6. The devs said the cones would most likely change size. In fact they said most everything would probably change because of ff. I can't remember where I saw/read that but it was a month or so ago.
  7. Just got e-mail that says: https://backers.crowfall.com/#/client
  8. Welcome! My small guild and I all played ESO and had a lot of fun for a while with that game.
  9. I actually like the feel of combat a lot! Lag can make it difficult but that is to be expected, I think. Maybe animation locks could be shorter, but again it's hard to comment when there is lag.
  10. I also really enjoyed the mobs. They added even more depth to the game. Sure, a few bad pulls and we were running away or watching a teammate not run away and die, heh. But it makes you pay attention to your surroundings. And you have to work as a team. I think a lot of the deaths people got were because they either pulled too many, or an elite with not enough people, or a healer and/or they just refused to use cooldowns. I died only once to mobs (that I recall) and it was when we charged into the loot room with all those mobs and I got stuck and couldn't move. That was also my own fault because I had a chest open and panicked trying to grab loot, close chest window, hit alt and then sprint away. But lesson learned.
  11. Or why are you bored with your current game(s)? I think this would have been valuable info for the survey. Me: Asheron's Call: Played it TO DEATH. Left well after quitting time. I think Tuskers finally ruined me. (best way to level was killing Tuskers) Ultima Online: Played it TO DEATH. Left a bit after Trammel. There was no reason to risk your loot when you could play non-pvp. but then that made the game boring. GW1: Played it TO DEATH. Left well after quitting time. "Crap we are teamed with the French" (lol no insults meant here but the Koreans were who you WANTED to be teamed with) Shadowbane: Played it TO DEATH. Left well after quitting time. SB.exe didn't deter me. GW2: Played it a lot but got bored when the match was decided in the first day. "The Titan Alliance" was a mega guild made up of some of the largest guilds ever and whatever they wanted to dominate, they did. I was on that side and it was still not fun. Culling was too much of an issue for the large scale battles. Being able to move to the winning side for WvW and structured PVP was ridiculous. TESO: It also had GW2 syndrome. Choose the winning side. Also got bored after my 2 guildies and I all got Emperor. They also changed the mechanics so that the 3 of us could no longer take the outposts so we were basically forced to go with the zerg. SWG: The holocron disaster. They kept changing how to become a Jedi after we had been working day and night unlocking professions. I had like 3 professions to go... and they changed it. THEN they added achievements for doing professions... but it wasn't retroactive... I am pretty sure they didn't have Jedi in game at the beginning when they claimed it was a secret to become one. I left before the NGE but had friends still playing it who left after. Creature Handlers lost their most prized creatures. SOE punished players who were protesting the NGE by teleporting them out to their death and shutting down the servers. I went back after the NGE and didn't hate it that much... but SOE left such a bad taste in my mouth I can never play another of their games again. Everquest: I never liked it that much. Red mob meant you WOULD die. I was playing AC at the time and nothing was set in stone like that so it was hard to adapt. Also, group or die. AOC: Had a blast when it started.. but ran out of content... The game wasn't finished so we were forced to grind mobs for 1XP at a time. Also, they changed the classes from beta to live. So we all rolled what was the 'best class' to have it nerfed to the ground on release. In pvp people would say, "We lose because we have 3 mages" (or w/e we were). Also, having someone 30 levels below you 1 shot all 3 people in the cone shaped AOE was not fun. Literal 1 shot from stealth. Being able to run to another instance to escape someone chasing you was also bad. The animation lock to mounting and dismounting was bad. That's all i have time for now.
  12. I don't want any OP guard NPCs... That just never works out. Either you figure out how to exploit them so you can kill them in a corner without taking damage, OR they add too much PVE into the PVP game.
  13. I agree that currently friendly fire seems like it would be a disaster, but that's also because we can't see nameplates well enough to know if that is an enemy or a buddy right now. Shadowbane had friendly fire and it worked pretty good. Every once in a while you would look at your 'death list' and see your best friend had killed you... but that was few and far between. (and funny) It also allows for drama and drama makes great pvp imo. IE you don't like one of your guildies? KILL HIM and take his stuff... and watch the drama unfold... But yeah, I am sure there will be different playstyles for everyone and I haven't even decided yet for sure.
  14. Death for Life! er.. Death server. Silent Tribe was the largest guild I was in but it was not nearly as fun as some of the smaller ones I was in that I can't remember the names of, although someone reminded me once when I described the banner... but I have forgotten again (White banner near Kings Cross.. something about "The Elite or Elitists" I played an Aracoix thief named Jindo the most I think.
  15. My videos are gone. (That computer died one day and they only lived there) so it's fun to watch a lot of these! I just wish someone would include some original sound! The sound in that game was amazing! "Ahttahhhh.. Ahhhtahhh...." and all the sound effects. I can't find any videos that have the original sound files. Please link if you have any.
  16. I am hoping that we can keep our small guild in Crowfall and it would be GREAT if they added sub guilds so we could pledge to a larger guild but still be our own little small guild. But in Shadowbane you had to be in a larger guild so I am not sure in Crowfall how this will work yet.
  17. Also for JTodd: Did the devs run a centaur only guild in SB to kill players from their alts guild? I always had a hunch it was the devs.
  18. Were the volunteers in UO called something else in game? I remember their were people we could ask questions to or report a problem to but I can't remember what they were called. I do remember verifying with one that it was OK to pretend to be a banker. I made a character named, "Cindy the Banker" and ran it into walls as I walked through town to the bank saying things like, "I don't know what thou sayest" to mimic what they said. That was back before banks that would open up. You used to have to drop the money on the banker character, and that was where you kept your money. I made some fast cash that way and was okayed by a helper to do it Then they changed it so you had to confirm that the money you dropped on the Banker wasn't a trade with another player... But people still clicked confirm about 75% of the time... and then we got bank chests. This was all before their was such a thing as griefing. I m not a griefer nowadays at all. It was the wild west of online video games. Ahh good times.
  19. Ohh, I LOVED the summoning in SB. You could be out doing 'whatever' and if you saw someone type "ES!" and you could summon, it meant, "EMERGENCY SUMMON! SUMMON ME NOW NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!" I was always quick to summon but also usually in the middle of nowhere. People were always like, "Oh... thanks?"
  20. ferrydust


    Flying worked great in Shadowbane so I don't have any doubts that if it were implemented in this game it would be great! Nothing like flying around on my Arocoix thief repairing walls stealthily and falling from the sky into the enemies because I ran out of stamina! Luckily I always stored the money in the walls and drug it around in case of such a situation.
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