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  1. The submit code button is not working for me. Nevermind.
  2. Nice points and I agree. I'm kind of confused to how they will make it work without a glaring flaw.
  3. Eternal Kingdoms seems somewhat flawed to me. They will need to let us travel between a campaign and EKs otherwise they will just be ghost towns. No one will be around the EKs if their characters are locked into a campaign, and if that's the case what promotes people to put some "love" into them? Right now they seem more like a glorified bank. I would like to be able to spend most of my time in the campaign and then come back and chill in the EK for a bit, without quitting the campaign. I'm also hoping for some EK vs EK battles.
  4. How about a game mode available to Eternal Kingdoms that will locate it into a new world with other kingdoms of the same size with a bit of randomly generated areas in between them? You sign your kingdom up for a match that will start on a specific day with a specific amount of resources you are required to bring in. Then the game will put you into a world with other kingdoms with the same requirements where you are at war with the other kingdoms in this mode. During the match those who are tied to your kingdom are given a choice to join the battle or not, but once a part of it they cannot visit other eternal kingdoms. At the end of the match the kingdoms are separated again but the damage from the match remains. The winner maybe gains some of the losers land plus whatever spoils are left in his kingdom. Here is some things added to the game with this kind of system: The kingdom layout becomes more important and people may be more willing to give their EK or group's EK love. Gives Eternal Kingdoms more character. It could be wrecked after a particularly bad battle or could grow quite fast after a great victory. Gives more reason for people to come together to make a great Eternal Kingdom.
  5. Can someone please explain to me the purpose of EKs beyond just hanging out? I have read many times that they can be used for trading hubs, but what I don't understand is what will you be trading? It is my understanding that most of your time will be spent in the dying worlds and that there will be limited access in moving items to and from the dying worlds. If I commit to a world for a month when would I be spending time in my EK, let alone others? To me it just sounds like you would end a world and return with some goods and then take a portion of that goods into the next campaign. Whats the purpose of giving part of your land to other people? Sorry if I misunderstood something or am oblivious.
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