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  1. Im not a big fan on soft launches but I hope eks get at least the palace or citadel parcel before the soft launch. The buildings need a fair amount of love so the time delay on that is pretty necessary.
  2. As a fury main a agree with all these
  3. "Another major system soon to be implemented in Crowfall is the city building mechanic. Not quite what I thought it was when I first heard it, this is a mechanic that will have teams electing to build different types of structures in their captured keeps. These structures will range from cosmetic to some that provide bonuses of various types." So does this mean we have free-building on the city parcel (like eks)or will it be pre designed and we get to choose what features we want?
  4. i liked Albion online skill tree
  5. true every time i pvp i feel the badge difference. Its almost impossible to pvp without the gold badge. People laugh at my silver 😕
  6. I think the wipe will point out a major flaw in cf. That the game is pretty unplayable for the first 1-2 weeks post wipe.
  7. if you are gonna wipe, wipe everything (maybe minus vessels?).
  8. hammers in do all pve stuff outside of cw
  9. the reason they keep making cash grabs is because people complain about them then spend money anyways. If it wasnt profitable they wouldnt do it.
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