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  1. I like balance. That is why I am on balance.
  2. This game has durability loss though. Getting bugged and losing a chunk of your durability is much more punishing that other mmos. Also can you mount in combat?
  3. I can see combat bugs occurring if mobs bug out
  4. When the 50$ woodland creek doesn't have water :c. I'll splash around in the mud
  5. Where is my palace and water in my woodland creek
  6. Marth


    Alts are more p2w than the old vip. You get x2 imports / exports / bank spaces / training ect. If they were super concerned about p2w why allow alt spam and gut vip.
  7. I agree Badges that give permanent stats that only early backers got seems kinda unfair to new players.
  8. I am not entirely sure people understand what exploiting means.
  9. I agree with this post eks mains have long been a broken class. Please fix by adding larger parcels as well as water to eks.
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