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  1. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    Why dont you just kill all the enemies. Then the spy wont matter
  2. Ice is a form of water and JTC hates water.
  3. @New Players - No Vessel vs Vessel

    I don't get why they lowered dmg of advance rather than up the dmg on the int gear.
  4. This shouldn't be allowed

    poor endless :C
  5. I agree 100% with this balance can be addressed later.
  6. @New Players - No Vessel vs Vessel

    200 err i mean. crowfall stuff
  7. @New Players - No Vessel vs Vessel

    Not off healers. IE champs would do more barriers. Early hunger dome had people managing barriers and other skills to stay alive.
  8. This shouldn't be allowed

    Stacking dmg on any toon with good gear will lead to that. That being said pit-fighter should have less dmg. There should be a trade off in the last point in the tree. ie -15% dmg for extra hp/mits/barrier?
  9. @New Players - No Vessel vs Vessel

    More barriers less heals would be my suggestion.
  10. Ek centerpieces are still broken. ty
  11. @New Players - No Vessel vs Vessel

    It already takes long enough to kill people.