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  1. The crowfall funding page went on vacation.
  2. Jah is right on this issue. Forts are not the reason most people aren't playing. That being said, the devs could change the fort windows to prevent a group of people walking fort to fort to capture things.
  3. pity drops are getting pretty common nowadays. Its a good system.
  4. I was against the passive system from the start but i kinda agree with this. If you are gonna spend years making it how did you not plan for a catchup mechanic for new players? Having a core game feature that you just toss when you think it through during beta is kinda a bad idea. I am not sure why it wasn't scrapped years ago if their logic on the stream is true. All these flaws were pointed out early on and they didn't change back then.
  5. Isn't this the summary of most systems in cf? Enough to fill the checkbox.
  6. I said gr would replace eks when they first came out 😕 . Why have an ek and pay taxes on it when you can just use gr.
  7. yup i noticed that when trying to drop that as well. The shire parcel is just super scuffed from fences. The honestly just need to redo that parcel.
  8. That was supposed to be the communities job . Somewhere along the line it went from "make sure they do a good job" to "dont make the game look bad".
  9. yes. Lets tell the devs how amazing the game is and cheer lead it forever. I see no problems with that whatsoever. I remember all the people who went "its in prealpha bro wait for alpha to criticize the game" "its only in alpha bro wait for beta to criticize the game" Calling it now "its only closed beta bro wait for open beta to criticize the game" "its only just launched bro wait for the 2 year update to criticize the game" "wait how did the game fail and the servers closed down?"
  10. doing things takes time and effort. the game is fine how it is.
  11. Passive time gated skill tree = alt spam. Which is already a problem since more alts = more imports.
  12. Crowfall is a perfect game idk why you are complaining. Its in beta after-all so a lack of polish is expected. As for the lack of emphasis on beta they said before they didnt put value on what they called the state of the game. Its not like they would make a big deal out of beta. smh haters these days. Why are you so fascinated on the devs setting goals or giving us expectations/basic communication. Just trust them bro.
  13. Ashes seems able to update the cashshop every few months with a load of stuff. Its def team talent. Crowfalls aversion to cosmetics / things that make money is concerning. The prices for things on their cash shop are unrealistically expensive. A manor and a shire is what 200$+. If you take the 200 and spend it on houses in any other game you get a much better deal. Hopefully they work on those but after 5 years of hoping i doubt it.
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