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Everything posted by Marth

  1. We are nearing 40m on the funding page but somehow the game is still this lack luster.
  2. Beta will fix everything trust them. xd
  3. Who can say where the road goesWhere the day flows, only timeAnd who can say if your love growsAs your heart chose, only time
  4. I like balance. That is why I am on balance.
  5. This game has durability loss though. Getting bugged and losing a chunk of your durability is much more punishing that other mmos. Also can you mount in combat?
  6. I can see combat bugs occurring if mobs bug out
  7. When the 50$ woodland creek doesn't have water :c. I'll splash around in the mud
  8. Where is my palace and water in my woodland creek
  9. Marth


    Alts are more p2w than the old vip. You get x2 imports / exports / bank spaces / training ect. If they were super concerned about p2w why allow alt spam and gut vip.
  10. I agree Badges that give permanent stats that only early backers got seems kinda unfair to new players.
  11. I am not entirely sure people understand what exploiting means.
  12. I agree with this post eks mains have long been a broken class. Please fix by adding larger parcels as well as water to eks.
  13. Im not a big fan on soft launches but I hope eks get at least the palace or citadel parcel before the soft launch. The buildings need a fair amount of love so the time delay on that is pretty necessary.
  14. As a fury main a agree with all these
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