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Everything posted by Marth

  1. Did you know that 3 is less than 4. 3 is also less than 5. But 3 is greater than 4/5 sometimes. Really makes you think.
  2. step 1 kill mobs to get loot and lose gear step 2 use loot to make gear so you can kill mobs. step 3 profit?
  3. only 1 counter disc is op. I don't see many players complaining about mudman or militant mage. Hot swapping to a counter disc is the thing that is op. If you are forced to choose then I don't see the problem.
  4. Shhh dont tell them about that
  5. Dungeons done well will be good. Im curious if 5.9 will rework ai as well.
  6. So if your guild has lets say 100 people registered but only 2 actives wouldn't that mess with the locks?
  7. Honestly bringing that back as an area with siege perilous wouldn't be bad.
  8. That reasonable though. Who would invest thousands of dollars into eks and not want it done well. Up to the devs to decide what path to take their game tho.
  9. "competition" in a no pvp zone? They also could have multiple noob campagins going at the same time too.
  10. Marth


    What happened to 1304048 i havent seen him in a week.
  11. Restrict imports. This prevents people from ganking newbs with overgeared toons, and using that for the main trading spots instead of eks/real campaigns.
  12. Wow wartribes. I was getting bored with spiders that afk while i kill them! Now I get to kill these afk things too! Sarcasm aside will ai get reworked?
  13. I just wanted to log in once a month and win the campaign. This is your fault.
  14. lol. Lets redo the entire class system because. Reasons.
  15. Zone cap 100/100 position in que 250.
  16. This would actually be cool to see idk how it would be implemented.
  17. Yeah thats my thing tho. If this is just better than eks, then whats the point in building them up and using the resources.
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