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Posts posted by Marth

  1. 23 hours ago, mystafyi said:

    I have thought that myself especially after they broke what there was of an economy with gold and EK changes, but since they already have monetized EK's they will be forced to implement them even if they serve no purpose.. 

    You would hope

  2. 13 minutes ago, KatzeWeiss said:

    Zybak: goes on a minute and a half tirade about how OP Archer Rangers are.

    Also Zybak: "I'm playing really bad here" 1 v 2 vs the guy he used as an example how OP rangers are and wins.

    sounds legit.

    the hamster seem to kill geared hoa and w people pretty well. 

    Also seemed like balathan was attacking undergeared people with top of the line gear. 

  3. 49 minutes ago, APE said:

    Apparently ACE disagrees as their vision has EKs being a hot spot for trade/crafting/socializing on a larger scale then just Guilds/Alliances.

    Crowfall was at least originally sold with the idea of a global economy with goods flowing between campaigns and EKs, and they threw in EVE/SWG as examples of what they would like to do. They've said people could never leave the EKs and be full time traders and play the economy.

    Obviously what they've said originally and over time has changed along with what they've been able to produce, but the idea that this is a 100% GvG, join a guild or uninstall doesn't seem correct. Clearly recent changes have made things more solo or small team friendly and it seems very intentional (they've said as much). Loot drops, GR, capping, PVE changes, etc.

    I agree that outfitting enemies in a game where there is actual win/lose conditions seems counter productive when a fairly decent sized and organized guild shouldn't need to trade, but I can only go by what ACE has said their plan is for their game. Which is ultimately what matters.

    Maybe they'll neglect the EK and larger economy concepts, but at this point they don't really go into detail about them like many other things so who knows.

    rip eks :c

  4. 17 hours ago, Jah said:

    I mostly just quoted it to show that the resources are supposed to be limited in low risk places, and best in the highest risk places. It is a foundational concept in Crowfall that should not be abandoned.

    i know my point was there was nothing like gr in the original vision from what i can see

  5. 1 minute ago, Jah said:


    These player-owned and player-managed kingdoms are the only permanent (non-time limited) Worlds. They are complete, functional Worlds - but lack resource factories (such as quarries, mines and mills) and produce only common reagents. Players rule these Home Worlds as Monarchs and can grant land and titles to other players in exchange for oaths of fealty. Levy taxes, enforce trade restrictions, and set the PvP rules within your domain.


    The proving grounds for Order, Balance, and Chaos. Players join one of three divine Factions and battle for control of the World. The goal for Order and Chaos is to capture as much territory as possible before the World is destroyed. The goal for Balance is to ensure there in no clear victor between Order and Chaos.


    These Worlds are more deadly and the stakes are higher. The alliances of the Gods hold no sway here. The followers of the twelve Gods vie individually for the Throne. 


    The Shadow Worlds lie closer to the Hunger, where even the Gods dare not tread. On these Worlds it's Guild vs Guild competition for the abundance of resources and rich cache of souls.


    On the razor-thin edge of the Hunger lies the Dregs... Worlds utterly drained of warmth, about to shatter into dust. Alliances between Guilds are weak and brittle. These every-man-for-himself Worlds are deadly and unforgiving - yet they yield the greatest reward for those who can survive.

    To be fair gods reach in that is current faction campaigns. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, PopeUrban said:

    you always count the roster. If you have a roster full of inactives that's your problem, not the game's problem.

    hurts the faction tho. If i get the bad rng roll with two inactive super guilds with like 200-300 members (think a streamer guild) it pretty much locks in a loss. Could make guilds have to make a new subguild for every x amount of people (like regiments) that way when a 200-300 inactive guild joins it breaks up the guild into 3-5 blocks to spread into the game. That makes your guild not be able to play with each other tho. 

  7. 1 hour ago, PopeUrban said:

    Your problem is that you assumed the point of having crafters was to craft outside the campaign. You were mistaken, and anyone who relied on this strategy was always mistaken.

    Your crafter is an extremely powerful asset on virtue of just class, race, minors, and training alone.

    You were never intended to simply enter campaigns with stacks of resources and never need to harvest.

    According to Todd filters are currently in the works to explicitly prevent people from importing materials at all. The goal of imports was always to give you a way to hit the ground running with some equipment.

    It was never to enter the campaign with a full bank of materials.

    This I dont like the concept of crafters/gatherers just sitting in gr all day and just importing gear. 

  8. 53 minutes ago, smoot said:

    What a surprise, all the multi account balance players support the p2w campaign rules

    I have 1 account. Its lame people can farm gr all day but they will just go to beachhead. also more accounts = more imports is a problem imo. Maybe you have to earn imports by doing stuff in the game? Only real fix i can think of.

  9. 8 minutes ago, Tyrant said:

    We're not going to be able to change the resources in the near term, as they are baked into the maps.  We'll work on this over time.  Our goal is to ensure that the campaign worlds end up being a level playing field for incoming players who meet the criteria for entry. 

    cant you just turn off the 6-8 zone? In gr that is. Beachheads are prob another mess

  10. 37 minutes ago, miraluna said:

    Loot doobers from PvE, yes!  This would solve the open inventory/close inventory annoyance going on right now.

    if there was one key to look in inv to take selective loot (ie chiefs so you dont insta gib your inv or fill up on stuff you dont want) and a loot all that would be nice

  11. 10 hours ago, cyjax said:


    A good quality of life addition to looting PVE mobs would be a take all / loot all function.  I can understand where you would not want to add it to player corpse looting but for the love of QoL please add one for PVE.  Most of the PVE mobs are nickel slot quality garbage loot, can't expect an enjoyable experience individually looting each piece of garbage loot.

    PS.  Keep up the good work, game is looking better every time I come back.


  12. 1 hour ago, VaMei said:

    IMO, GR & temple both offer too much without risk vs what we can get in the CWs.

    They are however a limited resource. Before the campaign, when the entire playerbase was recovering from the wipe, GR was already stressed as a source of resources, and competition within the single faction was happening after only a week; loot sniping, harvest node sniping, as well as cairn looting. In an environment with more players (1000?) GR would be stripped bare.

    If every EK offered high end resources, they would be unlimited.

    nah bruh eks should have em

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