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  1. 26 minutes ago, Dedolin said:

     Durability on gear is extremely low. I made a Advanced set and after a few hours of leveling with the guild its already almost completely broken. Now I have to stop and farm some more before I can continue to level the guild. Please re-address the Durability values.
    @thomasblair @vkromas

    step 1 kill mobs to get loot and lose gear 

    step 2 use loot to make gear so you can kill mobs.

    step 3 profit?


  2. 55 minutes ago, Vesperre said:

    3)  Just nerf the Major Disc so they are not hard counters.  You made them OP now you to make a balanced game you'll have to walk it back.  One Disc should never trump skill or should pigeon hole you to only 1 scenerio.

    Shadowbane is long dead and let's not commit the sins of the past.




    only 1 counter disc is op. I don't see many players complaining about mudman or militant mage. Hot swapping to a counter disc is the thing that is op. If you are forced to choose then I don't see the problem. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Lightsig said:


    Didn't realize "dungeons" in an open world MMO could be so controversial.

    Let's look at it like this, can we even have a "throne war" without a living world to navigate and conquer? Can players feel engaged solely upon objective-based player vs player nodes on an on-demand basis any and every time they log in? No. Definitely not. And I am sure I am not the only one who would've abstained from ponying up the money had my interpretation of an "MMO" been "content that is only playable when other players make it possible", yeah, no. The opportunity of engaging other players should be massively rewarding, and the pinnacle of experiences to be had in crowfall but the outcome of not having much to do without them would make this game DOA.

    War tribes and dungeons create hurdles and attractions that will draw player engagement through need or want. I'd think the benefit of driving players towards similar places to create conflict would be obvious.

    To everyone else implying better design around pure-PvP objectives would somehow gaurantee a consistent flow of players to provide said content, uh, Age of Wushu, anyone?

    Dungeons done well will be good. Im curious if 5.9 will rework ai as well. 

  4. 17 minutes ago, Andius said:

    So the balance of factions is pretty clearly breaking down. Even those who would try to defend that Chaos and Balance probably wouldn't attempt to claim that Order is a viable faction on NA this session. With 3v3 and GodVsGod being two of the intended campaign types they can't really function as intended if faction imbalances are too heavy, and currently there seems to be no systems in the works to control this. I have a longterm solution that could help with this.

    Part 1 - Guilds lock in as Guilds

    So when locking in, rather than locking in as individuals guilds lock in as an entire guild. This is to prevent guilds from being seperated by the other suggestions I will lay out.

    Part 2 - Cumulative Guild and Player Rankings

    As player scores get more accurate at measuring things like the contributions of crafters, gatherers, and healers they can be used as a rough estimate of how much each individual player contributes to campaigns. Using this it would be possible to establish player performance scored based off their individual campaign scores and W/L ratio of their factions as they play in more and more campaigns. Guild rankings would be a sum of the member's scores rather than the score the guild earned (As capping points with huge stacks inaccurately inflates a guild's score, and forming a new guild from old players could be used to game the systems I'll describe later otherwise.)

    Part 3 - Make Campaign Rewards Slightly More Meaningful

    Once campaign scores more accurately represent the contributions from groups currently under-represented like gatherers, it would make sense to make the rewards mean a bit more. Like rather than a silver and gold that both give a 3% buff to damage you could make the rewards scale a bit more on ranking from say 2% - 3.5%.

    Part 4 - Reward People Who Lock into Weak Factions, Penalize Those Who Lock Into Overstacked Ones

    As people and guilds are locking in there should be a graphical representation of the strength of the factions already locked in members. This would be based on a combination of the number of players, and those player's cumulative rankings. So a vet stacked faction could still have a higher score than a newed stack faction even with less players. When a player or a guild locks into a faction that already has a very high score they are penalized in the form of starting at negative points for earning rewards (but not in measuring their performance for cumulative score) scaling on how stacked the faction they locked into is already. So for instance, if a guild locks into a faction that has twice the cumulative points of all the other factions, they may get negative starting score in the thousands to the point it may pretty much disqualify them from earning any reward.

    If a guild locks in to a faction that is dramatically weaker. They will get bonus points toward earning rewards at the end of the campaign.

    Part 5 - Base Rewards Partially on Ranking, Partially on Score, and Partially on Who Wins

    First off, making rewards a % of faction is a huge mistake. That helps balance and hurts order this campaign, which seems pretty massively counterproductive if you want balanced factions. But rather than making it purely top 30, top 20, top 10 based on victory I might also make it a threshold of points style thing. For instance, points below 0, you don't even get the lowest level reward. You need 0+ to earn anything at all. And maybe the top reward requires you to have earned 1000+ points. But most importantly, say you have a very small faction that ranks pretty low, but the members of that faction locked in to a huge point bonus and then busted butt putting up points all campaign. They might actually increase the number of high level rewards available to their faction if enough of them come in over a certain threshold. 

    This helps by:

    A - Not penalizing people who locked in early to a certain faction that later gained a bunch of people with a point advantage as much.
    B - Rewarding people who bust butt 100% of the campaign even knowing their faction can't win, where currently people seem to just give up when their faction is too far down and stop logging in during fall/winter.

    The Point of This System

    The system essentially encourages guilds and players to challenge themselves. It incentivizes stronger guilds to wait until some of the weaker guilds and players have locked in, then lock into the weakest faction to maximize their reward potential. It also heavily discourages a bunch of powerful groups to all stack into the same faction or even for smaller guilds and players to just keep locking into a faction that is already stacked.

    It helps promote a more even competition, and focuses on players and guilds putting themselves into situations they will face meaningful challenge and engaging competition. It makes it better to be the group that struggles through adversity and does as much as they can, than the group that stacks themselves into an already winning side.

    So if your guild has lets say 100 people registered but only 2 actives wouldn't that mess with the locks?

  5. 5 minutes ago, blazzen said:

    The main thing I think is that even with safe training zones containing white resources there is still competition over them and a finite amount of them. 

    If they were in EK's you could have a private EK with no competition and as many EK's as you are willing to buy accounts for. 

    "competition" in a no pvp zone?

    They also could have multiple noob campagins going at the same time too.

  6. 2 hours ago, srathor said:

    Ek's were supposed to be the resting spots. The trader hubs. The place to play around and have some fun. A home to go to as a reward after a hard campaign. 

    Now we are going to have beacheads, with up to rank 4 mobs and rank 1 other nodes.
    Now we are going to have trader hub free cities. Vendors open to all. 
    Now we have the start of Gods Reach / Training worlds created and run by ACE.
    That can have all sorts of things. I saw in a previous map up to rank 6 nodes. But that can all be in flux and I did not explore the total map. 

    The use of EK's will of course be gutted. We can't have players not able to be murdered. 
    Except it the other special spots because people do not like being the victim.  Or after jumping to the least populated servers at off hour times when it is perfectly safe to gather, (other than a few die hard crooks who will hunt for hours to gank someone. 


    What in the everloving custard are you guys thinking?

    Give the Ek's a "seed" aspect of a gathering node system. Gotten from the Campaign worlds. We can use these to make a parcel that can be gathered from in limited amounts.  Only drops from rank 10's even, 5 node respawns then you need to sacrifice a certain amount of gold or items to recharge it.  Rank 5 cap on any nodes. 

    To make up gauntlets for other players. 
    Give us the same abilities to drop monster spawners.
    And lootable chests...
    Pvp flagable parcels.
    The EK owner can ban asshats who misbehave. Of course on a ban, equipped gear is sent to the spirit bank of the banned person right?




  7. 2 minutes ago, PopeUrban said:

    I want "god's favor" to grace EKs between campaigns, awarding EKs weighted spawns of mats and animals based on if their owners won and how well they placed on their leaderboard.

    Can't conflict with campaigns if you have to win campaigns to get the spawns and they only spawn when there's no campaign to go to.

    Could award these as tokens that go in to a hippo at the dragon statue so that guilds or free cities of unaligned players can pool their favor.

    Then I can charge people mining permits to profit off of all my spoils of war.

    This would actually be cool to see idk how it would be implemented. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, PopeUrban said:

    So its a newbie map for newbies.

    OK cool.

    You also want us to hang out here for a week between campaigns?

    Boring. Guess I'll amuse myself by chasing newbies around and harvesting and killing everything they walk up to before they can. Nothing else to do.


    I was hoping you'd give me a reason to visit EKs between campaigns. This seems disappointing unless there's some massive fun system we're not seeing here.

    Yeah thats my thing tho. If this is just better than eks, then whats the point in building them up and using the resources.

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