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  1. 23 minutes ago, Ble said:

    Completely agree. Would also agree with just about any other idea you have or anyone has as to one of the many ways they can get to a successful game release.  There are multiple right ways to do it, and many of them do not include me logging in nightly to play the game.  Obviously I'm biassed because I want to play the game, but still, I'd rather a great game release than a 4 year alpha to go along with the 4 year prealpha.

    im more worried about how much longer before release. Are they just gonna launch asap or wait another year or two until the game is ready.

  2. 9 hours ago, Ble said:

    I think Todd is fully capable of developing the game in a way that motivates people to play.  I just think he is intentionally developing the game in a way to motivate people to NOT play.  His recent comments, for which he had to apologize but basically negated with the last sentence of the apology, show his true heart.  He wants to develop in an environment without testers.  That’s his goal.  Expect more of the same.

    Ble goes hard

  3. 2 minutes ago, srathor said:

    It is not hard, just difficult. 

    Time consuming and frustrating sure. But able to be done. Problem is it is all for naught now. The land will be wiped. So most do not bother. Once there are no more wipes the progress will stay and the chore will at least have value. 

    Also not that it helps I know. But yall got it easy now.  It was 16 man hours before to get the 3K mats to make a farm parcel before. Just the farm parcel. And that was when potions ruled the land and skill trees did nothing really. Thousands of doobers died for our sins. 

    And we did have to walk uphill both ways. :)

    wait for upkeep

  4. 2 hours ago, morgunus213 said:

    The game is interesting and i get that it is a test. But I've never seen an enemy player. For that matter I've never had a need to group with another person. Its like the servers are just empty. I'm starting to think that maybe I've somehow ended up in like some bizarre oceanic server list or something. The players online at prime time on weekends seems to be around 50. This seems critically low?  Did i do something wrong or is this just how things are right now? i mean 50 players over 3 factions we are talking 16 players in my entire faction this can't possibly be correct? just to find other players that are near my level i would assume that we would need hundreds on each faction online at the same time. just to make the crafting systems work properly. Who are you supposed to be crafting for? The other 15 dudes? how much gear could they need? Whats the likely hood they need what you happen to be making? More importantly it seems like most if not everyone I've met is crafting? is there some big 'ol war somewhere where the rest of the people are playing?


    Please let me know if i'm doing it wrong or if i'm supposed to be somewhere other than campaign? Also the dev blogs keep saying this is supposed to be some mixture of RTS and rpg? Did i miss the RTS stuff? is there like troops to build or something? Should i be contributing to some global faction war effort or something? is there some sort of Blizzard esk AQ unlock happening some where and i'm just in a newbie area? Please bestow me with that knowledge smack down i'm very confused.

    you came at a low point in the pop.

  5. 2 hours ago, mystafyi said:

    5.7 still had many EK's with full tables and many different vendors from players. You had quite a nice setup going till the dev's strangled out EK viability and eventually the whole game economy.

    yeah idk why the devs hate poor eks

  6. 15 minutes ago, srathor said:

    Several patches back gold was worth a decent amount. Whites were able to be converted into items to level people quickly with a goodly amount of work behind the scenes. It was efficient yet a bit tedious for the crafter and the buyer was happy and leveled fast. 

    White frames could level white vessels to 20 then green was needed. 

    Then they tied levels to skills and the nerfs kept coming. To the point of crafters no longer wanted to spend the time and mats to make things to sac. It was not worth it. Gold went out the window a patch or two later as a leveling tool and it lost ALL value. 

    At one point with all the other stuff going on we had 5ish EK's all thriving and competition was going well. 10+ vendors in each.

    Every one of the changes since has killed that. Ace might want to look into that. 

    Afk timer play a role too. 

  7. 54 minutes ago, yianni said:

    From my understanding i thought gold wasn't gonna be put in game. I know i saw/read it somewhere from one of the devs

    they talked early on about not wanting a gold based economy. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Yoink said:

    I know storage is on the radar. I know it is coming. What I want to do here is ask that when you build out this system you do not hold anything back.

    I want a near endless storage system. At the character, account and guild level.

    At the character Level we currently have a 6x6 local bank and our 6x12 inventory. Inventory is fine. Id like to see the local bank at least 4x bigger.

    At account level we have the 15x11 sprit bank. This grid size is fine but I'd like it have tabs for each character. Effectively making it 6x bigger.

    I'm not sure what you have planned at the guild level but it needs to be massive. It needs functionality. It needs at least WoW guild vault functionally. Multiple tabs that can have permissions set to them. View only, Deposit only, Withdraw permissions, etc. Do not pull any punches here. Make it MASSIVE. We desperately need this QoL system.


    This might sound like too much but I'm talking storage space, not inventory.

    Keep with the vision of needing to transport goods and make that have risks.

    Make all the storage only accessible once you have transported the goods to what ever location you deem necessary. Be that the temple, Keep, Fort, Guild Hall.

    But once we secure those goods, give us a place to store as much as we want.


    Keep in mind that once we have a fully functioning game loop how ever much stuff we have accumulated will not matter because of Export Limits.

    If I want to gather and store 1,000,000 dubers and have 99% of that go poof at the end of the campaign, so be it.

    centerpieces could have storage

  9. 1 hour ago, APE said:

    Transparency comes in many forms, but it is humorous that every game in development seems to have folks that say "X has been the most transparent ever."

    ACE thought there was a shortcut to creating a MMO, at least based on their initial timelines and expectations.

    It's more like 99.5 - 99.9% as well. Which is fine but all that transparency doesn't seem to help compared to other games in transparent alpha's that pull in more.

    every community would claim that their game is transparent. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, Ussiah said:

    I hate this mentality of "just dont play"

    I see it from so many who have made that choice. I seriously am starting to believe they'd rather just run us all off from trying to play the game, if they want that just have us test(and fix what we state is broken) and stop doing campaigns with rewards.

    @APEis perfectly reasonable with what he is saying. ACE has tried to have us both "play" and "test" yet by doing both they really aren't supporting either in a coordinated way.

    If they want us to be able to "play" then they should understand criticism of how the game currently plays and maybe the people who say "just dont play" can stop criticizing us for wanting to be able to.

    If they want us to "test" they should give us all the tools to test without the grind and listen to our feedback/fix what is majorly broken before going on.


    This. Telling people just dont play will lead to people well, just not playing. This leaves less people to play which creates a feedback loop of people leaving the game. 5.9 was boasted a the performance and controller update but we havent been able to stress test it because the numbers are rapidly falling every week. 

  11. 1 hour ago, ZYBAK said:

    My usual edited down version of the ACE livestreams. Lots of good stuff in this one particularly:

    - Baseline competitive characters will be fairly easy to acquire with the grind being shifted to higher end setups

    - Death penalty reduced

    - Crafting forced interdependence reduced and more optional


    - Frostweaver soonish?

    you forgot the centerpiece update

  12. 1 hour ago, jtoddcoleman said:

    Hey folks, just a quick note, apparently some people took my statement on yesterday’s livestream that “I will never do crowdfunding again” as frustration with community feedback.  Nothing could be further from the truth; this game wouldn’t be here without you and frankly won’t be successful without you.  

    That said, I was being earnest about my feelings on crowdfunding; I think it’s a particularly challenging way to develop a game for a few reasons:

    1. You have to build excitement/hype at the beginning of the project, and it’s impossible to keep that excitement up for the duration of the project.  That means your fighting an uphill battle of fatigue in the press and the audience going into launch.  Not good.

    2. Supporting a “live” service for the duration of development, with the accompanying build process, deployment pipeline and operational environment is very expensive and time consuming.

    3. The process exposes all of our missteps to the world, and that sucks.  No one would prefer to make their mistakes in front of a live studio audience.

    4. The nature of the beast is that you're putting undercooked systems and unbalanced tables in front of players.  As you know, this can often lead to experiences that are not fun. Managing expectations and keeping players happy is especially difficult under these conditions.

    All of that said, I apologize if it came across in any way as a swipe at you guys.  It absolutely wasn’t intended that way.  It can be hard to get feedback some times, but I want to make this game great for you and I fully recognize that we can’t do it without you.

    Next time, I’ll go get the funding lined up first and ask you for your feedback —without also asking for your money.  That’s all.



    centerpieces makes it all better.

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