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Posts posted by Marth

  1. On 8/21/2020 at 10:18 AM, Audin said:

    Change the siege window. All holdings should go live at the same time for as long as the window is open. It's too easy for the larger clans to capture additional holdings because their current holdings are not vulnerable. They basically can have their whole roster show up with no worry of defending.  If you want more holdings, you'll have to make a choice on defensive strategy. Large clans will still hold an advantage since their numbers will allow them to defend more territory.

    This is the best point you made. 

  2. 6 hours ago, IsilithTehroth said:

    They poorly made dergs the bed on every aspect of this game because they have no direction or publisher forcing them to do a better job along with consequences. 

    That was supposed to be the communities job :). Somewhere along the line it went from "make sure they do a good job" to "dont make the game look bad".

  3. 11 minutes ago, APE said:

    So only positive feedback/reviews or stay silent? Let people potentially waste their time and money without getting different opinions? No thanks.

    yes. Lets tell the devs how amazing the game is and cheer lead it forever. I see no problems with that whatsoever. 


    I remember all the people who went

    "its in prealpha bro wait for alpha to criticize the game"

    "its only in alpha bro wait for beta to criticize the game"

    Calling it now

    "its only closed beta bro wait for open beta to criticize the game"

    "its only just launched bro wait for the 2 year update to criticize the game"

    "wait how did the game fail and the servers closed down?"

  4. 8 minutes ago, Ble said:
    1. Optimization is the worst he's ever seen.
    2. 60-70 FPS with really good comp with no one on screen and settings on low - if he increases settings, performance is unacceptable
    3. Large fights "watching the game on a powerpoint"
    4. Game is so bare bones as far as what it offers, he struggles to call it an alpha.  Nowhere near ready.
    5. He is the exact demographic for this game and he does not enjoy the game at all.
    6. Combat: "better than it was in 2019, but is it good?  No, it's not good."
    7. "I'd perfer a 2d game with point and click on people instead of this"
    8. "all the problems are still there and theyve been there the whole time"
    9. "the core of the game is so fundamentally busted, I cannot see the end of the game"
    10. "there's design in the game that doesnt make sense"
    11. "not being able to move ui in 2020, unacceptable"
    12. game does not communicate emphasis and irreversibility of some choices.
    13. 15 abilities but only 10 hotbar slots doesnt feel good
    14. the game world is so dead and disfunctional
    15. Nothing to do, hardly any creatures - (he doesnt know about what to do and I guess it was not communciated to him all the great things crowfall has to do....wait)
    16. no point in trying out end game - not fun/slide show/gamers who like this niche will not survive to that point
    17. he doesnt understand how they think people are going to play this [game]
    18. the many lacking things of this game was acceptable as an alpha - but as a beta, its incomplete
    19. Game does not meet minimum beta standards
    20. "people are going to get salmonella from this mfer because its so undercooked"

    These are features not problems

  5. 25 minutes ago, corvax said:

    Well my hairy, knuckle dragging friend, I get the impression these here forums ain't really the prime focus for the convergence of emanating information drops. To my chagrin and dismay it seems the world is twittering away. 

    Howeverrrrrrrrr.... ArtCraft is watching the player feedback forums, and that our feedback is helpful to them. Also I have been Ban Hammered for posting stoopid BS when attempting to see if they were paying attention. Although I haven't tried since Pann left.   

    the coast might be clear

  6. 1 minute ago, APE said:

    Now that we're in Beta, what's next? What would you like to see make it in before launch?

    While the game is enjoyable, it is still needing work in several areas. With their resources and likely limited time frame, what is possible that doesn't require them hiring fifty people, finding twenty million under the seat cushions, or going back and time and designing a different game?

    They've said some of these things are on the way and alluded to others, but there is still much in the air that new and old players continue to bring up. Hopefully a good chunk of these things will make it sooner then later.

    1. Mount Models: On the way
    2. NPE 3: On the way
    3. Optimization/Performance: WIP
    4. Bugs: Squash them all!
    5. Character Creation:
      • Class - Description of role, promos, armor/weapons, stat importance, powers available, even viewing of talent tree
      • Race - Racial stats/powers/passives viewable
    6. Character Respec: At least for starter vessels in God's Reach
    7. Map: Adjust angle so that North is North, visual indicators for hot spots (it's on fire!) and zergs (Red Blob) would be nice
    8. Disciplines: Balance pass, add/remove/adjust as needed to make all viable for more builds
    9. Promotions: Balance pass to make all of them viable in more then a niche situation
      • Potentially get away from CC promos to focus on debuffs/buffs and not how long someone is stunned and not playing the game
    10. UI: Some degree of customization - resize, move, transparency, hide, etc.
    11. Tooltips: Clear information as to what everything does with numbers.
      • Active power tooltips would be amazing that adjusted depending on player stats
    12. Chat: Ability to combine tabs into one or split them out to view multiple at once
    13. /commands: Hop into 2020 and make these clickable actions part of the UI
    14. Guilds: More in-game management tools and banks...😍
    15. Crafting: Think of the wrists please. Reduce unnecessary clicking. Some form of mass production for simple items.
    16. Passive Training: Crafting/Harvesting adjustments for fresh accounts be it additional active progression or passive speed increase
    17. VIP: What is it?
    18. Campaign Rewards: What are they?
    19. Inventory Management: More space and ways to organize/search
    20. Advantages & Disadvantages Creation System: I'll keep my fingers crossed

    21. water

  7. 40 minutes ago, Vunak said:

    Can we get a roadmap? So far everything Crowfall has done has felt extremely amateur in its presentation, including this beta. "Hey we are going into beta soon, when? Next week". Who does that... Not to mention how piss pour this beta is. 

    A roadmap of upcoming things would be great to have to look forward to things that Artcraft plans on implementing into the game at some point. Even if its a Before release - at release - after release without any real concrete time frames. But it would at least give us an idea of what to expect, rather than this sporadic nonsensical communication the devs currently employ. 

    Crowfall is a perfect game idk why you are complaining. Its in beta after-all so a lack of polish is expected.  As for the lack of emphasis on beta they said before they didnt put value on what they called the state of the game. Its not like they would make a big deal out of beta. smh haters these days. Why are you so fascinated on the devs setting goals or giving us expectations/basic communication. Just trust them bro. 

  8. Just now, APE said:

    Ashes of Creation already has swimming and multiple mount types. I have to question if these types of things are limited by engine/tech and or team talent.

    Ashes seems able to update the cashshop every few months with a load of stuff. Its def team talent. Crowfalls aversion to cosmetics / things that make money is concerning. The prices for things on their cash shop are unrealistically expensive. A manor and a shire is what 200$+. If you take the 200 and spend it on houses in any other game you get a much better deal. Hopefully they work on those but after 5 years of hoping i doubt it. 

  9. 1 hour ago, APE said:

    ArtCraft believes the Eternal Kingdoms system is very robust and innovative, beyond what many other games have even attempted. “It is funny because it doesn’t get as much attention, right?” Coleman quipped. “Because everybody hears ‘oh Crowfall, PvP game, throne war’ and then immediately they just kind of slot it into that in their mind. But I fully expect at launch we will have some players who come in, they learn the game in the God’s Reach, they go to the temple to get started, then they jump into their EK, start building their marketplace, and we never see them go into a campaign. They spend, they can play for months and years just staying in their EK and trying to grow it into a thriving market.” - August 11th

    I had a good laugh when I saw that. The 50$ woodland creek still doesn't have water lmao. 

  10. 23 hours ago, Kraahk said:

    Uhm, you are aware of the adjusted building costs introduced with 5.110? Wouldn't really call it quick.




    I was referring to a guild being able to bang out the mats for a hamlet/shire sorry if that was unclear. Unless there is a massive sink for nb non colored now. Solo would take awhile. But the increase to mats is good for ks backer packs.


    A separate discussion could take place as to if they are worth the price at all. Hopefully they add more stuff to eks. 

  11. Just now, Leps said:

    So if I understand, I've to buy new parcels and then i'll be able to build on this one ?

    they can be crafted in game. But each parcel will be able to hold different amounts of buildings. Hamlet and shire both can the things you are looking for. I would suggest you find a guild because crafting them is much easier than just paying for them (it is pretty quick to get the mats you need and may save you some money).

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