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Everything posted by Marth

  1. ill be sad if ashes do well 😕
  2. I agree the company needs to make money somehow. Alt spam and grinding seem more like a job then a game. I was just hoping for cosmetics and housing to spend money on.
  3. Vip was "pay 2 win" so it got removed. Now its who owns more alts. A much more annoying way to "p2w". (didnt think old vip was p2w). AltAge (archeage) was bad enough lets not do that again :/.
  4. So people pay 15$ a month out of the goodness of their heart.
  5. dragon got blair mathed so it wasnt a problem for dany tho
  6. Abo worked with full loot. But gear wasnt that much of a pain to get.
  7. If they do one a week then the writer just gets to write one less fluff. If they are slacking with news may as well get 2 fluff a week.
  8. wizardry online route. I like it.
  9. Yeah fullloot doesn't work with the current system they have.
  10. Maybe you can make dregs a loot drop. 10,000 mobs for 1 dregs update.
  11. yeah dregs would have been cooler. They wanted to appeal to normal people tho. Idk why people would leave a faction vs faction game for cf tho.
  12. I agree instead of addressing that they added grind
  13. Seige windows make people stay on for seiges. Off hours the game would be dead without the endless grind so they added that.
  14. you should be grateful you get anything from mobs.
  15. Pretty easy actually. They wont.
  16. "Never had to hit a rock" - @Morphine 5/20/19
  17. @Pann the great betrayal. Can this be a war story?
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