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  1. True it showed meta / strats / bugs that are cheesy. IE Batista, scoring so forth.
  2. I think making the rewards for winning prob pulled more focus to winning over testing. Have we had a "sanctioned" campaign yet?
  3. Marth


    I think we can get past Ten
  4. Are you asking how any other mmo lowers the time you need to spend grinding?
  5. Only time grinding is used is when there is a lack of content for people to do.
  6. I can think of a list of Korean mmos that do endless pve grind better than cf does. Cf was not supposed to be a traditional mmo.
  7. PVE seems like crowfalls weak point. Centering 90% of your time in game around it seems counter productive. Edit that was to the devs not ble
  8. This game isnt ment for solo players. Bring friends. Farming in enemy territory or black zone is your own fault.
  9. Thats not ethical. Gonna have to hard disavow.
  10. i just figured out that i was hiding signatures this whole time. fbm
  11. This is annoying mid combat
  12. Orders new stance is anti fat people? Thats not inclusive.
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