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Everything posted by Marth

  1. I want my p2w title >:c . otherwise good idea
  2. Currently purples / yellows last multiple campaigns. They would have to rework dura.
  3. Where did they say campaigns were 2 weeks?
  4. League balances urf all the time. Idk why you are basing crowfall off a dead moba. What is the primary campaign?
  5. The always said the ruleset was different for each campaign. Also putting its obvious before a statement does not make it so.
  6. so anything you can do in a beachhead/temple?
  7. Lowered chances of a fight. Already gotta look 30min-1hour to find people :c
  8. removing /who would make it harder to abuse zone caps.
  9. Cuz all the stuff you can farm in eks. like... apples
  10. that is false. They said there might be no import rulesets.
  11. Glad to see foe on crowfall.
  12. I think high places defeated endless all the time till the fall dmg patch hit.
  13. tbf most raid vs raid games dont have rouge classes in the blob. Thats a 1v1 ganking type of deal.
  14. Ace already monetized eks 90% of the stuff on the shop was for them back in the day.
  15. The problem with heavy hitting abilities that are hard to aim are people hacking (aimbot).
  16. making overwhelming odds and resolution scale up and down with group size. More allies lower the gain of the minor. More enemies increase the gain from the minors. maybe something like if its 10 v 20 you might get 15+ mit and 50% dmg and if its 20v10 you dont get anything
  17. Need a skill that would pushing people for blobing without rewarding people for blobing while doing it. Maybe an aoe that does more dmg the more people it hits but at the same time doing less dmg when it has allies in it. So like 20% more dmg for each unique person it hits while losing 20% for each ally within 10m-20m? So if its 30 vs 10 it would do 600%-200%=400% dmg Could also make eso type siege things that do massive siege dmg. This might make pitched battles revolved around artillery.
  18. if you lower ttk wont you just wipe quicker? Low TTK in a full loot game is not a good idea tbh. Imagine when you are out farming ore and you get 1 combed by an assassin.
  19. Is foex just a ripoff of foe? Flock of Eagles might sue for their slang back.
  20. I see what you did there Picture of sweating pepe (no ban plz)
  21. It would only take 1 campaign before a patch to stop that would be rolled out.
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