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  1. I just wanted to log in once a month and win the campaign. This is your fault.
  2. lol. Lets redo the entire class system because. Reasons.
  3. Zone cap 100/100 position in que 250.
  4. This would actually be cool to see idk how it would be implemented.
  5. Yeah thats my thing tho. If this is just better than eks, then whats the point in building them up and using the resources.
  6. Would be cool if they kept doing those.
  7. Anything like that would be cool.
  8. just dm him everyday and ask for thanks. that usually works.
  9. Yeah if gods reach does everything eks would do. I feel like they just removed the purpose of eks. I would like to know their vision of what eks are. Most info on eks are out of date and every other person has their on impression of what eks do.
  10. From my understanding of SS posted to the unofficial discord. Its already on test.
  11. The beach heads on the campaigns were not really contested for the r1s tho.
  12. So the new gods reach campaign just hit test and it looks like safe-zone adventure zones according to the map. So now there is rank 1 resources in the following areas: Spawn in Beach head Gods reach? Is there any reason at this point for EKs also to have r1 resources in them? The original logic was that eks should grant no resources because you have to take a risk and pvp to get them. These new zones throw that out the window (for rank 1s). Can eks have the same power as the other safe-zones (forest get r1 wood, hills r1 stone so forth). This latest campaign type feels like a better play to hang rather than an ek. More chest, ,more zones resources, (i would assume the beach heads still have traders), and pvp in the keep zone?
  13. passive training was always stated to be part of the game.
  14. Have they raised more money from backers? I think we have been at 5m for awhile now.
  15. I dont see why eks shouldnt have the same things as the safezone temples.
  16. This archeage tried that and it just led to the people that missused it the most got wayy ahead.
  17. This /who pretty much makes faction able to know how much to lock a zone. We would see more chaos invasions or balance invasions with it gone. If you /who and see 50 people in your zone you are just gonna dodge (sadly). Being able to hide a raid in a forest and sneak attack would be a massive boon to pvp.
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