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Everything posted by Marth

  1. I see what you did there Picture of sweating pepe (no ban plz)
  2. It would only take 1 campaign before a patch to stop that would be rolled out.
  3. This too dad can you fix
  4. put a zoom in on naked guini. That will buy some time while it loads.
  5. This paired with the cap being raised would eliminate the use of stacking zones / spying. Why bother logging in 10 alts if you are only 100/200 in zone.
  6. I have no problem with that then if its based on parcels castle packs and buildings :D. >:D Imperial Palace eks stay open the longest.
  7. Can you give other people the ability to power on eks?
  8. Srathors Lawn and Aerynth Traders o7
  9. make an exception for people in eks tho
  10. my only problem with this is that people would put other faction alts in zone.
  11. isnt 4chans that gummy bear website 0.0
  12. thats what happens when you use percent increases to crafting and gear rather than flat stats increases. put enough % multipliers on something an it becomes scary.
  13. just make vendors like eso you have to bid on them. Highest bid wins the spot. That way the free market can pick the vendors and if you want them all you gotta pay the $$.
  14. Marth

    Item Wipe

    This there will be a wipe in 5.9 cuz its gonna be a massive time before 6.0 (i would guess winter at the current pace).
  15. Agreed. Replace keeps with castles. Also flying back to your body is weird. You should spawn as a crow on your body at fly to a nearby fort to rez. Tow truck system seems unnecessarily punishing.
  16. Marth

    Item Wipe

    Waiting for ek updates like.
  17. Marth

    Item Wipe

    i would expect a wipe at 5.9
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